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Supergirl will return to wrap up its fifth season this week, and the fan-favorite Arrowverse series has put its characters through the emotional wringer, with old friends becoming bitter enemies. To help prepare for the DCTV series’ return, here is a quick overview of what happened in the season before its unexpected hiatus due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

In the Season 4 finale, Lena Luthor confronted her estranged older brother Lex after Supergirl foiled his bid to conquer the world. Lena killed Lex, but not before he used his last breath to taunt his sister with the knowledge that her best friend, Kara Danvers, was secretly Supergirl. Feeling betrayed Kara kept such an immense secret from her, Lena vowed revenge, heavily informing by her character arc over the course of Season 5. This started with Lena selling her controlling interest of CatCo Media to her former college friend Andrea Rojas.

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Andrea’s shifting CatCo’s coverage from traditional investigative journalism to more sensationalist tabloid journalism resulted in James Olsen resigning from the company and moving away, while his sister Kelly remained, as she had since begun a romantic relationship with Kara’s sister Alex Danvers. Meanwhile, Andrea had secrets of her own. While in college, Andrea discovered a mysterious artifact in a Latin American jungle that restored her family’s prosperity through their company, Obsidian Tech, though Andrea owed an ancient figure known as Leviathan a great favor in exchange.

Leviathan was revealed to be a council of beings with extraterrestrial origins that had subtly manipulated the course of humanity for centuries. Andrea became an unwilling assassin for the group while her company’s technology was repurposed to subjugate humanity to Leviathan’s will. Meanwhile, Lena continued to escalate her vendetta against Kara by developing a secret project to destroy Supergirl. Barely escaping with her life, Kara apologized to Lena for keeping her true identity a secret, but vowed to stop her by any means necessary if she continued down her villainous path.

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Supergirl’s life was further complicated by the “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” with her native Earth now merged into the main Arrowverse world to form Earth-Prime in the rewritten reality following the crossover event. And in exchange for helping the Monitor defeat Anti-Monitor to save the DCTV Multiverse, Lex was resurrected and hailed by the general public as a national hero. Lex taunted Kara with the revelation that he was still aware of her secret identity but opted not to publicly disclose it for now, instead taking the opportunity to hold it over her. As the heroes prepare for a final showdown against Leviathan, Lex took command of the D.E.O. and its resources to combat the organization, with Brainiac 5 assisting him while breaking up with Dreamer to focus entirely on the hunt for Leviathan.

With the rift between Kara and Lena still unresolved and Lex in charge of one of the biggest clandestine organizations in the Arrowverse, life has gotten progressively more complicated for Supergirl after the “Crisis.” And, all the while, Leviathan is still on the loose and accelerating its plans for global domination through Obsidian Tech’s technology. With an enemy that blends technology and extraterrestrial abilities, Supergirl faces her greatest foe yet in Leviathan, while the Luthors are even deadlier than ever before, as both siblings are gunning for Kara and aware of her secret identity.

Supergirl will return Sunday, May 3 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. The show stars Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers, David Harewood as Martian Manhunter, Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers and Jesse Rath as Brainiac 5.

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After an impromptu hiatus, Supergirl is poised to return for the final episodes of Season 5. Here's a quick overview of the season to date.

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