Superman: 10 Amazing Silver Banshee Cosplays That Look Just Like The Comic

Having super hearing isn’t always a plus when the Silver Banshee is around. Created in Action Comics #595 by John Byrne as part of his 1986 Superman reboot, Siobhan McDougal — later reimagined as Siobhan Smythe for DC Comics’ New 52 relaunch — very quickly became a recurring foe for Superman and, especially in recent years, Supergirl, posing a threat to the Cousins of Steel through her impressive strength and, most notably, her deadly voice powers.

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The Silver Banshee’s striking, haunting design has made her a natural draw for a number of cosplayers, many of whom have created quite convincing costumes of the supernatural wailing terror. Here are 10 incredibly talented cosplayers who all but brought the Silver Banshee to life through some amazing cosplays.

10 Felidae

A prolific cosplayer from Moscow, Felidae alludes to the Banshee’s netherworldly origins in this eerie picture draped in black and blue hues. With a finger on her lips hinting at the great power they conceal, this Banshee cosplay, made with a fine eye toward detail, looks ready to drag Superman and Supergirl with her into the dark realm from where Siobhan McDougal first got her powers.

The Cousins of Steel had better hope this Banshee does not know their real Kryptonian names, which in several comic stories, has been shown to make the Banshee’s sonic attacks even more effective toward them (and deadly to most non-superpowered mortals).

9 Jenny Billington

South Yorkshire-based body artist Jodie Broadley lends her considerable talents into transforming cosplayer Jenny Billington into this bold rendition of the Silver Banshee. Billington’s version of the character looks on the attack, ready to unleash her ferocious sonic powers on whoever happens to cross this Banshee’s path.

We assume the photographer was lucky enough to be spared fate of most of those who come across the Silver Banshee’s Death Wail—perhaps a cosplayer dressed as a member of the Super-Family was nearby when this picture was taken, ready to whisk the person behind the lens to safety.

8 Leyna Sweet

This take on the Silver Banshee immediately set itself apart by giving fans the chance to see the villain’s Death Wail in action! Even when seen from afar, it is clear that Sweet’s costume is extremely faithful to the suit the Silver Banshee wears in the comics, with white wisps and lines edited in to give the character and even more ghostly quality.

While it is unknown if this Banshee is attacking her unseen target(s) in the dead of night or in a shadowy realm, one thing is clear: whoever has crossed her has made a grave mistake.

7 Naga Zmeyuka

Could this Silver Banshee be paying respects to a loved one? Hinting at the fate of her next intended victim? Or this meant to be McDougal’s own grave, which she’s just happened to pull herself out from? Whatever her reasons for leaning an arm on this unmarked tombstone, this Banshee’s cool, foreboding stare doesn’t bode well for those who enter its field of vision.

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The Silver Banshee’s eyesight was actually instrumental to one of Siobhan McDougal’s powers, as she should kill nearly anyone whose name she knew through sight alone. It’s unlikely Zmeyuka has the power, but it’s best to stay on this Banshee’s good side, just to be sure.

6 Madi Musanov

Although still recognizably the Silver Banshee, this version has gotten a bit of a makeover. Aside from minor differences to the nose makeup, Banshee’s traditional costume has been replaced with a shirt and hooded jacket that appears to be made out of leather. Furthermore, this Banshee’s hair is short, a bit closer in appearance to the comics version of Siobhan Smythe, but without any of either Silver Banshee’s distinctive white strands.

The look would certainly attract less attention in public than the Banshee’s usual garb, at least when seen from behind. The moment this Banshee turns around, however, all potential enemies would know the awful truth.

5 Drew-Ashlyn

Though not as extreme a makeover as the previous entry, this Banshee costume has a few minor alterations that are just as fun. Like Musanov’s Banshee, Drew-Ashlyn’s also sports a jacket, but in this case, the classic costume is clearly underneath it with subtle changes, most notably of all a black diamante catsuit whose intricate eye-popping designs immediately grab one’s attention.

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This is a Banshee with an eye for fashion, although her long claws are a sharp reminder that the Supercousins—or any other superhero, for that matter— still ought to beware.

4 Mae

Returning to more traditional, but no less striking, entries, Mae’s Silver Banshee isn’t afraid to take a break mid-battle to have a little photographic fun with the Man of Steel, whose cosplayer is wearing the cape, jeans and blue t-shirt of the New 52 Superman. Just don’t call this a team-up, however: as another of Mae’s pictures clearly shows, once the selfies are done, the fighting is clearly back on.

For a man who debuted in Action Comics, Superman fares far worse than one might expect. Also, one can’t help but notice that Mae’s dressed as the Silver Banshee before “Flashpoint” (McDougal), while the New 52 Superman debuted after “Flashpoint”… could there be another Crisis afoot?

3 Lhars Ebersold

Now this is a team-up! Ebersold’s bodypainted Silver Banshee seems to have gone recruiting allies from across the omniverse—perhaps she used her sonic scream to break the dimensional barriers between worlds? With Ryuk from Death Note (cosplayed by Ramon Martinez) and the Marvel Universe’s Black Cat (brought to life by Erica Muse) at her side, there seems to be little that can stand in this Silver Banshee’s way.

Who can say in which of their three universes they’ve decided to meet, but whoever attends that convention could meet a quick demise if they make these three angry. Or, at the very least, they’d be in for a bit of bad luck.

2 Caterina Aguilar

Cosplayer Aguilar – an active member of the Chilean fan community and regular contributor to the site Nerdix and its YouTube channel – portrays a Silver Banshee who has seemingly moved on from the Super-Family, targeting Cristobal Aguilera Diaz’s cosplay of the super-pliable Plastic Man.

Though frequently seen in super villain crowd scenes, the Banshee isn’t often shown battling heroes outside the House of El, begging the question of just how a fight between her and Plastic Man would actually go down. At the very least, the shapes Plastic Man takes when hit by one of Banshee’s sonic screams are bound to make for interesting visuals.

1 Celena Bleu

This cosplayer’s modeled her look of the Banshee after the animated movie Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, adding a studded belt, chains for the choker, and some intriguing patches and pins to the ripped, sleeveless jeans jacket. Aside from the extras and dark hair, this is very much the Siobhan Smythe from the film.

The Silver Banshee doesn’t seem to be slated to appear in James Gunn’s upcoming The Suicide Squad, although the quality of this cosplay makes a strong case for the character’s inclusion in any upcoming live action endeavor from DC. A new look for the Arrowverse’s Silver Banshee, for instance?

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Silver Banshee is a cult favorite Superman villain who inspired these 10 amazing cosplays that DC Comics fans will love

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