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Over the course of four years, writer Josh Williamson has crafted the adventures of Barry Allen in The FlashNew villains and new concepts have made their way into the Flash mythos and even influenced the ongoing TV show. But as the saying goes, to all good things must come an end.

Williamson’s tenure on The Flash will end with the “Finish Line” story, which will see the Reverse-Flash strike at Barry where it hurts the most – his family. In an exclusive interview with CBR, Williamson discussed why “Finish Line” was the perfect endpoint for his run.

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Williamson said that he had been building to “Finish Line” ever since the beginning of his run. “When you look at something like The Flash: Rebirth #1, the first issue of the run [from] way back in June 2016, I was already seeding things there,” he explained. “Like, this is the first big story, but this first big story is really just the start of a huge story that I want to tell, and this is the huge tapestry piece of it. So, I always knew that this is what I wanted to end on which is why I was like, ‘Oh, this is time.'”

There were several discussions about the direction of The Flash with DC editorial, said Williamson, but ultimately he decided that he had reached a natural end to the story he wanted to tell. “Look, when you look at this story I’m doing with ‘Finish Line’ and how big it gets, that’s the end of the story I’ve been essentially telling over a hundred issues.”

Based on these comments, Williamson definitely plans to end his tenure on The Flash in style.

“Finish Line” will run from issue #759 to #762 of The Flash.

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The Flash writer Josh Williamson talks about why the time was right for him to leave the title after four groundbreaking years.

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