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Since the release of the first film in 2014, John Wick has become immensely popular and attracts a large number of fans. On the other hand, Thanos is one of the strongest villains that superheroes have had to face in recent years, and could only be defeated with the union of a large number of characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Because of Thanos’s genetic characteristics, you might think that he would win easily over John Wick, but it’s better not to anticipate the results because the famous hitman possesses too many tricks and a lot of anger to give Thanos a fight. Also, it should be considered that as fictional characters, many things are valid. In recent years, fans have created a lot of theories about the capabilities of Thanos and John Wick to face other fictional characters. Now, you can see a theoretical confrontation between two of the most influential characters in recent times.

10 Thanos: Genetically Perfect

This could sum up the whole confrontation, but John Wick cannot be underestimated. Thanos belongs to the Eternals race, being superior to others in many ways. He has great speed, strength, intelligence, healing ability, and longevity. In addition, Thanos received mystical and cybernetic enhancements that made him a more powerful being.

His great abilities play against the population, by becoming a threat to the universe. Thanos knows he has no equal competition, either for his birth powers or for the enhancements that allow him to expand his abilities with technology or his own energy.

9 John Wick: Will Power

On many occasions, Thanos has left his opponents alive, which is a great advantage for John Wick, who never stops until he reaches his goal, motivated in great part by revenge. He is a legendary assassin who has training to kill, great endurance, excellent reflexes, and great tolerance to pain.

John Wick’s personality works in his favor in the confrontations he faces. He knows how to use his skills and does not stop against larger or heavier enemies. Will power pushes him to keep trying, beyond all logic.

8 Thanos: Superhuman Strength

The limits of Thanos’ strength are unknown. He can challenge the strongest beings in the universe or fight more than one superhero at a time without any problem.

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It is believed that his hits can destroy planets, besides the fact that he has a great resistance, so he is almost invulnerable to the punches of many of the most powerful MCU characterss. Additionally, he uses force fields to protect himself and to withstand enemies’ attacks.

7 John Wick: A Special Suit

John Wick has survived countless fights where he has been shot, beaten, stabbed, and run over, and always keeps fighting after all that. But it must be clear that John Wick is only a human, so, to be on equal terms with Thanos, he could wear a suit like Iron Man or Ant-Man (both humans).

Many superheroes with incredible strength and others with less power faced Thanos. The one who finally eliminated was Tony Stark in the Iron Man suit when he succeeded in removing the Infinity Gems and using them against Thanos. Undoubtedly, in a similar suit, John Wick could increase his skills and have more protection to help him dominate Thanos.

6 Thanos: Manipulation Of Energy And Matter

This villain can manage the energies, being able to emit bursts, project infrared and gamma rays, create explosions, generate shields, among other things. This energy is one of the reasons that allow him to face many of the most powerful in the universe.

Like others of his race, Thanos can manipulate matter. He can also teleport himself when he wishes, to unknown distances. In addition, as if his abilities were not enough, this being has extremely fast regeneration capabilities, so he will not be hurt by an adversary for long.

5 John Wick: Use Of Appropriate Weapons

Although Thanos seems invincible, some weapons can hurt him. John Wick will not rest until he gets the right weapon and the perfect place to ensure his attack eliminates Thanos. Also, in a universe where he must face Thanos, he can probably resort to advanced alien technology to increase his chances.

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John Wick as a legendary hitman is feared for his abilities. He has killed several men with just one pencil, and he’s also excellent at eliminating long-range targets with a single shot, so he can use his skill with an effective weapon to hit just the area he needs to defeat Thanos. He is also very effective with knives, swords, and improvised weapons, which helps him to solve any situation.

4 Thanos: High Resistance

Thanos’s great durability allows him to face a battle almost effortlessly, and he can remain unharmed in many of the fights he faces. This great resistance also permitted him to handle the Infinity Gems, without them representing a threat to his physical integrity, although they could weaken him after the snaps.

His reflexes also help him to dodge blows, which in the end translate into less trouble and a reduced need to recover.

3 John Wick: Intelligence

John Wick can handle several things at once, with an excellent ability to reason and strategize in critical situations. His facility for establishing tactical maneuvers helps him to solve problems quickly.

Because of his skills as a hitman, John Wick can execute crimes with logic, and in combat, he can use resources of his environment that are unthinkable to others. His intelligence and courage are also evident in his medical knowledge, allowing him to take care of himself when he needs to.

2 Thanos: Mental Skills

As much as his body and physical power, the mind is one of the skills that make Thanos even more dangerous. His intellect has allowed him to create advanced technologies and his knowledge in all fields of science makes him one of the most intelligent beings in existence.

His telepathic powers make his mind invulnerable to almost any psychic attack and help him to communicate telepathically. So, some superheroes could not bend his mind, nor could they stop his designs and technological creations that favor him to gain strength and power.

1 John Wick: Luck And Fame

Without trying to diminish the skills of fictional characters, all heroes and anti-heroes have an enviable fortune to get out of certain circumstances unscathed, and of course, John Wick is no exception. So, at the right time, he can find a way to escape, be stealthy, find a potential weapon at hand or strike the right blow.

John Wick has become so famous that he has awakened the creativity of fans who don’t doubt for a second his skills, luck, and willingness to confront anyone, including Thanos. For example, a fan wrote a comic book where these two characters confront each other, and there, he makes Thanos kill John Wick’s dog to generate his rage. It seems that many people trust the revenge capabilities of this hitman and give him as a winner in the face of any incident. It is necessary to take into account that in fictional worlds the protagonists with charisma have great possibilities of surviving in some way and this would make John Wick the great favorite.

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Many fans have theories of who would win in a battle between John Wick and Thanos. Here are the reasons each would have the upper hand.

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