The Flash: 10 Most Pathetic Villains In His Rogues' Gallery, Ranked

The Flash is right up there with Batman and Spider-Man for the greatest Rogues gallery in all of comics. With the literal Rogues such as Captain Cold or Weather Wizard, or evil speedsters like Professor Zoom or Inertia, the Scarlet Speedster has consistently been plagued by some great villains since his introduction in the 1940s.

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However, not all of them can be winners, and there are a good handful of “villains” that we are not sure how they ever got past the publishers. Whether it’s for their names, their gimmicks, or their futile attempts at defeating The Flash, these villains will never earn much of a spot in The Flash Museum.

10 Steve Palmer

If you look at any list on the internet of random Flash villains that could make an appearance on The Flash TV show, chances are you’ll come across Steve Palmer. Honestly, for reasons unknown. This guy was just a random actor who was going to play Barry in a biopic and eventually kidnapped The Flash.

He wanted to live as The Flash and enjoy the fame that Barry gets, apparently not realizing that the second people realize he doesn’t have any powers, he’ll be revealed as a fraud. It’s a throwaway story in an old issue of The Flash, so he’s actually made more appearances in online lists than in actual comics.

9 Ragdoll

There were actually three people who took on the Rag Doll name throughout DC’s history because apparently bad guys just can’t come up with their own names even when the predecessor is a nobody. The original Rag Doll’s claim to fame was as a “triple-jointed” carnival freak who chose his name based on the fact that no one would accuse an innocent toy of robbing a bank.

Jay Garrick caught him after your typical evil villain ploy and literally tied him into knots. The show tried transforming the character into a creepy, boogeyman that could be hired to attack Team Flash, but that’s not enough to give the character a following

8 Turtle Man

A history lesson on this one. The Turtle was introduced as a Jay Garrick villain back in the 40s. The Turtle MAN, who is also known as the Turtle, is the villain most fans associate as Barry Allen’s first villain. Turtle Man was a villain inspired by the original Turtle to create technology to slow down time and rob banks.

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He teamed up with the original Turtle during Wally’s run, and the original created an evil underworld empire. When they were defeated, Turtle Man took the credit because he wanted to earn some respect. To make matters even more confusing, in the recent Flash Year One arc, the ORIGINAL Turtle is the first villain Barry faced, and is tied to the Still Force, making him much more powerful. So there’s two Turtles, the first one cooler than the second.

7 Sand Blaster

This guy here is barely relevant. After the Rogues disappeared, Sand Blaster was one of the many generic villains who attempted to fill the void in Central City’s criminal underground. Fighting alongside Bone Dry, a villain who can drain moisture, and a villain even dumber that we’ll get to next, Sand Blaster was easily taken down by The Flash.

His power is limited geokinesis, the ability to control the earth yet seems to be limited to sand. He was quickly arrested and was last seen in Iron Heights.

6 Papercut

Truly, there is nothing more terrifying than a man whose main weapon is paper shurikens that elementary schoolers made to pass the time. Papercut is a villain who is first defeated by Kid Flash in the park, and then in a team-up with Sand Blaster mentioned above by The Flash.

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Papercut’s powers are limited to the manipulation of wood, yet even that is too much for him, as he gets a nosebleed whenever he tries to control natural wood. Instead, he uses paper and linen products to fight against someone who can go the speed of light. Even the name he chose is lame. This man based his villainous reputation on a minor inconvenience that, at worse, stings for an hour.

5 Colonel Computron

Imagine my shock when I found out this guy actually made a cameo appearance as an arms dealer in the 1st season of The Flash. He was the one who got Snart his cold gun. However, the Basil Nurblin in the comics is much more ridiculous. He worked for a toy company and created an action figure called Colonel Computron.

When the manufacturer, Willard Wiggins (Flash Fact: the father of Captain Boomerang), took credit, Nurblin swore revenge. He built a suit based on the toy and attacked the tycoon until he was defeated by The Flash.

4 Cloud Creatures

The Cloud Creatures were a group of sentient creatures discovered by a volcano researcher living under the Earth’s surface. Upon discovery, they caused earthquakes and eruptions, and then turned into clouds and invaded Earth. Naturally, they had the ability to cause storms.

The Flash was luckily able to defeat them through their weakness, a nucleus that when struck causes them to turn into regular rain clouds and rain. My favorite part of this storyline is that they are introduced in The Flash 111, which means they came immediately after the first appearance of Wally West and Weather Wizard, two major characters of The Flash mythos. I guess they ran out of steam at this point.

3 Rainbow Raider

Now we’re getting to the point of characters known purely for their ridiculousness. Roy G. Bivolo (Get it?) was a wonderful painter as a child but was, unfortunately, color blind. His father, a genius optometrist, created a pair of goggles that would allow Roy to beam colored lights from his eyes, changing the color of anything they touched.

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Due to him not being able to appreciate his art, he turned to a life of crime, fighting the Flash on multiple occasions. His name and gimmick were later stolen by a gang who actually had super powers, but in a part of Blackest Night, eventually, all committed suicide to try and join the Black Lanterns.

2 The Fiddler

Chances are you expected this guy to be number one, but there is someone even worse. Isaac Bowin was a petty thief in India until he was arrested. In jail, he was taught how to harness magical abilities, and used this to construct a violin, and was somehow able to escape jail.

He traveled to Keystone City and used his violin to hypnotize people and commit crimes. He was easily defeated by Jay Garrick and is fondly remembered as one of the Crimson Comet’s classic villains, alongside The Shade and The Thinker.

1 Breakway Bandit

Zabadon Zarr (great name) is an alien who is basically Arm Fall Off Boy on steroids. Barry punches him and his head comes clean off, having the Scarlet Speedster worried that he just decapitated someone with a single hit. He evades all of the speedster’s punches until Barry grabs his head, suffocates him until he’s unconscious, and puts him back together. What.

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We can't expect all of the DC villains to be on the same level as Captain Cold. Let's take a look back at the most pathetic enemies Flash faced.

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