The Flash: 10 Villains Who Could Be Behind The Godspeed Clones

With Season 6 of The Flash coming to an unfortunate abrupt halt, there were plenty of plotlines left unresolved after the finale. Chief among them Eva McCulloch’s endgame, being left completely up in the air, as well as all the subsequent side stories involving Team Flash. Once the season continues next year though, those stories will be quickly wrapped up. Beyond the Mirroverse story, however, remains a plot much more complex and intriguing. And that is the mystery of the Godspeed clones.

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While there are many things for the show to answer in this regard, the most important one is this: Just who is the mastermind behind it all? Here are ten villains who could potentially be the culprit.

10 The Rival

Jay Garrick’s reverse-flash from the ’40s made a brief appearance at the beginning of Season 3 as a cause of Flashpoint, with both Barry Allen and Wally West teaming up to take him down. Though he died by Savitar’s hand, due to Crisis On Infinite Earths, it’s a good possibility that an alternate version of him will emerge in a more significant role soon.

In the comics, The Rival (a.k.a Edward Clariss) is the original inventor of Velocity 9, and like many other Flash villains sought to be faster than his enemy. Seeing how the Godspeed clones have been seemingly obsessed with acquiring more speed, this definitely puts him in the list of likely candidates.

9 Cobalt Blue

A long-standing fan request, many have hoped that Malcolm Thawne/Cobalt Blue would appear as a big bad on the show. For Season 7, that dream might finally become a reality. A twin brother of Barry raised by the Thawne Family, Malcolm sought to drain Barry’s speed away from him so that he could acquire it himself.

Though the character would surely have to be altered, as his comic origin is quite complicated, he could very well be the one seeking to steal Barry’s speed.

8 Zoom (Hunter Zolomon)

If a villain with the goals of stealing speed sound familiar, it could be because that was Hunter Zolomon’s (a.k.a Zoom) M-O back in Season 2. It is possible that Zoom is planning a comeback and setting out to accomplish what he originally set out to do?

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To avoid a complete retread of old ground, the show could again use Crisis On Infinite Earths to shake things up. An entirely new Hunter Zolomon could emerge here, one much closer to his comic counterpart. To that end, this Zoom might be seeking to make Barry a better hero by forcing a seemingly impossible challenge on him: Facing an incredibly fast speedster without any speed.

7 Reverse-Flash (Daniel West)

One of the only prominent speedster villains from the comics that have yet to make a debut on the show, the Daniel West version of the Reverse-Flash is one of the more likely choices for Season 7’s big bad. As a brother of Iris West in the comics, before Crisis it would’ve been understandably hard for the writers to find a logical way to fit him in the story without convoluting things further. With the advent of Crisis, however, it has become easier for a character like this to be retroactively introduced.

The Crisis might’ve caused the West family to have a new member they aren’t aware of, be it a brother, cousin, or even uncle of some sort. If the show goes in this direction, Daniel could be trying to acquire enough speed to time travel and change a tragic event in his past.

6 Paradox

The most recent villain on this list, Paradox is currently causing Barry Allen a bunch of trouble in the comics, by attempting to completely wipe him from the timeline. He has even been working with Godspeed for awhile now.

The only thing going against his chances of showing up in Season 7, is that his story is still happening. With that said though, Season 6 pulled from several Rebirth and current story arcs, so Paradox has a good shot at getting a live-action debut as the one who has been controlling all the Godspeed clones.

5 Red Death

This one would be a bit far fetched if the series didn’t directly mention him in Season 5 last year. So it’s more of a matter of when rather than if he is ever going to show up. An alternate, dark multiverse version of Bruce Wayne, Red Death is the result of Bruce combining himself with Barry Allen in order to gain access to the Speed Force. He then joined with Barbatos and invaded the multiverse in Dark Nights: Metal.

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If Red Death were to be introduced in Season 7, much would have to be altered surrounding his identity. It’s entirely possible that this version will be a different person entirely. Whoever is ultimately behind the mask, what we could be witnessing is an origin of sorts. Maybe he is utilizing the Godspeed clones in hopes of acquiring the Speed Force for himself?

4 Gorilla Grodd

With Gorilla Grodd getting a taste of the Speed Force during Season 6, it may have been a hint at things to come. Though Grodd left supposedly reformed, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if the classic villain gained a newfound hunger for the Speed Force and is now trying to keep that power at all costs.

As far as source material goes, Grodd gained access to the Speed Force both in the New 52 and in Rebirth, so there’s plenty of bases for this direction if series showrunner Eric Wallace wants to go that route.

3 Raijin-Master Of Lightning

If the creators wanted to continue on directly from the Black Hole Rebirth arc, than Raijin-Master Of Lighting would be the logical conclusion. Not much is known about him in the comic realm, other than he is the leader of Black Hole who sought to take control of the Speed Force. He recruited Gorilla Grodd, as well as other villains such as Multiplex and Negative Flash, in attempts to accomplish this goal.

With so little established story, the show could easily fit him into a role of any capacity but it would make sense if he were in charge of the Godspeed clones. With the Speed Force dying, he could be attempting to gain as much speed as possible in order to remain in power.

2 Reverse-Flash (Eobard Thawne)


As always, it’s not entirely out of the cards that Eobard Thawne will once again return as the grand architect behind all that goes wrong in Barry’s life. Though having him return so soon after being prominently featured in Season 5 would put the show in danger of furthering Thawne fatigue. Having said that, with Thawne’s force likely set to take on a new body after his defeat in Season 6, this could provide a unique opportunity for the villain.

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Season 7 may introduce a new actor for the role and thus enabling a fresh take on Barry’s greatest foe. If Thawne’s behind the clones than it’s highly likely that he’s got something bigger planned than simply being the fastest man alive, which is a scary thought.

1 Godspeed

The most obvious and probable candidate here is simply the man himself, Godspeed. Only, the true version of Godspeed, August Heart. As we’ve seen in Rebirth’s opening story, August is able to create speed duplicates of himself. It might be possible that what we think are just robotic clones, are actual Speed Force duplicates of August that he has perfected over time.

That could mean that he is slowly becoming more powerful than anybody ever conceived, or that he’s working for somebody even more powerful. No matter who is responsible, Barry is up for a major challenge come next year.

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One of the biggest mysteries in season 6 of The Flash is the mystery behind Godspeed and his clones. Here are some villains that may be responsible.

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