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One Piece may be about the race to become Pirate King, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few strong ladies riding on the seas. While its female character designs have left a lot to be admired, the level of agency for its girls haven’t. One Piece is host to some of the strongest and most influential female characters in the anime world.

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Some of them rank among some of the strongest of Marines. Others are leading entire tirades with their own pirate crews. This list will be ranking some of the baddest ladies in the Seven Seas, as it looks at One Piece‘s toughest female characters.

10 Carrot

Carrot is a recent addition to the One Piece‘s already wonderful lineup of powerful ladies, but she has made a clear impression across her short run. She already has quite the nose for adventure, as her Mink origins and spry personality have made her easily one of the most active personalities on the Thousand Sunny.

Her base form has made her one of the crew’s strongest fighters; but in her Sulong form, she reaches an entirely new level of awesome and terrifying. Capable of taking on fleets of Big Mom’s crew, Carrot easily lands a spot on this list.

9 Nami

Nami may be part of the Cowardly Trio, but that doesn’t mean that her enemies should underestimate her. Her time as a Cat Burglar and member of the Arlong Pirates have given her plenty of evasive abilities and combat experience to have a place in any battlefield. With the addition of her constantly evolving Clima-Tact, Nami gets to add Weather Goddess among her already climbing resume.

She’s capable of making mirage clones, summon tornadoes, and summon powerful thunderstorms. Adding Big Mom’s own Zeus to her power set, Nami shows exactly why the rest of the Straw Hats are scared of her.

8 Nico Robin

When Nico Robin first debuted in the series, she easily came off as this classic femme fatale. She was one of Baroque Works’ top agents and Sir Crocodile’s second-in-command. Robin was personally in charge of taking out the Straw Hats when they first made contact with Princess Vivi and would later personally take on Crocodile in Alabasta.

After joining the Straw Hats, she would continue to show her fangs, as she’d take out one of Enel’s top priests, take out squads of Marine and pirate forces, and even protect Rebecca from some of Diamante’s toughest hits on Dressrosa. Capable of summoning clones, giant versions of her self, and just neck-breaking arms from anywhere, Nico Robin is one of the deadliest characters in anime.

7 Jewelry Bonney

Jewelry Bonney easily lands on this list as one of the members of the Worst Generation. This is a band of some of the most active members of the new generation of pirates. Bonney herself has personally gone on to challenge the likes of Blackbeard and even the inner workings of Mariejois.

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She also has a Devil Fruit ability that lets her control the ages of anyone that she can touch, even herself. While not much is known about her infamy, she’s shown plenty of spunk to keep people from underestimating her.

6 Vinsmoke Reiju

Vinsmoke Reiju is a new entry to the One Piece world that the fans are just dying to see more of. She’s part of the infamous and elusive Visnmoke Family that’s threatened the World Government for years. She’s one of Vinsmoke Judge’s favorite children and one of his successful projects to make his own children into super-soldiers.

On top of her inherent gifts, Reiju also has access to one of the Germa’s infamous Raid Suits. Each of them already grant the user incredible strength, such as enough leg power to naturally do Moon Walk. However, Reiju’s own uniform adds a special ability that lets her suck out and disperse powerful poisons on a whim.

5 Catarina Devon

Catarina Devon is one of the leading members of the Blackbeard Pirates and one of the prisoners of Impel Down that the World Government was trying to erase from history. She’s known as the “Crescent Moon Hunter,” and show’s the malice worthy of such a name on her face.

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The story also recently revealed that she has the Devil Fruit power of a nine-tailed fox, which already lets her copy other people’s forms if not more. With enough combat strength to survive Blackbeard’s dastardly recruiting process, Catarina Devon is gonna be a fearful opponent within the series’ near future.

4 Vice Admiral Tsuru

Tsuru is one of the oldest, most experienced soldiers among the Marines. She’s recognized as the “Great Staff Officer” and is a direct colleague to Monkey D. Garp and former Fleet Admiral Sengoku. Marine training and status alone already make her a pretty tough cookie, but she also has the power of the Wash Wash Fruit.

With it, she can instantly wash people of their sins and contort their bodies like dish towels. Given that she has a power that’s much more terrifying than it sounds and some profound battle history, Vice Admiral Tsuru shouldn’t be underestimated by the new generation of pirates.

3 Charlotte Smoothie

It’s a shame that Whole Cake Island only lasted as long as it did, considering that Eiichiro Oda just dangled Charlotte Smoothie in front of everyone without actually letting her do anything. Smoothie is presumably Big Mom’s strongest daughter and one of her Sweet Commanders, racking up a bounty of 932 million beli.

As a member of the long arm tribe, she comes with some inherent combat strength on her side plus a bit of Big Mom’s monstrous energy. Her Devil Fruit ability also lets her contort and literally ring out her enemies of their essence as if they were oranges or dish towels. She’s someone whose demeanor easily commands respect and deserves a good fight scene within the future.

2 Boa Hancock

As Boa Hancock stated after the Reverie, the Seven Warlords were chosen because they are strong. Hancock herself is no different and has displayed across the series a chilling dominance, clear leadership skills, and some of the most consistent combat ability in the series. She’s challenged both powerful pirate and Marine alike and shows no fear against any opponent.

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Much of this has to do with her overpowered Devil Fruit which lets her turn anyone that’s attracted to her, man or woman, into stone. As the actual leader of the island of strong women, Boa Hancock gets to rank pretty high on this list.

1 Big Mom

No other woman in the One Piece world can take up the top mantle of this list like “Big Mom” Charlotte Linlin. She was literally born with otherworldly strength, such that her own parents had to abandon her on the island of giants. Even there, she managed to strike fear into and overpower some of the community’s strongest residents. She would go on to gain the abilities of the Soul Soul Fruit (the exact origins of which were too terrifying to classify within the manga) and cultivate a pirate career from a very young age.

She’d go on to be one of the infamous members of the Rocks Pirates and, much later, one of the Four Emperors who leads entire nations with an sugar coated fist. With strength that can tank Luffy’s Gear Fourth and power that lets her control the oceans and fire itself, Big Mom is not only one of the series’ strongest female characters but one of the strongest characters in its entirety.

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The anime One Piece has some amazingly strong women characters, and these are the strongest of them all.

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