The 10 Best Kanamori Quotes From Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken, Ranked

The anime adaptation of Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken finally finished just a few short weeks ago and we’re already desperately missing it. Getting to take a real glance into the mind of a low budget animation studio once a week was a real treasure for us. And, it gave us a real behind-the-scenes look at how animators had to make due with what they had even when making the great anime classics. Eizouken has to be one of the most charming shows of the decade, and that’s is in no small part due to the great cast of characters. Seriously, this cast of three girls now must be in the running for best anime friendship. Our personal favorite has to be Kanamori Sayaka and her no-nonsense attitude about productivity and money-making. So, let’s take a quick look at some of our favorite quotes from the season.

10 It’s Hard To Say Goodbye To Money

This first quote comes a bit early in the show. The girls have just gotten their film making club off the ground and are given quite the dilapidated shack to work from. And, funnily enough, in order to repair the place, Kanamori manages to sell off the footage of Asakusa falling from the second floor due to its disrepair for 30,000 Yen. And, in Google Conversion math, that equals about 277 US Dollars, so it just about covers the repairs. And, I think we can all relate to the feeling of spending a big chunk of money on something thats necessary but expensive. You hate to see it go but know that life must go on with lighter pockets and a safer working environment.

9 Twitter Is Super Hard, We Swear

Oh man if this isn’t the most relatable quote for anyone who spends their day working from a computer or phone. Social media is a monster, it can make or break careers, change lives, and influence the world. But, it’s also a den for the depraved and obsessed. So we absolutely understand Kanamori’s thoughts here that social media is anything but fun. Especially so whenever you’re doing it for the sake of a business! Twitter is fun to browse, but can you imagine building a brand on it? Oof, what a nightmare.

8 Do The Most While Trying The Least

Everyone and anyone can learn a lesson from this quote. Yes, as humans, we love to put all our heart and soul into our work and personal projects. But, a lot of the time, that just isn’t a realistic practice to do! To consistently put content out whether it’s art, music, written work, or whatever else, you have to be able to make the most bang from the smallest amount of gunpowder

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Build a following just from posting sketches, use WIP versions of music to show fans the behind-the-curtain process, or just put out lower effort projects while you work on the big one in the background.

7 Hear That Artists? It’s Okay To Get Paid For Your Work!

We’ll try not to get political here, but fair wage should be a standard for everyone in every field. Particularly, in a field we’re familiar with where tons of artists undercharge for their work or straight up do big projects for free. It’s just not right! The quality of the product should at least match the amount paid for it. But, some people (including ourselves) have trouble understanding that charging a client a fair price is the same as promising them a finished product worth that amount. Sometimes all you need is to hear a fictional character tell you everything’s okay and suddenly it all makes sense.

6 A Fantastically Nihilistic Outlook On Current Events

This next one for all the nihilistic or dark humor enthusiasts out there. It’s for those who like to joke and say “kill me” whenever a situation is boring or for the people who joke about the fact that they’re dead inside. Plus, this quote works on a whole new level thanks to the pandemic brought forth during the worst March in recent history. In context, it was just Kanamori bluntly fighting against Akasuka’s imagination game, and we think everyone’s had a time where the group energy level was just way higher than your own.

5 We Knew All That Sleeping We Did Was Worthwhile!

Is that all it takes to be tall? And here we thought we had slept enough for two lifetimes! Guess not, seems like we’ll need to start working a 12-hour sleep cycle into our schedule, should be easy right? In any case, resident-sleeper Sayaka is of a similar mindset and personality type. She’s blunt, sarcastic, and always seems like she’s just a few minutes away from passing out.

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This quote, of course, comes from Akasuka and Mizusaki pointing out just how ridiculously long Kanamori’s legs are. And, almost as if she’s heard it pointed out a million times before (which she probably has) the Film Club manager instantly replies with this.

4 You Can’t Do Much Without A Budget

There’s not all too much you can do in this modern age for free anymore. Save for walking around outside or watching paint dry, everything has a cost. Want to play baseball with some friends? Better set aside costs for a bat, some balls, a few mits, and gas to drive to an open field. How about just a simple hike? Sure but didn’t your hiking gear, water bottle, and sunglasses all cost a pretty penny. Everything in life has some sort of cost to it, and that’s absolutely fine. Kanamori’s quote is all about accepting that fact!

3 Yeah, Yeah, What Do You Want?

Everyone has that family member or friend who starts every conversation off by complimenting someone. And, without fail, somewhere not too far off from the start of said conversation, that person asks for something. Unprompted compliments and praise are almost always a sign of someone wanting something. So when Kanamori says that she’s wary of anyone starting a conversation this way, we absolutely agree with her. Do you hear that Grandma?! Sure we look handsome but we can’t just drive you wherever you need to go!

2 Write “Was Sometimes Productive” On Our Tombstone Please

This next quote perfectly ties into the overall theme of Kanamori. Sure, throughout the series, this milk-chugging business tycoon might seem greedy and obsessed with money. And, well, she is. But, 90% of the time her greed is for the sake of someone else or the forward progress of a project. Just think back on her backstory! The girl came by a shop every single day to help them make money because she wanted their business to thrive. And the same can be said for the Eizouken.

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Think about it, with all the money the club made off Comet A and commissions, did you see Kanamori spending any of it frivolously? No, the majority of it went to upgrading the club facilities. Would a greedy person do that?

1 You Can Tell Long-Time Artists Wrote This Script

Oh man, this has to be the quote that resonated with us the most. And it’s also why this anime is a bit hard to recommend to just anyone. We’re also an artsy type, not of course anywhere near the level of these three girls, but we’ve dabbled in the field. And, one thing that became painfully clear to us as time went on, is that we tend to overwork stuff and move to new projects quite frequently. It’s a common trend with creatives, they’re just so full of ideas that they bounce around constantly! And Kanamori’s quote has to be something we said to ourselves maybe 200+ times in our lifetime, and we’re sure we and many other people will be saying it thousands of more times in the years to come.

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Kanamori was one of Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken's best characters, and these amazing quotes show you just why.

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