Superman: 10 Amazing Mr. Mxyzptlk Cosplay That Look Almost Just Like The Comic

Watch out, McGurk! Since 1944, Superman has had to deal with the likes of Mr. Mxyzptlk (known then as Mr. Mxyztplk), a being from the Fifth Dimension who uses his great power to sometimes hurt, sometimes help, but most often annoy the Metropolis Wonder with his hilarious games, pranks, and magical antics. Though primarily a Superman villain, Mxyzptlk has had no problem causing headaches for other members of the Superman family over the years as well, including Supergirl in both the comics and in her CW series.

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Given how fun and original Mxy stories can be, it’s no wonder some fans have felt the temptation to don the guise of Superman’s mischievous foe. These cosplayers would look right at home in the Fifth Dimension, and could perhaps even give Mxy a fashion tip or two for his next Super-Family encounter.

10 Sunglasses Mxy

Source: Randall A. Golden, Midlife Crisis Crossover!

Sometimes all it takes is a single accessory to add a new dimension—no pun intended—to a familiar look. We are not sure who this cosplayer is, but he has certainly managed to add an extra sheen of cool to Mxy’s traditional ensemble solely by adding a stylish pair of shades. Maybe Mxy’s old spit-curled nemesis will take notice and try on some sunglasses of his own? As long as Superman doesn’t try too hard to outdo Mxy by swapping his cape for a black leather jacket—Superboy might end up suing for appropriating his image! As those who watched the Superman: The Animated Series episode “Little Big Head Man” know, Mxy’s not above manipulating two Supermen into fighting for his amusement…

9 Kelly Mark Delcambre

Delcambre takes cosplaying Mxy to a whole other level by adding stylized eyebrows to his look, resembling how Mxy’s have looked in many (though not all) of his comic appearances. Combined with a wide, energetic smile, it’s quite clear that Delcambre’s Mxyptlk loves what he does, which likely involves starting up a little magical mischief. Combined with a very comics-accurate costume, one couldn’t blame a fan for thinking this version of Mxyptlk leapt right out of a comics page. Not that one can fault Mxy for wanting to stretch a bit: after all, don’t comics only take place in the second dimension?

8 Micvee Cosplay

A prominent cosplayer in Southern California, Micvee Cosplay has brought characters from many fictional universes to life, such as WilyKat from Thundercats and Snow Miser from The Year Without A Santa Claus. Given the attention he usually gives to costume detail, it should come as no surprise that his Mxyzptlk cosplay is spot on.

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In this picture, Micvee’s Mxy stands side-by-side with cosplayer emg555’s take on the Main Man and occasional Superman antagonist Lobo. Lodged between Micvee’s hands and teeth is a fabric with Superman’s shield on it—perhaps a sign that Superman wouldn’t fare too well if he one days faces off against this particular super villain team up?

7 Giu Dohoczki

Studying the Man of Steel’s weaknesses or just catching up on some good old-fashioned reading? Either way, this gender-bent version of Mxyzptlk appears quite satisfied going through her copy of Action Comics #1, the very first appearance of Superman. It does not feature Mxy’s debut, however, as the character would not actually appear in a comic book until six years later in Superman #30. Due to a publication delay, however, Mxy’s first appearance in any media was actually in the Superman daily comic strip. Perhaps cosplayer Giu Dohoczki has those Mxy debuts just within reach, maybe just out of camera range or tucked away in the Fifth Dimension.

6 Alfie Taylor

One can’t help but be reminded of Willie Wonka or the droogs of A Clockwork Orange when looking at Taylor’s take on the Superman antagonist, given the similarities in fashion, hairstyle and even staging, in certain photographs. Taylor lends the character an air of youthful sophistication, though he’s still not afraid to call a Superdupe a Superdupe when he sees one; he is also still clearly meant to possess the original Mxy’s awesome power. Taylor’s Mxy would look right at home in a slightly darker live-action reimagining of Superman, albeit one that would still retain a certain playfulness and charm inherent to both characters.

5 Jillian Chang

Proof that fiendish fun can come in all ages, this cosplayer quite literally captures the childlike fun of Mxyzptlk’s nature. Chang’s costume has one significant difference from Mxyzptlk’s classic attire, in that the bowler hat has been replaced by an equally stylish top hat. With the magic of photo editing, Chang even manages to convey a hint of Mxy’s magical might, in the form of an energy construct of a mysterious nature. Such a costume can’t help but make one ponder what Mxyzptlk himself must have been like at Chang’s age… as well as how much power he might have wielded.

4 JB Entertainingness

While the average cosplayer can’t quite accomplish certain Mxyzptlk feats like floating in the air, they can come closer if they puppeteer him! JB’s puppet recreation very closely resembles Mxyzptlk, but with some notable stylistic differences, such as black hair instead of white and making the purple suit from his first appearance orange instead, while shifting the purple to his dress shirt.

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This Mxy is clearly dressed to impress, as well as to annoy superheroes, and as this picture shows, the Family of Steel doesn’t always have to be his target. Perhaps Green Lantern should consider writing the word “Kltpzyxm” somewhere as a light construct…

3 Cigar Mxy

This cosplayer, though unidentified, earns the name Mxyzptlk by embracing the character’s casual side in this picture: after all, wouldn’t anyone feel relaxed if they were one of the most powerful beings in the universe and beyond? Holding one of the trickster’s trademark cigars, which the character grew fond of smoking during the John Byrne era of Superman, this Mxy could easily be assumed to be on break, perhaps waiting for 90 days to go by so that he can once again leave the Fifth Dimension and challenge Superman to their usual game of wits. What could Mxy have his figurative sleeve this time?

2 Handstand Mxy

Source: John Austin, Flickr

Mxyzptlk isn’t necessarily known for his acrobatics, but this cosplayer makes such feats look like nothing out of the ordinary for the character as he poses with several cosplayers dressed as the Super-Family. Perhaps Mxy ought to challenge the Super-Family to a handstand competition: at least that way, they can’t trick him into saying his name backward! Although we can’t help but feel bad for the Supergirl and Superman homaging Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 on the far right… maybe Mxy can lend Kara a magical hand and thus change comics history in the process? As long as a Rip Hunter cosplayer isn’t watching…

1 Baby Mxy

We did say all ages, didn’t we? By far the youngest entry on the list, this cosplayer trades Mxyzptlk’s 6,000 years for pure baby cuteness. Another, although much minor difference, is the addition of sleeves to the costume, and the absence of Mxyzptlk’s trademark purple gloves. Could Mxy himself have looked this adorable when he was a baby? A face-off or team-up between a baby Mxyzptlk, Super-Tot and Superbaby would have been right at home among the highly imaginative (and often charmingly outlandish) Superman comics of the Silver Age. That is, as long as the Kents and Mxy’s parents approve.

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Few DC Comics characters are as mischievous as Mr. Mxyzptlk! These 10 cosplayers perfectly captured Superman's most chaotic foe.

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