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Todd McFarlane is a Canadian born comic book creator. Todd has a storied career in the comics world, creating some of the most revered characters that exist today. Todd first achieved notoriety working on Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man. He also became to be the first artist to ever draw in the ever-popular anti-hero, Venom.

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In the 1990s, Todd formed a creator-owned property, Image Comics. This new way of thinking led to a trend in more artists forming their own creator-owned companies. Todd has become one of the most admired artists in the industry, creating some of the most iconic characters that are still popular to this day. These are the best characters he ever created.

10 Artemis Crock

Artemis Crock is a bow-wielding superhero, who has also spent time on the evil side of the spectrum. Having modeled her life of crime after her parents, Artemis became one of three villains to dawn the name Tigress. Artemis Crock would go on to play a crucial role in the series Young Justice. Also, on the flip side of the law, Artemis became a recurring role in the live-action series, Arrow. Having been an ally of Team Arrow, it would later be revealed that Artemis was working for the villain, Prometheus. There is no mistaking that Artemis Crock has made a name for herself in the workings of DC.

9 Icicle Jr.

Cameron Mahkent, aka Icicle (Icicle Jr. to be exact), has been a mainstay villain in the DC Universe. He is the son of the original Icicle and has powers that mimic his father’s. Joar Mahkent used a freeze gun that eventually altered his genetics to imbue him with freeze powers and those powers were passed on to his son, Cameron. Icicle Jr. would go on to be a powerful villain in comics and DCAU.

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Cameron eventually finds his way to joining up with the Injustice League (the evil counterpart to The Justice League), and even battling some of the biggest DC Heroes, mainly Batman and Superman. Since his iteration in the late 1980s, Icicle Jr. has appeared in many of DC’s biggest events.

8 Sam and Twitch

Sam and Twitch, the irrevocable NYPD detective duo, have been some of the most titular characters in all the Spawn series. Sam and Twitch are the prototypical “odd couple,” Sam Burke being the brawn of the operation while Maximillian “Twitch” Williams taking the mantle of the brains. The detective duo gained so much popularity in the inner workings of Spawn that they would be rewarded their series, simply titled, Sam and Twitch. The popularity would not stop there as director Kevin Smith is said to be working on a Sam and Twitch series, slated for BBC.

7 Angela

Angela, the angel (now Asgardian), got her start as a recurring antagonist in the Spawn series. She began as a bounty hunter and angel, directly made to oppose Spawn. After a lengthy legal battle over the rights of the character, Angela would eventually find herself in the Marvel Universe. There she would take on falling from heaven to becoming an Asgardian. It would be later revealed that she is the lost sister of Thor. Although Todd McFarlane ultimately lost the right to the character, Angela has remained a storied character in all of comics.

6 Malebolgia

Malebolgia is a main supervillain in the Spawn series. The name Malebolgia is derived from the description of the “Eighth Circle of Hell,” in Dante’s Inferno, or Malebolge. Malebolgia is essentially the Satan of the Spawn universe.

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He holds power that is the same as the devil himself, although, he is seen as one of the many main rulers of Hell. Malebolgia is always at odds with the other rulers of Hell and even had a hand in creating Spawn. Spawn finds his way to battling Malebolgia, and even doing away with the demon, for a brief period.

5 Violator

The Violator is the main big baddie in the Spawn series. He is always at odds with trying to fight Spawn on his noncommital actions in the enslaving of souls on Earth for Hell’s Armies. Violator finds humanity to be weak, and that they should all find themselves more useful as soldiers in the armies of Hell. Violator has tried many times to do away with the rogue Hellspawn (Spawn), but can only do such a thing if he gets the “OK” from the higher-ups in hell. Violator is always disguised as a rude comic-relief character known as Clown. He even found his way into the first Spawn film, played by John Leguizamo.

4 Eddie Brock

Eddie Brock’s first iteration was that of a reporter in the Spider-Man comics. He began his career reporting on the identity of a serial killer, only to have his efforts ruined by Spider-Man catching the criminal first. This reputation dive put Brock into a tailspin of suicidal thoughts and hatred when he is bonded with the symbiote, Venom. Eddie Brock and Venom go hand in hand as the biggest antagonist duo in Spider-Man. Eddie’s reporting prowess continues more into pop-culture, having been played in the more recent Venom film, by Tom Hardy.

3 Hellspawn

The Hellspawn is the collective race of Hell’s soldiers that exist in the Spawn series. They are made up of allies and enemies of Spawn. Spawn, aka Al Simmons, is that of a Hellspawn. Some of the biggest characters in the comics are all Hellspawn.

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The Hellspawn serves as the corps of the armies controlled by Malebolgia. Some of the most notable Hellspawn besides Spawn, are Cogliostro (who is a direct ally of Spawn), and Jessica Priest (an enemy of Spawn who goes on to become the She-Spawn), both of which also appeared in the Spawn film.

2 Venom

Venom, the main protagonist/antagonist in the Spider-Man comics, has taken on a life of his own. The original iteration of Venom was that of a living alien costume, but Todd McFarlane is credited as the first artist to draw and create the symbiote’s character, known as Venom. Since his creation in the 1980s, the character has taken on many forms in the comics. From a vicious enemy of Spider-Man to becoming an anti-hero who stops at nothing to get the job done, Venom is one of the most infamous characters in all of Marvel comics.

1 Spawn

The pièce de résistance of Todd McFarlane’s career with always be Spawn. Spawn is probably the top anti-hero to come out in all of comics. Spawn is the most notable Hellspawn who is born of the violent death of Al Simmons. Simmons strikes a deal with Malbolgia to become a Hellspawn soldier, only to find himself back on Earth and wanting to find a new purpose in life, and not a tool to be used by Hell. The powerful necroplasm wielding anti-hero has had storied character development since his creation in the early 1990s. Spawn was originally a character that McFarlane created in high school, only to alter Spawn to become the most popular of his characters. Spawn has a long-standing comic series that has lasted since 1992, has gone beyond comics, and into the film and TV series world. Bask in the glory that is Spawn, while everyone patiently waits for the new Spawn film to come out.

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Todd McFarlane is a legendary name in the comic book world. He's created some of the most iconic characters in history as well.

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