Superman: 10 Amazing Metallo Cosplay That Look Just Like The Comic

Since his debut in Action Comics #252 in 1959, John Corben, also known as Metallo, has been one of Superman’s deadliest enemies. While he isn’t as well known as other iconic Superman foes such as Lex Luthor or General Zod, this cyborg baddie’s metallic body and his Kryptonite heart have made him a force to be reckoned with each time the Man of Steel crosses his path.

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Although he isn’t as popular as some of Superman’s other villains, he still has a decent following. From his numerous comic book appearances and his various onscreen appearances in a variety of mediums, he has accumulated quite the following, and some of those fans have shown their love of the character through cosplay. Here are some of the best.

10 Less Is More

Sometimes, when it comes to cosplay, less is more. Take for example this very simple but effective Metallo cosplay. There isn’t a whole lot going on with it, yet it still works.

In this cosplay, uploaded by dtjaaaam, there aren’t too many elements, design-wise, having only a partial metallic face, metallic hand, both painted on, and the Kryptonite heart within a case, however, the use of face paint and make up help drive this cosplay home, proving that if you are clever and crafty, you can make any materials look fantastic and ready for a fight with the Man of Tomorrow.

9 Painted On


Our next entry is very similar to the first one, but with a bit more flair to it. At first glance, you may not realize that everything on this Metallo besides the shirt and his hair are painted on. Yes, believe it or not, this is all body paint.

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Shared by False Face Society, this entry is a perfect example of body paint done right. From the face to the chest to the painted-on green glow of the Kryptonite, this was clearly hard work and it sure paid off. The added touch of the blood adds to the sinister nature of the character is a great addition. Everything about it screams superb.

8 Captured By Superman

In this image shared by Lin from the 2013 Metropolis Superman Celebration, we see a joyous Superman keeping a captured Metallo at bay.

This Metallo is a very simple design with very simple and inexpensive materials, such as plastic and cardboard, as well as some face paint for added effect to the design. Much like the other entries on the list, despite it not being the most expensive or advanced cosplay out there, it still works wonders, making us wish we could have seen the battle that took place just before this picture was snapped.

7 Another Homemade Menace


Not every great cosplay has to be made from super expensive, grade A material, as has been proven by our previous entries. Sometimes the best cosplay can be made from everyday items you have just lying around.

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You may think that a character as tech-based as Metallo would require the most advanced materials available to actually look advanced, this isn’t the case, like with this excellent cosplay from Chris Jowers. We’ve seen a few cardboard Metallos on here but this one is definitely the best. The craftsmanship of the various items more than makes up for it, still providing a great look. Needless to say, this cosplay easily stands among the best of Metallo.

6 Shine On

Sometimes, in certain renditions of the character, Metallo is a bit more machine than man, as seen in the brilliant alternate design for this cosplay of the cyborg baddie.

Cmstraightedge‘s design differs from a lot of other Metallo cosplay in a number of different ways, such as the low key chest piece, as well as the nearly completely robotic head, which is a mask instead of the usual makeup or facial prosthetic. The bright, beaming green light added to the iconic Kryptonite heart also doesn’t hurt in setting this design apart from the other Metallos out there at conventions.

5 Next Level


Now, this next Metallo cosplay created by kreedcosplay takes the idea of a fully robotic Metallo character design to a whole new level.

Mostly made from what looks to be spandex, this design is just spectacular, from the bodysuit to the cylinders on his back, and last but not least the intense, sinister-looking face mask that really completes the evil robotic look quite nicely. The only real problems are the folds in the bodysuit, but there’s really nothing to be done about that and it does little to diminish the awesome quality of Kreed’s cosplay.

4 What Could Have Been


Sadly, we have never actually seen a live-action Metallo on the big screen in any of the live-action Superman films. This includes the controversial DCEU films, although Metallo was briefly considered to be an antagonist. However, it never came to be and we never got to see the DCEU version of our metallic friend.

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Or at least we didn’t until cosplayer hydereborn, in a photo uploaded by Fran Martin, gave us this spectacular design in an awesome scenario that, sadly, will most likely never come to be in any of the upcoming movies in DC’s film slate. But it doesn’t hurt to dream.

3 Villains Unite


In this group picture uploaded by gokusupersaiyangod26, we see a Metallo with a design very similar to another design on this list congregating with his fellow villains such as Black Manta, Deathstroke, Bane, Bizarro, and Sinestro (and Red Hood for some reason), ready to do battle with the Justice League with a team of their own.

Metallo is not often seen teaming up with other supervillains, usually acting alone in his mission to destroy the Man of Steel, which makes this cosplay even cooler, especially with the caliber of the character on this hypothetical team up to end all hypothetical team-ups.

2 When Worlds Collide

In a photo shared by the San Diego Union-Tribune, we are presented with this awesome concept for a version of Metallo.

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This cosplay is an ingenious mashup of Metallo and Terminator, which is pretty cool. Even without the Terminator association, this cosplay is just spectacular. Every piece of it clearly had a lot of painstaking effort going into it, which paid off highly. Overall, this is just a truly spectacular cosplay, from the concept to the gear within the build itself to the props.

1 A Dastardly Duo

Metallo by himself is enough of a match for the Man of Tomorrow, but Metallo and Brainiac together is sure to be a nightmare for Superman.

Although a willing team-up between these two powerful rogues is unlikely due to their different styles of super-villainy, we can’t help but wish for a scenario presented to us by this cosplay upload by Chris. Both of these cosplay are impeccable, but special note must be made to the Metallo, which perfectly pulls off the comic look, complete with metallic limbs and real looking facial prosthetic. Not to mention the excellent looking Kryptonite heart. Needless to say, this cosplay is truly the best Metallo cosplay out there. 

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Metallo is one of Superman's underrated villains, but he still has a large fanbase. Here are 10 cosplays that look just like the comic counterpart.

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