The Batman’s Grave: Rafael Grampá Unleashes Badass Variant

The ongoing 12-issue series, The Batman’s Grave, sees the Dark Knight attempt to unravel a mystery only the World’s Greatest Detective could solve.

Artist Rafael Grampá recently revealed his variant cover for the upcoming The Batman’s Grave #8, featuring Batman ready for battle with a fistful of batarangs in both hands. It should be noted that while the accompanying caption listed the issue with a release date of June 7, Grampá later corrected himself, clarifying that The Batman’s Grave #8 will be out on July 7 instead.

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Before that issue is released, readers can look forward to The Batman’s Grave #7, in which Batman must stop a maniacal criminal, solve the case of a murder that took place within an impregnable home and prevent members of  the justice system from being assassinated by a secret army. The issue is scheduled to be released on June 9.

The last issue in the series saw Batman fighting to save Commissioner Gordon’s life from the inmates of Arkham Asylum and the secret army, who is waging war on the entire justice system and everyone involved in it.

Written by Warren Ellis with artwork by Bryan Hitch, the entire 12-issue The Batman’s Grave series will be available as a hardback cover collection, scheduled for release in November.

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Artist Rafael Grampá unveils a new variant cover for the upcoming issue of The Batman's Grave.

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