Superman: 10 Things DC Fans Didn't Know Lex Luthor's Armor Could Do

There is only one way that Lex Luthor can hold his own against the all-powerful Superman: by developing a war suit capable of withstanding damage and dishing out the power that is equal (or sometimes greater) than Supes’. Luthor uses his suit of armor to wreak havoc on the citizens of Metropolis while making sure to take the Man of Steel down a few pegs.

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The Legion of Doom does well with having a fully armored Lex Luthor on their side, as this suit is equipped with a myriad of powers at Luthor’s disposal. These are the ten things that Lex Luthor can do with his armor, that DC fans do not know about.

10 Passive Force Fields

Lex Luthor’s armor is built with passive force fields. These force fields, of course, are equipped to combat the Godly power that Superman wields. A lot of DC fans wonder why Luthor’s armor is not built with a helmet, and the fact that the force shields exist is the reasoning behind that.

The force fields shield his entire body, while the suit absorbs even more damage. There is even an additional force field built into the left gauntlet of the suit to take in even more attacks. Luthor is well protected in his armor.

9 Beam Wrapping

The armor that Lex Luthor uses needs to have a plethora of weapons in its effort to stop Superman. Over the years the suit has been upgraded time and time again.

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One such upgrade is a protectable beam that wraps Superman in a molecular sheath. This sheath blocks all incoming UV rays from entering Superman’s body. What better way to stop the Kryptonian than to block him from his #1 power source?

8 Red Sun Radiation

The power suit of Lex Luthor comes packed with some very surprising tricks and weapons. One of the best weapons that the suit can wield is the fact that it is being powered by Red Sun radiation. If Superman goes anywhere near a red sun, he immediately loses his powers.

The suit has even been controlled by Luthor, trapping Superman within, using the red sun radiation to sap all the power from Supes. That is exactly what Luthor concocted in Superman #401.

7 Telekinesis and Deflection

Telekinesis is one of the many powers that benefit the suit of Lex Luthor. He can easily lift items of large size and weight, using only his mind. Apart from the ability to use his mind to cause damage, the suit can also absorb incoming damage and deflect back to the attacker with immense power.

If Superman throws any of his punches, the power can be deflected right back to him tenfold. This power of deflection can also absorb Superman’s heat vision, rendering most of Superman’s power, useless.

6 Expert Scientific Analysis

Lex Luthor has a genius built-in scientific brain in his suit. The suit can analyze any manner of problems that exist, or quickly develop strategies to fend off would-be attackers. The scientific analysis does not stop at that.

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The suit also houses a lie detector system within its brain. Not that this would be beneficial to Superman, as the boy scout never lies, but Luthor could sniff out deception from any other being that wished to betray him.

5 Two-Dimensional Trapping

One of the most unusual powers that the suit holds is the ability to change a three-dimensional person into a two-dimensional character. Why this power would even need to exist is odd, to say the least. Even odder is how this power never pops back up again.

If the campy way of turning a comic book character into their 2D form is effective, then why not use that all the time? Superman is able to escape by using his brute strength to punch through the trap, but this odd power would be useful on any foe that doesn’t have the sheer ability to escape.

4 Illusion And Hypnotism

The power armor comes with some nifty tricks in the way of mental powers. Lex Luthor’s armor can project illusions, making Superman think that he is chasing Luthor, which could leave Luthor to go about his dastardly plans.

Also, hypnotism plays a massive part in the illusionary powers. The armor can hypnotize anyone into thinking pretty much whatever it wanted, even that Luthor is Superman (which he has done). The Justice League would do well to stay away from these hypnotic powers.

3 Kryptonite Generators

It would make complete sense for Luthor to be able to wield the Green Kryptonite to make easy work of Superman.

The gauntlet of the suit can generate every manner of Kryptonite known in comics: Green Kryptonite generator in right forefinger, Red Kryptonite generator in right middle finger, Blue Kryptonite generator in right ring-finger, and Black Kryptonite generator in right pinky finger. The suit can shoot Kryptonite blasts as well and standard energy blasts, essentially turning this suit into a highly dangerous powerhouse against any Kryptonian.

2 Kryptonite Weaponry (Defense Spikes)

In addition to being able to generate all the kinds of Kryptonite, and use them as energy blasts, Luthor’s suit houses many Kryptonite weapons. These weapons, of course, are used for the primary reason of stopping Superman.

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The suit comes packed with a usual Green Kryptonite ax that Luthor carries, but what is more surprising, is the suit contains a Kryptonite defense system. There are Kryptonite energy spikes housed in the right gauntlet of the suit. If Superman gets close, he will be stabbed with the utmost damage and fury.

1 Self-Conscious Ability

Lex Luthor’s suit is made to be a completely self-conscious entity. The suit’s artificially intelligent capabilities are endless. Luthor would not even have to be in the suit for it to cause havoc amongst The Justice League. Apart from a quick ability to dematerialize at will, the suit can fly itself to swoop in and save a falling Luthor.

It is no shock that Luthor’s suit would contain his own brainpower, and as such, the suit can act on Luthor’s behalf without ever having to be in the same room. Of course, Luthor being in the suit would make defeating Superman that much sweeter.

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Lex Luthor is often seen in his armor, but there are some things even the biggest DC fans didn't know his suit could do.

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