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The Avengers are the preeminent team of the Marvel Universe, comprised of the best and brightest of the heroes around. Well, the best and brightest plus Hawkeye. Normally, you would match them up against a team like the Justice League as they are the most obvious opponents DC has to offer.

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But you can’t help but wonder what would happen if the Avengers ran up against the Teen Titans. It hardly seems like a fair fight but don’t underestimate the classic Teen Titan lineup against the current Avengers. Without further ado, let’s check out the reasons each team would win in a dream battle against one another.

11 AVENGERS: Esoteric Current Lineup

The current lineup of Avengers is by no means the strangest but it is still one of the most interesting. Chaired by Black Panther, the roster includes Ghost Rider, She-Hulk, Blade and Captain Marvel alongside Thor, Iron Man and Captain America. It’s an incredible mix of power, skill and experience that would be difficult for any team to defeat. It’s not just superhero experience either, considering more than one member of the team has legitimate military experience to bring to the table.

10 TEEN TITANS: The Classic Crew

The most popular iteration of the Teen Titans was led by Dick Grayson, and featured a roster of incredible young heroes. Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wonder Girl, Cyborg, Changeling, Starfire and Raven rounded out the version of the team most fans think of when the name Teen Titans come up.

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What made them such an effective group was their incredibly diverse range of powers, from super speed to shape shifting to dark mystical powers.

9 AVENGERS: Captain America

While there are a variety of heroes with different skill sets and expertise on the Avengers, no one brings what Captain America does to the table. The Star Spangled Avenger is one of the most proficient hand-to-hand fighters Marvel has to offer. Add that shield into the mix, and anyone would have a tough time dealing with him. He also has an incredible amount and variety of combat experiences, giving him incredible insights on the battlefield. But what makes Captain America so important is how inspiring he is. Cap can rally the troops to any fight, pushing them towards victory.

8 TEEN TITANS: Dick Grayson

Whether he’s Robin or Nightwing, Dick Grayson is still an effective leader. While he isn’t as inspiring as Captain America, he is an experienced hero. Plus, he has something that most heroes don’t, namely Batman’s training.

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Sitting under the learning of the Caped Crusader gives you an edge that many people simply don’t understand. If you can survive the lessons Batman teaches in the classroom known as Gotham, you can handle anything.

7 AVENGERS: Powerhouses

The current version of the Avengers is loaded with incredible powerhouses. She-Hulk is an obvious one. She is a Hulk, after all. The team also boasts the likes of Iron Man, Thor and Captain Marvel, all of them first round draft picks to the super hero butt kicking club. But do not underestimate the power of someone like Ghost Rider brings to the table. Beating him in a fight and keeping him down are two completely different things. Raven might have fun making friends with him, though.

6 TEEN TITANS: Mystical Might

The Avengers are no slouch in this department. Ghost Rider is obviously well acquainted with the mystical side of superheroing and Blade has more than a passing familiarity with it. But they pale in comparison to Raven.

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She is the half-demon daughter of Trigon, giving her incredible powers which she has never fully tapped into because she doesn’t want to lose control. If she ever even comes close to cutting loose, everyone she’s fighting, and even her own team, needs to take a big step back.

5 AVENGERS: Avengers Mountain

When your base is in the body of a dead Celestial, that has to give you some sort of edge. The first team up of the current Avengers involved Loki, as it so often does, and the appearance of some questionable Celestials on Earth. When it was all said and done, the Celestials helped the Avengers set up the remains of one of their ilk as their base. Naturally, they did some remodelling to make it more homey.

4 TEEN TITANS: Technical Prowess

Thanks to Cyborg, there’s a level of technical prowess on the Teen Titans that is hard to match. Tony Stark is a genius and an almost unmatched inventor. He creates suits of armor for every occasion, including a giant one he keeps on Mars to fight Celestials.

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While Tony Stark understands technology, Cyborg is technology. Given Cyborg’s abilities, Tony should be careful with his armor. Cyborg might just take control of it.

3 AVENGERS: Black Panther Is In Charge

Leadership is key to any superhero team. Without the right person in charge, the whole thing falls apart pretty quickly. In the case of the Avengers, that person is the Black Panther. T’Challa is the king of an entire country, giving him a lot of experience in the area of leading people. Additionally, he is a respected hero, incredibly brilliant and a master tactician. Black Panther has an incredible range of assets at his disposal and is well equipped to use them.


Both teams have a lot of members that match up quite well. Watching Starfire and Captain Marvel face off could be incredible. But one advantage the Teen Titans have is speed in the form of Kid Flash. No one on the Avengers can match his abilities, giving his team a decisive edge.

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Black Panther and his crew could formulate a way to counter him but they had better move fast before Kid Flash catches them off guard.


While the Teen Titans would put up one hell of a fight, it’s hard to imagine them getting one over on the Avengers. As powerful as some of their members are, they don’t really have an answer to the likes of Thor and She-Hulk. They simply have too much power at their disposal. The only way the Teen Titans win is if Raven cuts loose, and if she does that, everyone has a big problem.

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What if the Avengers of Marvel fame went up against DC's Teen Titans? Let's see the reasons why each superhero tandem would win in this dream battle.

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