Supergirl, The Terrifics to Conclude with Digital-Only Issues

Amid DC Comics’ current distribution system brought about by the ongoing global health crisis, the last few individual issues of both Supergirl and The Terrifics will not be released in print. Rather, both books will conclude as digital exclusives.

As reported by Newsarama — and subsequently confirmed by DC — both Supergirl and The Terrifics will conclude as digital-only titles. However, while the last two issues of Supergirl and the last three issues of The Terrifics will not be released in print individually, physical versions of these comics will still be included when the eventual collected editions are released.

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The most recent issue of Supergirl to be released physically was issue #40, which hit shelves on March 25. Supergirl #41 will be available exclusively on digital platforms on May 26, followed by Supergirl #42 — the series finale — on June 30. Meanwhile, the final physical issue of The Terrifics to hit shelves will be issue #27 on May 26. The remaining three issues will be digital-only, with The Terrifics #28 arriving on July 7, issue #29 arriving on Aug. 4 and the final issue #30 arriving on Sept. 1.

The last two issues of Supergirl were originally solicited for April and May, respectively. Meanwhile, issues #28 and 29 of The Terrifics were originally slated for release in May and June, respectively.

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Written by Jody Houser and illustrated by Rachael Stott, Supergirl #41 goes on sale digitally May 26 from DC Comics, followed by issue #42 on June 30.

Written by Gene Luen Yang and illustrated by Sergio Fernandez Davila, The Terrifics #27 goes on sale in print May 26 from DC Comics, followed by the digital exclusive #28 on July 7. Written by Yang and illustrated by Carlo Barberi, issue #29 follows suit on Aug. 4. The Terrifics #30 arrives Sept. 1.

The final individual issues of the DC Comics titles Supergirl and The Terrifics will be released exclusively on digital.

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