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Today, we look at the time that Lois Lane almost fell for a Bizarro version of the Flash in Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #74 by Leo Dorfman and Kurt Schaffenberger.

The story opens with Superman busy at a Justice League of America meeting and it is amazing, because Leo Dorfman doesn’t seem to even slightly understand how the Justice League works, as he has them working out an interplanetary treaty to work out a space prison on an asteroid. What the what?

How awesome is Flash (oddly drawn by Schaffenberger) yelling at Superman to cut his bullshit and just get back to the treaty work?

Anyhow, while Superman is off getting yelled at by the Scarlet Speedster, a mystery man lands on Earth and Lois gets the idea of kissing him, Snow White-style and it works!

He then becomes obsessed with Lois, but “Hero” is acting a bit weird…

Like when he runs super fast dragging Lois by her hair!

He also acts oddly, like when he gets angry at her and instead kisses her…

Hero gets even more erratic, but luckily Superman shows up and we learn that Hero is a Bizarro-version of the Flash and his backwards logic is what caused all of his odd behavior (when he was wooing Lois, he pulled her hair, but when he was angry at her, he kissed her)…

It’s so odd in the story how Lois is into this clearly deranged guy just because he shows an active interest in her unlike Superman. Man, Lois gets hard up sometimes!

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In their spotlight on bizarrely awesome comics, CSBG shows the time that Lois almost fell for a Bizarro version of the Flash.

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