Sword Art Online: Dungeons & Dragons Moral Alignments Of The Characters

The Morality Alignments in the tabletop RPG Dungeons & Dragons are in place to categorize a player’s character, based on their personality. These include “Law vs. Chaos” and “Good vs. Evil” with “Neutral” categories in the middle of it all. Applying these  Dungeons & Dragons alignments to characters across media reveals some interesting results, especially in the many anime worlds.

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While there is a lot of anime that these Moral Alignments can easily work with, the results aren’t that clear-cut if it were applied to the characters of Sword Art Online. Considering the number of virtual MMORPGs that Kirito and friends have found themselves in, it is interesting when they’re examined under the lens of a different kind of Roleplaying game. So without further ado, here are the Moral Alignments of Sword Art Online’s cast of warriors and spellcasters.

10 KLEIN – Lawful Good

The loyal and kindhearted Klein was one of the first people in the Aincrad Arc that Kirito ever met, and has stuck by him and his friends whenever they’re in need. In the game world, Klein upholds the code of a samurai, which makes him a shoo-in to be under the “Lawful Good” alignment.

While he may not actually be a samurai in the real world, Klein does act like it and tends to stick to this code without compromise. It’s part of what makes Klein dependable to his friends and why his D&D character would most likely fall under this side of the spectrum.

9 EIJI -Neutral Evil

Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale’s Eiji was one of the film’s major antagonists, and since his actions during it were inherently selfish, that would make him fall on the evil side of Moral Alignments. This would just leave the question of where he would fall between “Lawful” and “Chaotic”.

Eiji’s goal was to reconstruct Yuna’s personality, and he had zero regrets for who he had to hurt to see it done. He also was willing to turn on his allies (as evidence of him telling Kirito what Shigemura was planning). So all these qualities would seem to point to Eiji landing on “Neutral Evil”.

8 SINON – Chaotic Neutral

Kirito’s partner in Gun Gale Online, Sinon, is as skilled and dependable as allies get. However, classifying her in D&D’s morality spectrum is not as cut and dry as it would seem. Given her cool-headed attitude in battle, with a laser focus on what she herself is after, it’s highly possible that Sinon could actually be “Chaotic Neutral”.

Now, this could be hard to believe, however, the one deciding factor could be this alignment’s need for their own personal freedom. For a lot of SAO’s second season, Sinon was in a sense trying to get over her own trauma – to be “free” of it in a sense. This, more than anything, is what could lean her towards this particular alignment.

7 QUINELLA – Lawful Evil

The “Lawful Evil” alignment refers to a despot who rules above others creating a self-imposed order for their own gains. In SAO’s library of villains, there might actually be nobody who embodies this better than the Administrator herself, Quinella.

As the ruler of the human civilization in Underworld, Quinella used her position to keep everyone under her thumb and unable to rise up against her, believing this to be the correct way to keep order in Underworld. Quinella was without a doubt a tyrant and as such the perfect fit for this class of morality.

6 EUGEO- Lawful Good

Eugeo was a very kindhearted guy that lived in Underworld and a childhood friend of Kirito’s who wished to save the long lost Alice. He generally put the needs of others before himself, and while that sometimes meant going past the law, he was mostly on the side of Lawful Good.

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The laws that Eugeo had to break were also the ones that he lacked the drive to break for the longest time (which prevented him from saving the afore-mentioned Alice before). That kind of thing doesn’t just change overnight. Not to say this is 100% a weakness, though, but it’s definitely what would make him Lawful Good.

5 OBERON- Chaotic Evil

Sugou Nobuyuki, also known as the Fairy King Oberon, may appear sophisticated to most, but those who’ve seen his true self know that he’s a self-absorbed psychopath. His horrible acts include kidnapping 300 of the trapped SAO players, violating Asuna, and planning to control people’s minds. He did all this, simply because he could.

Knowing that, there’s truly only one alignment that could ever fit someone like Sugou, a pure sadist who hurts whoever he likes and cares little for the pain he inflicts on them, and that’s “Chaotic Evil.”

4 ALICE- Lawful Neutral

Alice was one of the top Integrity Knights and the very definition of a skilled warrior. Shackled by the chains that were Quinella’s authority, she eventually broke free and became someone with a strong personal sense of justice with a desire to protect the world of Underworld.

Given her history as an Integrity Knight, her rebelling against that corrupt authority she once followed, and her own moral code, Alice’s Moral Alignment just screams the qualities in “Lawful Neutral.” While it may not sound quite as virtuous as Lawful Good, it would fit her disciplined spirit.

3 HEATHCLIFF – True Neutral

Akihiko Kayaba, AKA Heathcliff, was the mastermind behind the incident where the players of the in-universe Sword Art Online game became trapped in a high-stakes battle of life and death. Considering the pain and suffering he caused to so many, it wouldn’t be too offbase to categorize his morality along the lines of “Evil.” However, there’s another argument to be made about that.

While Kayaba did do horrible things to hundreds of players during the Aincrad Arc, he isn’t purely an evil person doing things for evil’s sake. To his own admission after his defeat at Kirito’s hands, he wasn’t even sure why he did any of it and after that, and went on to help Kirito from beyond the grave. This moral ambivalence creates the argument that Kayaba may have been “True Neutral” rather than anything in the evil portion of alignments.

2 ASUNA- Neutral Good

Asuna is one of the most skilled heroines of the entire anime, they didn’t call her “Lightning Flash Asuna” for nothing. Asuna typically fights for the people she cares about, tending to go so far as to sacrifice herself if she feels it’s necessary. Undoubtedly, that would put her in the “Good” side of the spectrum – though she might be closer to “Neutral Good” as oppose to Lawful Good.

While Asuna has been seen working with authority towards a common goal (her time in the Knights of the Blood Oath being a good example), she will sometimes break rules and push back against authority if she disagrees with it. To her credit, that strategy has worked out more times than not for her.

1 KIRITO – Chaotic Good

SAO’s Kirito, is both somehow the easiest and the most difficult character to categorize when figuring out D&D Moral Alignments. While obviously, he’s on the side of good, he’s not purely virtuous to be considered Lawful Good since he does bend the rules a lot to achieve his goals and while he can cooperate with authority at times, he’s actually more likely to push back at them. So Neutral Good doesn’t quite fit either.

In truth, Kirito’s personality is most in line with “Chaotic Good.” Given the number of times Kirito has worked outside of the rules of the games he finds himself in (in some cases literally breaking the game to do it) and his views of freedom whether it be in real life or in VR worlds, it’s not as shocking as one would think at first.

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The cast of Sword Art Online are stuck in an MMORPG, so it's only appropriate for their personalities to be analyzed through D&D's famed alignments

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