The 5 Most Ruthless Things Iron Man Has Done (& 5 Tony Stark Has)

Tony Stark was forced into extreme measures when he had no other choice but to make his alter-ego, Iron Man. Whether the suit brings out the worst in him or not, Tony Stark has always been known for his sky-high confidence level and arrogant attitude. Even when he’s not suited up, Tony Stark still finds ways to be a social savage.

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Needless to say, when Tony Stark is Iron Man, his personality traits are enhanced through the roof. Whether it’s for the good of the mission or simply because of his ego, Tony Stark/Iron Man have done some pretty ruthless things — some of which have proven to be detrimental to overall missions, while others were annoyingly essential.

10 Iron Man: Blowing A Hole In Ebony Maw’s Space Ship

Within Avengers: Infinity War, in order to save Doctor Strange from Ebony Maw’s imprisonment, Iron Man blows a hole in the side of Ebony’s space craft. This puts himself, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange in danger. It ended up killing the villain but not without Spider-Man’s heroic act of saving Doctor Strange from being shot into space.

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Iron Man’s stunt almost killed the teenage boy and the magician, which shows that he is quick to jump to decisions without putting much thought into it.

9 Tony Stark: Snapping The Infinity Gauntlet

Although most of the ruthless things Tony Stark does usually winds up being negative, him killing Thanos is a selfless heroic act that needs to be commended. He takes his own life within Avengers: Endgame to save the universe. This was unforeseen for his character, and even Thanos did not see it coming.

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But this act makes Tony a savage because in the end, like everything else, he made saving the world all about himself.

8 Iron Man: Everything In Demon In A Bottle Comic

Demon In A Bottle is a comic that portrays Iron Man’s drinking habit to be hugely chaotic and detrimental to his existence. His alcoholism is shown to be a major issue with the Avengers.

Along with this, he uncontrollably killed a foreign ambassador in public, which caused major uproar. The act made Iron Man a danger and posed to be a threat to every government in the world.

7 Tony Stark: Made And Sold Weapons Of Mass Destruction

There would be no Iron Man without this major mistake. His inventions prompted his entire existence and the entire Iron Man series because they got too out of hand and powerful. Terrorists have gotten their hands on several of Stark Industries’ weapons, which posed a major global war issue.

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Overall, by inventing such powerful weapons, Tony put the entire world in danger without having a clear answer of how to stop his company’s production and distribution.

6 Iron Man: Attacked His Own Allies

We all know that Iron Man has a problem fighting alongside allies. However, he goes as far as attacking them — multiple times. He clashes with friends and foes alike and tends to uproot major issues that cause problems, such as inciting Civil Wars with other superheroes.

5 Tony Stark: Revealed He Was Iron Man On Live TV

Tony Stark sometimes lets his arrogance get in the way and he doesn’t think through his actions. In Iron Man, Tony Stark revealed to the public, on live TV, that he is Iron Man. Not only does this put all his close ones at risk, but it also puts the entire USA in a very tough position: whether to let Tony Stark remain as Iron Man or to try to stop him.

This is a major question for all the citizens of the United States because by claiming he’s Iron Man, terrorists and villains alike will put the entire country at danger in attempts to take him out.

4 Iron Man: Shot Hulk Into Space

This is a pretty commonly talked-about issue in the Marvel world. Without the Hulk, the entire world is at risk for domination by all villains. Also, this is simply just betraying the Avengers in general. Hulk is needed on Earth to save it from unrelenting forces.

Overall, it’s ruthless and selfish to even consider betraying a friend, but to send them to another planet altogether is just outright wrong.

3 Tony Stark: Flew Around While Drunk

Iron Man needs to be clear-headed and careful with the actions he takes while suited up. Tony Stark has been known to have a major drinking problem, which is a major character flaw. However, it becomes a really big problem when he can’t control himself and becomes Iron Man while he’s drunk.

This is ignorant, dimwitted, and reckless, and raises several questions such as “Does he really deserve the power of the suit?” and “Can he handle it?” The answer time and time again would have to be no, but his intelligence makes him nearly impossible to stop.

2 Iron Man: Has Killed Innocent Civilians

Iron Man is not only known to be reckless in his fighting style, but he doesn’t think twice about where he takes a fight. For all his brilliance, he tends to get power-hungry and goes to ultimate lengths to stop his enemies.

This wouldn’t be a problem for heroes such as Captain America or Black Widow, who fight mainly hand-to-hand, but Iron Man uses highly advanced weapons that cause huge explosions which could kill a massive amount of civilians.

1 Tony Stark: Created Several Super Villains

Within Iron ManAvengers: Age of Ultron, and several comics, Tony Stark is too smart for his own good. He unknowingly creates several super-villains that cause mass destruction with his highly advanced technology, and he always struggles to find out how to stop them, even though they’re his own creations.

Tony is a constant creator and is always trying to prove a point. This attitude makes him dangerous to not only those around him, but also himself because he doesn’t know (much of the time) what he’s creating and how to stop it.

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Both Iron Man and Tony Stark are rebellious daredevils. The Marvel character has sure done some ruthless things as both billionaire and superhero.

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