The 10 Greatest Green Lanterns Who Aren’t From Earth, Ranked

The DC Universe is a big place filled with big planets that have big problems. While the comics tend to focus on the troubles that happen on or in connection to Earth and the sector of space it lies in, there are actually 3599 other Space Sectors with their own heroes, villains, and planet shattering stories. For the 3600 Space Sectors, there is one organization that guards them, one group that polices the populations, the Green Lantern Corps.

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There are, at this moment in DC Comics, 7204 Green Lanterns, and just six of them are human. Those six you probably know well or, in the least, you know a few of them well. But what of the other Green Lanterns? You can’t be expected to know the names of all 7204 of them, can you? Here are the 10 greatest Green Lanterns who aren’t from Earth, ranked by their power levels.

10 G’nort

G’nort Esplanade G’neesmacher is unlike any other Green Lantern. While each Lantern is chosen because of their ability to overcome fear and their strong willpower, G’nort got his ring through old fashioned nepotism. His uncle, G’newmann G’noggs, is a famous Green Lantern who requested that his nephew be made a member.

While he is brave and loyal, G’nort is not smart; he can’t even read a map. To keep him from causing trouble, the Guardians set G’nort up in Space Sector 68, an area where there were no planets and no lifeforms. During the Millennium event, G’nort discovered an invisible planet in his Space Sector. That planet was the hidden location of the Manhunters. G’nort’s discovery gave Earth’s heroes the information they needed to defeat the Manhunters.

9 Salaak

Hailing from the planet Slyggia, Salaak has had his fair share of adventures. Salaak protected multiple Space Sectors during the Crisis on Infinite Earths and moved to Earth after the Crisis ended, taking some time off before heading to the 58th Century to fill in as Pol Manning for Hal Jordan. It was while there that Salaak fell in love and married.

After the destruction and recreation of the Green Lantern Corps, Saraak became the Keeper of the Book of Oa and argued against the Guardians decision to allow the Lanterns to use lethal force against the Sinestro Corps. Today, Salaak serves as a member of the Green Lantern Honor Guard.

8 Tomar-Re

A scientist from the planet Xudar, Tomar-Re became a Green Lantern and was assigned to Space Sector 2813, best known for being the sector that once included Krypton. Tomar-Re was the Green Lantern of Sector 2813 when Krypton exploded. Tomar-Re tried to save the planet by collecting Stellarium, a compound he believed would absorb the tectonic shocks that tore Krypton apart. but he did not make back to the doomed planet in time.

Tomar-Re died during Crisis on Infinite Earths, battling on the planet Qward in the Antimatter Universe in an attempt to stop the Anti-Monitor. Tomar-Re’s death created an opening in the Green Lantern Corps that allowed Hal Jordan to come out of retirement.

7 Rot Lop Fan

Space Sector 911 has no stars. It is an area of space where there is no light called the Obsidian Deeps. Like the other lifeforms that come from Sector 911, Rot Lop Fan has no eyes, and when he was selected to become a Green Lantern, he did not understand what that meant.

To teach Rot Lop Fan how to use his ring, fellow Green Lantern Katma Tui trained the rookie to use his power via sound. To Rot Lop Fan, he is not a member of the Green Lantern Corps. He is part of the F-Sharp Bell Corps and even has his own special oath.

6 Dkrtzy RRR

Unlike the other Green Lanterns, Dkrtzy RRR is not a living being, but a mathematical concept. When a mathematician named Timph Rye found the mathematical formula for willpower, Dkrtzy RRR came into being. Patrolling Space Sector 188, Dkrtzy RRR has never been seen by another Green Lantern, although Tomar-Re did claim that Dkrtzy RRR has been present at Lantern gatherings on Oa but only the Guardians could sense him.

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Dkrtzy RRR has a tendency to enter the minds of his opponents and erase them, basically giving his foes lobotomies. This is an action that the Guardians are opposed to, but not so much so that they are willing to fire Dkrtzy RRR from the Corps.

5 Mogo

Assigned to Space Sector 2261, Mogo is a sentient living planet that has complete control over its environment. Over the centuries, Mogo has been the home to a number of alien races, with many of them not being aware that the planet is purposely changing the weather to better suit them.

Mogo also prefers to appear to others in a holographic form, partly because if Mogo were to get to close to another planet, it would cause a gravitational incident that could kill everyone on that planet. Mogo is often used by fellow Green Lanterns for training or as a vacation destination.

4 Kilowog

A Bolovaxian geneticist from Bolovax Vik, Kilowog is one of the most loved Green Lanterns in all of comics. Along with patrolling Space Sector 674, Kilowog trains new Green Lanterns, who he calls “Poozers”. Bolovax Vik was destroyed during Crisis on Infinite Earths, but Kilowog was able to store the souls of billions of the planet’s inhabitants in his ring.

After Crisis, Kilowog moved to Earth and became the handyman for Justice League International while looking for a new homeworld for his people who were still stored in his ring. Shortly after finding a planet for his race and releasing them from the ring, Kilowog witnessed their deaths for a second time, this time at the hands of Sinestro.

3 Arisia Rrab

A Graxosian from the planet Graxos IV, Arisia Rrab became a Green Lantern after both her father and uncle were killed in the line of duty. Stationed in Space Sector 2815, Arisia was just a teenager when she joined the Corps and had a crush on Hal Jordan. The two became romantically involved, which is really pretty gross since Hal was well into his 30s by then.

After Crisis, Arisia moved to Earth along with Kilowog and Salaak to be closer to Hal, but their relationship fizzled out. In an attempt to anger Guy Gardner, noted Green Lantern villain Major Force attacked and killed Arisia. Arisia was resurrected and rejoined the Corps, becoming partners with Sodam Yat.

2 Sinestro

Coming from the planet Korugar, Thaal Sinestro was an anthropologist who specialized in reconstructing the ruins of long-dead civilizations. It was his strong belief in order that made Sinestro a perfect choice to be a Green Lantern, but it is also what led him down a dark path.

Under Sinestro’s watch, Space Sector 1417 became the most peaceful Sector in the universe. It wasn’t until Sinestro was tasked with training a new recruit from Earth named Hal Jordan that the Green Lantern Corp would learn how Sinestro kept his Sector so safe; he ruled it with an iron fist. Angered by Sinestro’s totalitarian methods, the Guardians banished the man who was once considered the greatest Green Lantern to the Antimatter Universe. It was there that Sinestro joined with the Weaponers of Qward, who created the yellow ring of fear that he uses to battle the Green Lanterns.

1 Sodam Yat

Prophesized to be the greatest Green Lantern of all, Sodam Yat is a Daxamite, which means that he has all the powers of Superman, but instead of being weakened by Kryptonite, Daxamites are susceptible to lead, which is far more abundant in the universe. Shielded from the effects of lead by his Power Ring, Sodam Yat is virtually unstoppable.

Shortly after becoming a Green Lantern, Sodam Yat is selected to become the host for the Ion entity, the force that powers the Green Lanterns. As a Green Lantern with the powers of Superman, Sodam Yat has gone toe to toe with both Superboy-Prime and the Cyborg Superman, showing that he is more than capable of handling himself.

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The Green Lantern Corps is made up of many galactic races, but their non-human members don't get the respect they deserve

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