Superman: 10 Reasons Why Clark Kent Is Actually A Terrible Reporter

Superman is amazing and there are over 80 years of stories to support this. Going through several ages in comic history, he has inspired many characters that followed and essentially created the modern myth. He is also known for his reporter alias of Clark Kent, award-winning mild-mannered reporter, who is known for catching the scoop as good as his love interest Lois Lane.

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However, as modern sensibilities became more prevalent today, it has become very clear that Clark Kent is an incredibly unethical person. To the point that he is arguably awful as a reporter. Here are the 10 reasons why Clark Kent is actually a horrible reporter.

10 The Majority Of His Potential Sources He Knows Intimately

Starting off this list is something that a majority of Journalists should know when it comes to etiquette. While it is true that a variety of sources can be met and can even be close so long as it is within a professional level, there is a level of conduct when it comes to personal relations.

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With every character that Superman has met, he has direct potential sources that he can access for his news stories. From the Justice League to enemies that he has fought like Lex Luthor. All of which he has a deep connection that goes beyond the professional level.

9 Some Of His Stories Are Based On His Own Adventures

This is how Clark Kent got into the Daily Planet in the first place. Whenever he is writing about superheroic pieces or stories about the people of Metropolis, he is almost always writing about his exploits as Superman.

That is something that shouldn’t abide in the first place as he is able to manipulate the story as he sees fit. The worst part is that he has been doing this form of Journalism for pretty much his entire comic book tenure.

8 He Is Not Truthful To His Co-Workers

The Daily Planet is the hub for everything related to Superman such as his supporting characters. Although many have names, not a lot of them have that much development as characters. This is partly because Superman himself doesn’t have a deep connection with any of them and that includes his secret identity.

As a result, he doesn’t really share much when it comes to story meetings let alone how much of his stories actually stick with the Daily Planet team.

7 His Wife Writes About Him And Knows About It

After Superman revealed his secret identity to his love interest, Lois Lane, despite her knowing that what he has done is completely unethical, they are still married and have even covered for her husband from time to time.

She still writes stories about Superman to this day which is really questionable due to bringing in even further ethical questions to the plate. This level of conduct would’ve fired anyone from a journalism outlet a long time ago.

6 Being Superman May Cause Him To Miss Out On Stories

This can be partly forgiven, Clark Kent is Superman after all. But that doesn’t change the fact that he is excused from being absolutely unreliable depending on what story he has to write. Not only is some of his writing based on the exploits of his adventures, but whenever he is also on journalistic assignment he can always be gone from the actual scene.

The fact that he is able to even make deadlines at all from doing super-heroics is a miracle in and of itself. That’s the brilliance of super speed.

5 He Has A Lack Of Professionalism

Once again the result of being Superman, everything that happens to him he will turn into a piece if Lois Lane isn’t writing anyways. The fact that every villain he fights ends up being thrown away and he writes an article that has that aspect too.

He also uses his superpowers as a way of trying to get the scoop on a story which could arguably be considered cheating and can even be considered borderline against personal rights and ethics. It really is quite unprofessional.

4 Clark Kent Isn’t Objective At All

Touched upon on the last entry on the list, Clark Kent is anything but objective. Every single opponent that Superman has fought against has often been told with an agenda at hand. Although it isn’t easy to make something objective given the facts of what villains have been around, it is still pretty messed up that Superman would write them down like this.

It’s almost like Clark Kent is only there to seal the deal whenever a villain goes to jail with no due justice. Not to mention considering his exploits, he knows definitively.

3 Superman Had No Experience As A Reporter Prior To Working

How exactly did he get into the Journalism industry? Typically in order to get into the industry, one must at least have some form of education to get in like a Bachelor’s of communication or has done a form of content writing in the past. But from what is shown canonically, Clark Kent has done none of these things.

It is borderline crazy how the Daily Planet, as great of a journalism outlet it is, suddenly decides to hire a greenhorn that has virtually no experience. This also applies to non-canonical interpretations such as Man Of Steel which shows viewers no experience at all.

2 He Knows What He Is Doing Is Unethical

Clark Kent knows exactly what he is doing. There is no form of lie or some form of mental block that will claim otherwise. Superman needs Clark Kent in order to not only stay grounded but also have an ear to the goings-on all over the world.

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Even if what he does is completely unethical, he will deem it necessary to have it as it is the easiest way to find new stories that deal with the safety of Metropolis. Whether or, not that is considered a good or a bad thing is up to the fans. But for the sake of journalistic integrity, it definitely leans towards the latter.

1 He’s Superman

Clark Kent is his own biggest source. That is one of the most unethical things you can be as a Journalist. By using yourself as the subjects to your own journalistic work, you can arguably sacrifice a ton of personal integrity. This includes fabrication.

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A lot of things can happen hypothetically when you get revealed as the primary source, from lawyers coming in and your reputation getting ruined, your awards getting revoked, etc. It is one of the most dangerous things to play as a Journalist.

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Superman may be the best of the DC heroes, but his alter ego, Clark Kent, still has a lot of learning to do to be a great journalist.

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