Swamp Thing Rises to the Challenge in Jim Lee's Comic Store Auction

DC Comics publisher Jim Lee continues to produce illustrations for his sixty-day charity auction. The latest illustration features the Avatar of the Green himself, Swamp Thing.

The illustration came at the suggestion of the highest bidder on Lee’s previous Darkseid sketch. The 9×12″ Swamp Thing sketch is currently up for sale on eBay, with an asking price of $6,800 (at time of writing). The drawing shows Swamp Thing hunched over in the bayou, brooding. A full moon hangs over him, adding to the somber tone of the illustration.

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Created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson, Swamp Thing is the alter ego of Doctor Alec Holland, who became a huge, hulking, plant like creature when an act of sabotage coated him in his bio-restorative formula and launched him into the swamp. The Swamp Thing has been the subject of several comics, including groundbreaking runs by Alan Moore and Scott Snyder, as well as two film projects and two television series, the latter of which had a short life on the DC Universe app.

All the proceeds from the auction will go toward supporting brick and mortar comic book stores through the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (BINC). The BINC is using the funds from the auction to help support comic shops that have started to struggle due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Artist Bryan Hitch previously contributed a sketch of Swamp Thing to the auction.

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DC Comics publisher Jim Lee's latest sketch to be auctioned off features the Avatar of the Green himself, Swamp Thing.

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