Superman: 10 Amazing Doomsday Cosplay That Look Just Like The Comics

One of the few antagonists to have taken down Superman, Doomsday, and his appropriately scary and diabolical appearance, has inspired many cosplayers to cover themselves with terrifying spikes and get their hands on red contact lenses. Like most supervillains, the classic enemy of the Justice League and the Man of Steel has undergone quite the visual transformation since his first appearance on a page in 1992.

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Certain variations of the ancient Kryptonian creature have a slightly more relatable and human appearance, while others make him look like a monstrous beast. Here are 10 amazing Doomsday cosplay that are very reminiscent of the villain’s appearance in the comics.

10 Dragon Con 2010

The cosplayer who showed up at the Dragon Con 2010 and even had a brief fight with the fan artist dressed as Superman there decided to humanize Doomsday as much as possible, succeeding.

The cover of Superman: The Man of Steel Vol 1 19 gives readers an intense close up of the villain’s face. He almost seems to be staring at Kal-el from behind the crevices of a helmet, only they are actually his very own spikes protruding from his skull.

9 Titan Cosplay

Titan Cosplay paid homage to one of Doomsday’s earliest outfits at the New Orleans Wizard World. Superman’s arch-enemy was mostly dressed in green before he because ridiculously muscular, vicious, and spiky.

It was his first full appearance in Superman: The Man of Steel Vol 1 18. Wearing red spectacles and bound in chains, this is how Doomsday looked as he began his destructive march across America in the story.

8 4theloveofcosplay

4theloveofcosplay spread some fear during the 2018 New York Comic Con with this petrifying depiction of Doomsday. Here, the villain is half a man and half a monster, his upper body being covered in all kinds of protrusions but the pants of his green suit are still there.

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A similar look of the lethal alien can be observed on the cover of Superman: Return of Doomsday – glowing red eyes, massive spikes around the shoulders, and battle scars across his chest.

7 Superman Celebration 2010

The cosplayer that transformed into a slightly less detailed version of Superman: Return of Doomsday‘s antagonist demonstrated how to put a beating to Kal’el at the 2010 Superman Celebration.

The plot of the comic book depicts the Kryptonian warrior returning to resume his campaign of terror as he leads a brutal assault upon the members of the Superman family, thus making thrilling connections to the Reign of the Superman story.

6 Christian Hart

Christian Hart adopts the appearance of one of the most bloodthirsty but at the same time spectacular versions of Doomsday at the Baltimore 2016 Comic-Con contest.

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This particular look is reminiscent of the Ultimate from his battle with Diana Prince in the Superman/Wonder Woman (Volume 1) comic. The red stains upon his spiked claws are not blood but that doesn’t mean they aren’t frequently stained by it.

5 Knightmage

This particular version of the Kryptonian Destroyer might appear to be as scary or as dangerous as others but fans can easily recognize it as the creature that killed the Man of Steel.

Cosplayer Knightmage has crafted an outfit that is fateful to The Death of Superman comic with its long, free-falling white hair and the overall lack of spiked projections. The ripped-off cape of Kal’El is undoubtedly paying tribute to the victory Doomsday claimed.

4 Denver Comic Con 2013

A pair of cosplayers recreated a vicious fistfight between Doomsday and Superman at the Denver Comic Con 2013 and the artist who was behind the villain’s face did an admirable job getting his ferocious, bone-covered expression just right.

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The depiction of the antagonist and the picture as a whole resembles the cover of Superman/Doomsday #1 although, in the case of the real-life event, it is the evil alien that has landed the punch.

3 Chris Elchesyn

An arguably even better portrayal of the killer of the Justice League’s most powerful member was put together by Chris Elchesyn. This cosplayer’s work reminds observers of Doomsday’s wisdom and experience more than any other since the most impressive and visually striking element is the long, white hair.

The Ultimate was born before the Kryptonians became a powerful race and he is much more than a mere powerful monster.

2 MegaCon 2013

A cosplayer that visited the 2013 MegaCon got the icy, stone-cold looks of Doomsday just right. The appearance of the fan outfit has plenty of similarities with the cover of Doomsday: Year One – a story, which is entirely about Superman’s enemy.

One of the villain’s most visually chilling features is the sheer length of his spikes and both the cosplayer and the comic book artist successfully depict that element of his appearance.

1 Indiana Comic Con 2015

The fan that showed up at the 2015 Indiana Comic Con decided to go for a less popular variation of the appearance of Doomsday that is closely affiliated with the New Earth reality of DC.

The attention to detail is quite admirable – the torn clothing, the tubes, pieces of machinery, spikes and even the red eye are visible, meaning that the cosplayer was well educated in the mighty Kryptionian’s history.

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Comic book fans of all types will appreciate the work that's gone into these amazing cosplay of DC's iconic monster, Doomsday.

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