The 10 Most Gruesome Deaths In Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War brought the end of the current iteration of the DC Animated Movie Universe. The 16 connected movies in the last seven years saw both PG-13 to R ratings, with this final film taking full advantage of the latter. Heroes and villains were brutally defeated in this epic war with Darkseid. There were countless deaths in this 90-minute masterpiece, all ranging from gruesome to cringe-worthy. If you’re someone who has wanted to see superhero fights that resemble the fatalities in Mortal Kombat, you are in for a treat.

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If you can stomach the guts and gore, check out the 10 most gruesome deaths in Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.

10 Aquaman

In an attempt to defeat Darkseid before he conquers Earth, the Justice League head to Apokolips. Sadly, they were taken down by Darkseid and his army of Para-dooms (Parademeon and Doomsday hybrid). Aquaman, the King of Atlantis, is sliced in half by Darkseid’s Omega Beams spilling his blood and guts across the screen.

9 Black Manta

While breaking into LexCorp, the living heroes and villains work together making their way past armies of guards. While the heroes teleport to Apokolips, the villains along with Lois Lane are left behind to guard the portal. Darkseid sends his army of Para-Dooms after them. Black Manta, like his archnemesis, Aquaman, is ripped in two, revealing his blood and guts.

8 Teen Titans

After Raven and Damian reunite, there is a flashback showing the fate of the Teen Titans after Darkseid attacks. The young heroes are massacred, Kid Flash lays dead beside a stabbed Bumblebee and ripped apart Starfire.

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Blue Beetle is being crushed by a Para-Doom and the camera turns to reveal a dead Speedy and Beast Boy.

7 Nightwing

While Damian Wayne (Robin) is on his knees in pain, Nightwing is stabbed by a Para-Doom and bleeds out as he is lifted above the monster’s head. Damian reveals that he used the Lazarus Pit to revive the original Robin but sadly he didn’t come back as his full self. Instead, Damian keeps his friend and brother locked up in a cell wearing a straight jacket to protect himself.

6 Lady Shiva

Lady Shiva is a martial arts grandmaster and one of the more skilled fighters in the DC Universe. Like in the comics, Lady Shiva is a member of the League of Assassins and fights alongside Damian and the other heroes when they infiltrate LexCorp. Tragically, this master assassin is brought down by a bullet through the head from a LexCorp security guard.

5 Zatanna

Justice League Dark members, Zatanna and Constantine fought alongside the other heroes in the first attempt to kill Darkseid.

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As the team was taken over by the Para-Dooms, Zatanna found herself surrounded and was eaten alive while her lover, Constantine, fled back to Earth.

4 Etrigan The Demon

Another amazing member of Justice League Dark is Etrigan the Demon. He hails from Hell and speaks in rhyme. Though due to his depression in the movie he no longer recites his poems. Later in the film he faces-off against Wonder Woman. The Amazon is a formidable foe and stabs the demon through the chest before kicking him off into a sea of fire. With his fighting urge quelled, Etrigan falls to his death with his final words saying, “So it ends, my race is RUN. I regret nothing, it was FUN.”

3 Superboy

Superboy alongside Shazam and Steel are seen taking down Darkseid’s tower near The Great Wall of China. The three are attacked by an army of Para-Dooms who overtake the heroes one by one. Shazam is mobbed by the monsters and brought down in the distance followed by a flash of lightning. Meanwhile, Superboy is caught and choked to death as his eyes bulge out of his head.

2 Damian Wayne

After an intense fight between father and son, Damian Wayne is finally able to release Batman from Darkseid’s control. While Damian lies beaten on the floor, Darkseid sends his Omega Beams for The Dark Knight.

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In the noblest scene of the movie, Damian jumps in front of the beams, saving his father. Damian is burned alive and slowly dies in Bruce’s arms. Thankfully, Raven, in an act of love, is able to revive Damian with her immense power.

1 Green Lanterns

While the surviving members of the Justice League sneak onto Apokolips, Darkseid is away conquering Oa, the home planet to the Green Lanterns. While many lanterns lie dead, John Stewart of Earth is shown crawling his way to the lantern battery. Three Lanterns come out of nowhere to attack Darkseid but he quickly uses his Omega Beams to destroy Galius Zed, Chaselon, and decapitate Arkkis Chummuck. Darkseid proceeds to snap the neck of Kilowog before exiting the planet. While John Stewart is reciting the Green Lantern oath, Darkseid sends a wave of lava through a portal to cover the planet. The last surviving lantern is burnt to death, as his charred skeleton is blown away.

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The Apokolips War in Marvel's Justice League dark was beyond brutal. Here's a look at the 10 most gruesome deaths in the war!

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