The Batman (2021): 6 Characters That Have Been Confirmed To Appear (& 4 That Might Appear)

With Dawn of the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves at the helm and The Lighthouse star Robert Pattinson starring in the lead role as Batman, the upcoming 2021 film is shaping up to be an exciting return to Gotham City for fans worldwide. The release date of the movie is more than a year away, if it is not delayed even more like many other films, but many vague details have already surfaced about it.

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The majority of the cast has already been confirmed by the director, who regularly provides updates about the movie on Twitter. What’s not known, however, is who exactly these actors will be portraying. Some roles have been announced while others are still shrouded in mystery. Here are six characters that have been confirmed to be appearing in The Batman and four that could possibly appear.

10 CONFIRMED: Batman/Bruce Wayne

The most obvious of all, billionaire playboy by day and the Caped Crusader by night Bruce Wayne is set to appear in the film. It has already been said by the director that his take on Batman will not be another origin story but it will take place during the beginning years of Bruce Wayne’s crusading days as Batman, similar to Batman Begins.

Director Matt Reeves has also said the film will focus more on the Film Noir and detective elements of the character; an aspect that has been mostly skipped in recent films. After all, he is also known as The World’s Greatest Detective – time to show off those skills!

9 CONFIRMED: Alfred Pennyworth

It wouldn’t be a Batman film at all without Bruce Wayne’s father-like figure and trusty butler Alfred Pennyworth. Black Panther actor Andy Serkis has been brought into the project to fill in the role. This will also mark the youngest portrayal of Alfred on the big screen which, once again, hints towards the fact that the film is set during the early days of Bruce Wayne’s reign as Batman.

The actor is best known for his voice acting roles behind many iconic characters in popular movies such as Caesar in the recent Planet of the Apes Trilogy and, most famously, Gollum in The Lord of the Rings series.

8 RUMORED: Firefly/Garfield Lynns

Firefly is one of the more unpopular members of Batman’s Rogue’s Gallery, rather unknown to the general public compared to the likes of Bane. For the most part, Firefly aka Garfield Lynns is a pyromaniac pyrotechnician who falls victim to poverty like many of Gotham’s residents do and ultimately turns to crime.

A Christmas Carol star Elliot Warren has joined the cast of the movie. Since his role hasn’t been confirmed just yet, many are guessing that he will be portraying the arsonist Firefly, possibly acting as a henchman for a bigger villain.

7 CONFIRMED: Catwoman/Selina Kyle

Batman’s feline natured sometimes love interest sometimes nemesis Selina Kyle, better known as her villainous alter-ego Catwoman, has also been confirmed to appear in the film. Playing her will be actress Zoë Kravitz, who is most notably known for her role as Leta Lestrange in the Fantastic Beasts films and for voicing Selina Kyle in The LEGO Batman Movie.

Catwoman was last seen on the big screens during Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, where she was played by Academy Award winner Anne Hathaway beside Christian Bale’s Batman. It is within reason to assume that this new Catwoman will also eventually grow up to be Batman’s love interest and possibly in future films as well.

6 RUMORED: Two-Face/Harvey Dent

When it comes to big-screen appearances, Two-Face has been featured in numerous films almost as much as the Joker. The unfortunate story of the honorable district attorney Harvey Dent who turns insane after being scarred on the left side of his face from an acid attack and dons the villainous persona of Two-Face is one that has been told many times before.

If Harvey Dent does turn out to be one of the rumored villains appearing in The Batman, the actor’s performance will be going up against the outstanding acting of Aaron Eckhart, which he delivered as Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight. And even if the actor falls short, they’ll surely be better off than Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Forever.

5 CONFIRMED: Commissioner James Gordon

Another key component of every Batman story ever told is Commissioner Gordon, one of the Caped Crusader’s oldest and most trustworthy friends, and his liaison with the Gotham PD. Playing Gordon will be Westworld actor Jeffrey Wright.

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Seeing how many villains have been confirmed to appear in the film, Batman will surely need the Commissioner by his side to assist him on his crusade for justice. As the film will take place during Batman’s early years as the Dark Knight, it is possible one of the key plotlines of the movie will feature the budding friendship between Gordon and Batman, and as they learn to trust each other after a bit of hesitation.

4 RUMORED: Robin/Richard Grayson

Batman’s merry sidekick has been absent in both re-incarnations of Batman in the last twenty-five years, last appearing in Batman Forever where he was played by actor Chris O’Donnell.

Seeing how the film is set in the early years of Batman’s career, it’s actually possible that Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne may come across a young Dick Grayson and take him in, training him up to be his companion. Dick Grayson is one of Bruce Wayne’s closest associates, on par with Alfred as family, it would only be fair for him to finally appear in a proper DCU film.

3 CONFIRMED: The Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot

Fantastic Beasts and True Detective actor Colin Farrell has been confirmed to be playing the role of the criminal mastermind villain Penguin. One of Batman’s longest-standing rivals since his first appearance in Detective Comics #58, Oswald Cobblepot is iconically known for his minuscule, obese physique and signature umbrella carrying habit.

The character was last seen on the big screens on Tim Burton’s Batman Returnswhere he was portrayed by none other than Danny DeVito. But unlike his predecessor, Collin Farrell lacks the ideal build to portray The Penguin, so it remains to be seen how exactly he fits into the role. Is he Cobblepot before a traumatic transformation, or is this an entirely new take on The Penguin? Only time will tell.

2 RUMORED: The Joker

It has been confirmed for a long time now that a total of six Batman villains will make their appearance in the film. Three of them have been named, and it is possible that director Matt Reeves might attempt to include Batman’s greatest foe in the film as well.

Taking into account the ginormous success of 2019’s Joker film, the people behind the making of the movie might feel compelled to include Batman’s most insane villain in the film for the sake of fan-service. However, the chances of Joaquin Phoenix’s version of the Joker making an appearance in the film is highly unlikely, as the two films are chronologically years apart. The Joker may appear, but it may not be the one audiences may be thinking of.

1 CONFIRMED: The Riddler/ Edward Nigma (Nash)

Prisoners and Swiss Army Man actor Paul Dano is set to play the role of puzzle-loving Batman villain Edward Nigma, better known by his villainous allies The Riddler. Since his introduction in Detective Comics #140, The Riddler has many times been overshadowed by other members of Batman’s celebrated rogue’s gallery due to his comical customs revolving around puzzles and riddles.

Howver, the villain more than proved his worth during the “Batman: Zero Year” storyline, where he was the main antagonist. It remains to be seen how potent a role he will have in the upcoming film.

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The Batman is still a year away from hitting cinemas, but its roster of characters hasn't been fully revealed yet. Who's playing who?

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