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Smile Down the Runway is a series about fashion design and modeling. Chizuyo, the main character, whose major goal in life is to become a model, despite the fact that she’s been told all her life that she’s too short to do so, sets off the career of Ikuto, a high school-aged aspiring designer, when she asks him to make her an outfit that she’ll look good in, even with her small stature.

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It should be expected that all of the characters wear amazing clothes all the time, and all of the big reveals in the series are about the outfits the characters have designed. Here are the 10 best outfits in Smile Down the Runway.

10 The Blue Dress

Part of the reason that Chizuyo is signed to the Mille Neige talent agency is because she finally stops trying to look the part of a taller model and wearing clothes that are more suited to a tall model. Ikuto makes her a dress that’s specific to her figure and the way she looks. So when she walks into the audition wearing this blue dress, she immediately catches the eye of everyone working there, changing her life and Ikuto’s forever.

9 The Transforming Dress

When Ikuto and Chizuyo are both tapped to work at a talent show, they both end up in pretty intense positions. One of the models is sick, so Chizuyo has to replace her, but the dresses are all meant for much taller people.

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Meanwhile, Ikuto is tasked with fixing the dress to her size after the dressmaker collapses from lack of sleep. The transforming dress he comes up with takes Chizuyo’s tiny frame into account, and when her heel breaks and she falls, the dress transforms into another dress altogether, with a more dramatic skirt.

8 Kokoro’s Overalls Dress

Everyone makes a big deal out of Kokoro’s great figure and the fact that she seems like she was born to be a model. This means pretty much everything she wears looks amazing, and this casual outfit is no exception. Kokoro’s combination of a maxi overall dress over a violet and white striped shirt with black and pink sneakers seems so chic, and she’s not even trying.

7 Kaoru’s Preliminaries Dress

In the preliminary competition for the fashion show, Kaoru makes a leather and lace design for Sara to wear. The dress is super elegant but also edgy, with the use of the black leather for the gloves and the bodice.

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It’s a really great, vintage look, like something out of an old Hollywood movie, with Kaoru’s unique touch going the distance to make it stand out.

6 Kokoro’s Sweater And Shorts

As mentioned above, Kokoro has a great figure, and she makes everything look great, even when she’s just trying to be comfortable and not try to draw attention to herself. In this outfit, she’s just wearing a simple baggy pink sweater over super short shorts and with sneakers. She looks both chic and like she didn’t even try.

5 Kaoru’s Kimono

Kaoru’s whole fashion show line is inspired by traditional Japanese women’s clothing, particularly kimonos. She puts her own twist on them, using heavy fabrics and lots of leather.

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But her final piece for the show is especially exciting; she uses a yukata style dress, though cut very short instead of being floor-length, over a spaghetti-strapped red top and with knee-high red boots. It’s a killer look that anyone would look awesome in.

4 Ikuto’s Mismatched Fabric

Ikuto’s fashion show line all has to do with styles and fashions that are popular in different countries around the world. His first outfit in the show is inspired by Britain and also by the way he used to make clothes out of mismatched fabric scraps that he had laying around, since money was tight. This outfit has such a fun silhouette, and the choice to use pants instead of a skirt, like most of the outfits in the show tend to, really makes it stand out.

3 Ikuto’s Japan Outfit

Smile Down the Runway, of course, takes place in Japan, so Ikuto’s around-the-world looks couldn’t happen without one representing his own country and the particular fashions that come about there.

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This outfit is awesome and totally unique, and it really does feel like something one might see on a person walking down the street in Tokyo. The mesh and lace sleeves with the rose designs matched with the motorcycle-style jacket are elegant and so cool and casual at the same time.

2 The Wind Dress

When Ikuto planned for Chizuyo to be his model in the fashion show, he wanted to do something around the idea of wind, since she’s got a spirit that’s so light and airy. After she became Kokoro’s model instead, Kokoro mostly moved away from that idea, except in the final dress. This lightweight, airy dress in a light green makes Chizuyo look super tall and also really drives home that she has the aura to be an amazing model.

1 Kokoro’s Red Dress

Kokoro’s red dress at the fashion show is so simple but so elegant. Compared to some of the flashier pieces that are seen on the runway, it’s possible that the looks the fashion designers themselves are wearing would fall flat. But the dress is very elegant and professional, and it has a great shape, accentuating Kokoro’s excellent figure while not drawing attention away from the clothes she designed for the show.

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Smile Down The Runway features tons of iconic looks that any fan would love to wear!

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