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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is getting another new DLC character. This time, the new fighter will be from ARMS, a fighting game where players use a variety of colorful characters with elongated limbs to try and beat opponents. While it’s not clear just who this character will be at this time, there are a few strong contenders for who from ARMS could join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

There are quite a few possibilities as to who the new character will be, such as Mechanica, Twintelle, Ninjara, Ribbon Girl, Master Mummy, Byte & Barq and quite possibly Spring Man, since he’s already an assist trophy in the game. However, the most likely candidates are likely Twintelle and Ninjara.

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Ninjara is an extremely popular character and was revealed as one of the most chosen fighters by Nintendo Europe in 2017. His fighting style involves a unique teleportation technique that gives him unbreakable defense while also gaining an advantage over his enemies. A character with this ability in Smash wouldn’t be far-fetched. Smash is a game that allows a wide variety of characters from heroes to villains. Ninjara is a young man representing his university in the ARMS fighting competition, so he has the makings of a heroic underdog. 

Twintelle is also a strong contender due to her head-on offense and defense attacks. She charges at enemies with all she’s got and can even dodge attacks as she’s going. She is also a popular character that has an overwhelmingly positive reception. Plus, she stands out within her own universe, since she’s the only character who uses her hair to fight rather than her arms.

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In terms of the various other characters, there are a multitude of reasons they may not be included, ranging from them not being particularly popular to gimmicks that might just not work well in the game. In the case of Spring Man, he’d be an interesting choice. Yet, he’s already in the game as a trophy, making his inclusion somewhat anticlimactic.


One possibility is the ARMS character could be several different fighters from the game much in the same vein of Hero or the other characters that have skins changing who they are. This would allow Nintendo to include multiple fighters from ARMS without too much trouble. This could help Smash showcase more of ARMS fighters. Still, if Nintendo doesn’t go that route, Twintelle and Ninjara are the most likely candidates, as they’re two of the most popular characters in the game and do not yet have a presence in Smash.

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A character from ARMS will join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Here's who the most likely contenders from the cult fighting game are.

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