The Flash's Season 6 Finale Finally United Team Flash With Sue

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for “Success Is Assured,” the Season 6 finale The Flash, which aired Tuesday on The CW.

Season 6 of The Flash finally brought the future Sue Dibny to the Arrowverse. Although the character was teased by name only for a while, Sue Dearbon joined the series in a guest capacity as part of a story that saw her interact only with Ralph Dibny. Immediately, it was clear that Sue wasn’t like her comic book counterpart because while she still has a strong bond and fun dynamic with Ralph, the Arrowverse’s version of the character is also a highly skilled cat burglar and more-than-capable fighter. She’s far from a superhero, but she still has a skill set that could see her join Team Flash eventually.

And yet, throughout her Season 6 appearances, Sue was only out to serve herself, as she schemed to free her parents from Joseph Carver and his Black Hole organization’s grasp. But that all changed in the Season 6 finale when, finally, Sue joins up and fights side-by-side with Team Flash.

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In “Success Is Assured,” Eva McCulloch, the new Mirror Master, was finally freed from her prison in the Mirrorverse and she sought out to exact her revenge on her husband, Joseph Carver. In order to do that, she starts by turning his own Black Hole agents against him. Now, Carver’s primary enforcers — Sunshine, Doctor Light and Ultraviolet — join Eva’s side and are dispatched to kill him. With nowhere else to turn, Carver now seeks help from his enemies in Team Flash.

Since Barry is a good man, he accepts to help protect Carver. The headquarters of McCulloch Technologies is chosen as the perfect place to protect Carver since his panic room and special shielding are the only things that can protect him from his wife’s special abilities. With all of Team Flash serving as extra muscle, a massive fight breaks out as Sunshine, Doctor Light and Ultraviolet all show up to kill Carver.

Barry barely has any super-speed left, so it’s up to Ralph, Allegra and Nash Wells to fight the three metahumans. But thankfully, they get a helping hand from Sue, who joins the fight alongside Team Flash. Sue’s turn comes as surprise because, earlier in the episode, Ralph spotted her in the building, where he deduced that she had infiltrated Black Hole and McCulloch Technologies to take out Carver herself. Although Ralph attempts to stop her from doing something she would regret, she still opts to proceed as planned.

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However, it turns out Ralph was able to get through to her after all. Instead of going after Carver, Sue fights alongside Ralph, Nash and Allegra, and her skills make her a very helpful addition to the team. While she spent most of her time on The Flash opposite only Ralph, Sue has now met and formed a bond with most of the team.

Of course, Sue isn’t out of the woods just yet. While she isn’t an official member of Team Flash, she may need their help for the foreseeable future because Eva McCulloch has framed her for the murder of Joseph Carver. With Sue now wanted by the authorities, Ralph, Barry and the rest of the team might be her only chance to clear her name as the series heads into Season 7.

Airing Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, The Flash stars Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Tom Cavanagh, Jesse L. Martin, Danielle Nicolet and Hartley Sawyer.

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The Season 6 finale of The Flash brought the team in a direct confrontation with Black Hole — but help arrived in the form of a new friend.

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