Superman: 5 Marvel Villains Superboy Would Defeat (& 5 He'd Lose To)

As a concept, Superboy has been around since 1945. Back then, Superboy was just a young Clark Kent having adventures in Smallville. Crisis On Infinite Earths would wipe that origin out, but a new Superboy would debut in the ’90s during the “Reign Of The Supermen” storyline. This Superboy, a clone of the original Superman, would go on to join Young Justice and the Teen Titans, taking on the name Connor Kent and Kon-El. He would go through a lot in his time as a superhero- finding love with Wonder Girl, learning that half his DNA was from Lex Luthor, sacrificing himself in Infinite Crisis, and coming back to life when he was needed in Final Crisis: Legion Of Three Earths.

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Disappearing during the New 52, he’s recently returned in Young Justice, going back to his 90’s era costume and reminding readers why they loved him so much. This list is going to take a look at what would happen if he was pitted against the villains of the Marvel Universe. Which ones would he takedown? Which ones would take him?

10 Would Lose To: Baron Mordo

One of the most powerful sorcerers on Earth, Baron Mordo would have been Sorcerer Supreme if Stephen Strange hadn’t come along. While Superboy has a variety of powers, all of Superman’s and then some, he’s also has all of his weaknesses. One of those weaknesses is magic.

Mordo could use his magic to shield himself from Superboy’s attacks while blasting him with eldritch energies and basically making life difficult for him. It doesn’t help that Superboy’s brash attitude would stop him from slowing down and thinking things through when the battle began.

9 Would Defeat: Sabretooth

Wolverine’s arch-nemesis and homicidal mirror image, Sabretooth is one of the most brutal villains of them all. While his years of experience have served him well against all kinds of foes, he’s just vastly outclassed by Superboy. Of course, because it’s Sabretooth he would still press the point. It would just end very badly for him.

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His claws would have no effect on Superboy and while he’s very strong, he’s not near strong enough to even phase Superboy. Beyond that, Superboy has the mobility advantage on Sabretooth- not only can he fly, but he’s also just infinitely faster. Sabretooth wouldn’t be able to overcome Superboy’s physical advantages in this fight.

8 Would Lose To: Thanos

The Mad Titan is an extinction level event even without the Infinity Gauntlet. Now, if we’re being honest, Superman would easily defeat Thanos if it came right down to it. As powerful as Thanos is, he’s just not on the same level as Superman. Superboy, on the other hand, is much weaker than Superman and not nearly as savvy.

Because of his human DNA, Superboy would never be able to reach the power levels of Superman and this would cost him against Thanos. Thanos might not be stronger than Superboy, but strength isn’t all Thanos has and he’s also wickedly smart. He would goad Superboy into making mistakes and make the teen pay for those mistakes with his life.

7 Would Defeat: Ultron

One of the Avenger’s deadliest villains, Ultron has personally killed millions of people- he destroyed every human being in the country of Slovenia in a matter of hours. As powerful as Ultron is, he actually wouldn’t last very long against Superboy and the reason for that is Superboy’s tactile telekinesis.

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Superboy has shown that he can use this ability to disassemble machinery with just a touch. Ultron may be made of adamantium, but he was still assembled and that means he can be taken apart. The two would tussle for a bit before Superboy took him down with a touch.

6 Would Lose To: The Void

The dark side of the Sentry, the Void is one of the most dangerous foes encountered by the heroes of the Marvel Universe. It’s actually easier to list all of the powers the Void doesn’t have than it is to list the ones it does have. Capable of punking out gods, entire teams of Avengers, and everything in between, Superboy has little to no chance against the monster.

The Void just has way too many weapons to use against Superboy and is extremely crafty. It’s not unbeatable, but it usually takes a concerted effort from a group of heroes. Superboy is good, but he’s not that good.

5 Would Defeat: Doctor Octopus

One of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies, Doctor Octopus uses his thought-controlled robotic arms and scientific acumen to commit a number of crimes. While he’s shown that he’s a capable hero during his time as the Superior Spider-Man, he’s still an opportunist only out for himself and willing to go to any lengths for victory.

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Superboy is just way too strong to be more than mildly inconvenienced by Ock’s arms. In fact, grabbing Superboy with those arms would be a huge mistake for Ock. Since Superboy can fly, he can just lift off the ground and still have all the leverage, allowing him to bash Ock around. Beyond that, Ock’s arms aren’t strong enough to pose too much of a problem for Superboy and there’s always the tactile telekinesis.

4 Would Lose To: The Juggernaut

Empowered by the god Cyttorak, Juggernaut is unstoppable. Dude has knocked out the Hulk, beat on Thor, and battled teams like the X-Men and the Avengers to a standstill. Recently getting a power upgrade, his power source is also one of the Superboy’s major weaknesses- magic.

It’s debatable whether Juggernaut is stronger than Superboy, but it really doesn’t matter. Superboy just can’t do anything against Juggernaut and Juggernaut’s magic enhanced strength would take a vicious toll on Superboy. This would be a battle of attrition with the more maneuverable Superboy getting more and punch drunk with every hit until he goes down.

3 Would Defeat: Abomination

One of the Hulk’s deadliest enemies, Abomination is massively strong. While he doesn’t have Hulk’s infinite strength potential, he’s still a very dangerous foe. However, all he can do is punch people really hard. Superboy has a lot more than that he can do and is stronger to boot.

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Without even bringing the tactile telekinesis and heat vision into the mix, Superboy is just faster and maneuverable than Abomination. Superboy doesn’t have to stand there and punch it out with Abomination; he can fly around and bash the beast. Abomination can take a lot of damage, but he’d go down.

2 Would Lose To: Loki

The God Of Mischief, Loki has been a thorn in the side of the heroes of the Marvel Universe almost since the beginning. His mastery of Norse magic is more than enough to take Superboy, but he’s also a much more skilled fighter than most people imagine and can hold his own against Thor in a fistfight.

Superboy’s headstrong and brash nature would make him easy pickings for Loki’s manipulations. He might be able to extricate himself from Loki’s schemes, but Loki could take the fight to Superboy and use his strength and magical mastery to take Superboy out.

1 Would Defeat: Green Goblin

Spider-Man’s most dangerous foe, Green Goblin is as dangerous as they come. Driven insane by the Goblin formula that gives him his super strength, his mind is just as dangerous as his muscles. However, as formidable and vicious as Goblin is, he just can’t hang with Superboy’s power level.

Green Goblin’s intelligence and craftiness would keep the fight going longer than it otherwise would, but Superboy is just too much for Green Goblin when it comes right down to it. Eventually, Superboy would start landing some offense and that would be the end of it.

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Superboy has a legendary past and powerset. Against the best of Marvel's rogue gallery, would Connor Kent be victorious? Or would he be defeated?

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