The 10 Worst Injuries That Daredevil Should've Never Survived

It comes as no surprise that Daredevil would be susceptible to some grave injuries, as his namesake would ultimately suggest, but Daredevil is one of the toughest heroes in all of Marvel.  Matt Murdock lives his life as a blind man, with an incomparable ability to use echolocation to defeat many enemies, but that also comes with some problems.

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Daredevil is still blind, so naturally, he would still find it hard to avoid getting hit from time to time. And as all the evidence in comics and film show, Daredevil has been beaten to a pulp on many occasions. These are the 10 worst injuries Daredevil should have never recovered from.

10 Radioactive Material In His Face

It stands to reason that Matt Murdock should have never survived his initial creation as Daredevil. Although he did the honorable thing in saving a senior citizen from certain death, he was then splashed in the face with radioactive material. Any kind of toxin that enters the body is sure to kill any person. Especially, that of a younger child. Matt Murdock was doused with radiation, which only led to him being blinded, thus creating Daredevil. But if his creation would be going off real-life rules, poor Matt would have succumbed to his injury.

9 Hulk Smashed

Anyone who comes toe to toe with The Hulk better hope they are a demigod of sorts (Loki), otherwise they will find themselves being smashed into oblivion. Daredevil was one such person. In Daredevil #163, Matt Murdock was that one such person.

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The Hulk goes on a rampage through the city, so naturally, Daredevil had to step in to quell the non-jolly giant. There is only one problem, Daredevil is not immortal by any stretch. The Hulk does what he does best, smashes Daredevil into the payment. A feat that should have ended Daredevil’s life, as it would have for any regular person.

8 Sniped By Paladin

After an incredibly lengthy battle with Daredevil’s arch-nemesis, Bullseye, it seemed like all would be simply fine. That was until the hero of Hell’s Kitchen took a bullet from long range through the chest. Paladin offered to take out The Red Devil in exchange for clearing his name through the FBI. The FBI ordered the hit, and Paladin delivered, the only problem is Daredevil would still survive this hit. Murdock is one tough customer, especially if a bullet through the chest can still not kill him.

7 Impaled

In Marvel: Zombies, Daredevil met his “alive” end at the hands of a zombified Spiderman. If that was not already bad enough to be turned into a zombie by Spiderman, Daredevil found himself in a battle between one of the biggest metal wielding supervillains in all of comics, Magneto. When the zombie superheroes ran amuck, Magneto held them off in any way that he could, and that was in the form of an I-beam straight through the chest of Daredevil. This leads to the age-old advice in dealing with zombies, always aim for the head.

6 Electrocuted And Smashed

In the earliest iterations of Daredevil, he had the displeasure of attempting to stop a rampaging Namor. Namor tore through the streets, and Daredevil was called on to stop this would-be destroyer. They battled on the ground and in the water, but Namor withstood everything, as he is not exactly a human.

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Daredevil was smashed over the head with a lamppost, which should have killed him immediately, it did not. And as a last-ditch effort to stop Namor, Daredevil attempted to shock Namor, but in turn electrocuted himself. All of this damage would have put anyone away for good.

5 Beaten Senseless

In Daredevil vol 3 issue #25, Daredevil finds himself fighting a very formidable foe. Ikari, aka Fury, shows up dressed in duds that resemble the first costume of Daredevil. The issue contains a battle of epic proportions, as Daredevil is choked, thrown through windows, slashed with Ikari’s weapon, and beaten to a bloody pull with a bat. Daredevil is left a bloody heap in the streets but survives. This kind of savage beating would have ended the life of anyone halfway through it.

4 Beaten And Dropped Off A Bridge

After an issue long beating of Daredevil, there would be no way he survived such a harrowing attack, but he does. Daredevil battles Bullet, Bushwacker, Ammo, and The Wild Boys. All these brutes put an absolute beating on Daredevil. The issue contains fight after fight, until Murdock is left broken, bloodied, and bruised. Then Typhoid Mary comes into the picture. The rampant beatings that should have done away with Dareveil, then what Mary does, should have. Typhoid Mary drops Daredevil from a bridge, and yet, he lives.

3 Hallway Fight (Daredevil Series)

When Daredevil finally hit Netflix, it became a smash hit. Matt Murdock beat his way back into our hearts using the brutality that paved the way for his former and current comic self. Matt Murdock dons his original ninja-like costume, pulled directly from the comics, and seemingly beats a warehouse of men to a pulp.

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Although Daredevil dishes out most of the beatings, he still suffers immense damage at the hands of these kidnapping thugs. After what seems like an eternity of fighting, Daredevil comes out victorious, though he should not have.

2 Choked To “Death”

Nighthawk finds himself in a pretty awful place at the start of his first solo series. After envisioning an angel, which turns out to be Mephisto, Nighthawk and Daredevil battle it out with one another. Nighthawk goes through some crazy hallucinations before finally choking the life out of Daredevil. Mephisto transports them both to Hell, where Nighthawk retcons his blunder of killing Daredevil, by bringing his soul back to Earth. Although Daredevil technically died, he still survives.

1 Billy Club To The Brain

Daredevil has battled Bullseye for the better part of 45 years. They have long since gone at each other with all their beings. Seeing as Daredevil is The Man With No Fear, he would find himself going at Bullseye with complete and utter hatred, with little regard to his own safety. Bullseye has done a number on Daredevil, even killing Karen Page. There is one such instance when Bullseye finally “kills” Daredevil. After a bloody battle by both parties, Bullseye jams Daredevil’s billy club directly through his head. Yes, Daredevil technically did not survive, but as it is shown, you cannot keep Daredevil down for long.

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Daredevil is a strong character, but there are quite a few moments that should have ended him permanently.

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