Super Smash Bros: 5 Characters Accurate To Their Games (& 5 That Aren't)

Super Smash Bros. is one of the most iconic video games of all time. Although it was originally a fun fighting game with the concept of Nintendo characters kicking the heck out of each other. It has since become so much more than that, with characters from all across video game history coming over. Basically creating the Avengers: Endgame of video games. However, while all the characters that are there are incredibly faithful, some things were had to be changed in order for things to work in the world of Smash Bros.

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Here is just a taste of what changed and what didn’t. These are some of the 5 most accurate representations of the character and 5 characters that are completely revised.

10 Not Accurate: Fox McCloud

The ace pilot and leader of Star Fox, the majority of his appearances have always had him in his aircraft. The times where he isn’t, he most often fights with either his artillery weapons or Krystal’s staff in Star Fox Adventures.

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While his agility and blaster are kept in check, the rest of his moves are completely original. Primarily his firefox move which is a completely new technique that hasn’t been seen in the games and his fox illusion which has never been seen in the game before.

9 Accurate: Link


Specifically based on the Breath Of The Wild interpretation, throughout all of the smash bros titles he has always been fairly faithful for the most part. For this Link in particular, however, there are many things that have been kept. This includes the new bombs, the fact that Link is right-handed and the final smash being identical to one of the most powerful weapons in his arsenal. These are just some of the reasons why he is considered one of the most accurate characters.

8 Not Accurate: Joker

Joker is the protagonist of Persona 5. Also known as the “Fool arcana,” he is a wild card user. This allows him to control a large variety of Personas in order to deal with any threat. Although his agility is still present, the fighting style that he employs in the game is vastly different from the one he is typically known for like Wing Chun when players go to the gym. What’s more, he only uses Arsene and he doesn’t need to have access through a rebellion gauge. What’s more, it has never been shown for sure if Persona’s actually augments their user the way Smash Bros does.

7 Accurate: Samus

Samus is the famous protagonist from Metroid. Everything on her moveset is almost exactly the same as the one shown throughout all of her games. These include the bombs, her ball form, her blaster shots and her tether move. The only real thing that’s different is her physical moveset where she fights with hand-to-hand which she wasn’t able to show in her games. However, considering that it’s a fighting game that requires physical moves, that is something that could be forgiven.

6 Not Accurate: Solid Snake

Solid Snake is a bit of an interesting take on things, as he is the original stealth game protagonist. So it’s very fascinating how he uses all of his heavy artillery in the world of Smash Bros. Although his adaptive and tactical mindset is definitely in place, almost all of his moves right down to his specials are all smash original. Especially the way it is all implemented, so while the military aspects of the character are definitely still there, his stealth aspects definitely haven’t.

5 Accurate: Ryu

This is combined with all of the characters that come from fighting games, the moveset shown by Ryu and Ken are remarkably well done. As each input they use are exactly the same as how they are typically implemented in Street Fighter. The hits hit incredibly hard and the specials are done super faithfully. However, probably the coolest aspect is the way the characters move now, as they move exactly like their video games and they can’t really turn around anymore. It’s attention to detail like that, that makes Smash Bros special.

4 Not Accurate: Hero

Dragon Quest has been around the JRPG market since it’s very inception, being the very first modern version around. With 11 mainline titles under its name, it isn’t surprising that 4 Heroes eventually made it to the roster of Super Smash Bros. Yet despite this, it’s somewhat intriguing that Sakurai added a lot more than what the Heroes can actually do. Using more spells than their actual class and being based around RNG at that. As amazing as the Hero is, this is a great example of Sakurai adding a lot more than expected.

3 Accurate: Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is the fastest thing alive and has been a major video game icon for a long time. Being a strong rival against the mushroom kingdom’s plumber, he has appeared in a variety of video games with a variety of different abilities. However, for smash, Sakurai decided to keep all of the aspects that classic Sonic the Hedgehog fans know such as his homing attack and the spring that launches the character upwards. Some of his physical moves could arguably have been taken from his cutscenes or spin-off fighting games as well.

2 Not Accurate: Ness

The protagonist of EarthBound, Ness is from an RPG franchise with some even arguing it is one of the greatest of its genre. This meant that his place in the Smash Bros line up is incredibly important. However, his moves aren’t completely accurate.

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Although some of his abilities are kept like PK flash, some actually belong to his allies. Things such as his PK thunder and PK star storm were abilities that he could never do in his original title. This was to allow him to have more options similar to what they eventually did to the Dragon Quest heroes.

1 Accurate: Richter Belmont

Finally one of the most accurate characters in the game is one of the newcomers. Richter Belmont specifically is one of the most famous characters in the Castlevania universe. Although Simon Belmont shares many of his moves, all of them came out of Richter.

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From the various dash moves, you can do as Richter, to the sub-weapons, right down to the way you can use the vampire killer. Although some moves from Simon Belmont does come into Richter, Richter added far more as a character. Being one of the most accurate that Sakurai’s team has ever produced.

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Smash Bros has a massive roster, but how well are those characters represented?

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