The Flash May Be Paving the Way for Raijin, the 'God of Lightning'

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for “Pay the Piper,” the latest episode of The Flash, which aired Tuesday on The CW.

Season 6 of The Flash has seen Barry Allen deal with multiple threats. First, he took on Bloodwork, but almost as soon as the villain was defeated, something much bigger came in the form of the Anti-Monitor. Then, once the Multiverse was saved, Barry returned to business as usual, facing a different kind of enemy in the Black Hole organization, which has ties to various metahumans as well as the new Mirror Master. But there’s also been another, smaller menace in the return of Godspeed.

The evil speedster appeared in the Season 6 premiere, where it was revealed he was a robotic double of the real villain. Now, in “Pay the Piper,” another double of Godspeed arrives in Central City to battle the Flash. And while the robot is defeated, it reveals that another villain — an even bigger threat — is behind him. Right now, it’s unclear who’s behind Godspeed…but it’s possible Raijin, the self-proclaimed God of Lightning, is coming to the Arrowverse.

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Raijin is a fairly recent addition to the DC Universe, debuting in 2018’s The Flash #35. While there is still much about the character that is being kept under wraps, he wears a super-powered armor that gives him the ability to manipulate electricity. The masked villain may not technically be a speedster, but he can still travel through lightning, which effectively makes him as fast as the Flash.

What’s more, Raijin is also somehow responsible for the Speed Force storm that occurred over Central City at the start of The Flash‘s Rebirth relaunch. This storm created multiple new speedsters — including Godspeed — and Raijin was seemingly the one behind it. If all that wasn’t enough, the villain also revealed himself as the leader of the Black Hole organization.

While we still may not know who is underneath the Raijin mask, the villain could easily be behind the Godspeed doubles in The Flash. Better yet, it gives the series the opportunity to take some liberties with the character as far as his identity goes. The first hint that he could be coming to the show might be in the doubles themselves. These versions of Godspeed are actually robots programmed to attack the Flash. They are highly-advanced, and somehow able to generate their own super-speed. In the comics, Raijin’s advanced armor indicates that he has knowledge of robotics, and his mysterious connection to the Speed Force could both explain how the villain would be able to create copies of Godspeed.

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On top of that, the back half of Season 6 has pitted Team Flash against Black Hole. In recent episodes, fans learned that the organization’s propensity to hire metahumans, and it was revealed the CEO of McCulloch Technologies Joseph Carver was their leader. But that could only be part of the truth because Carver could easily answer to someone even bigger — or he could even be manipulated into thinking he was in charge. If Black Hole is involved, then it’s likely Raijin isn’t far behind.

Recent episodes of The Flash have also focused on the death of the Speed Force and the loss of Barry’s abilities. In response, Barry and his friends have been trying to create an artificial Speed Force, but so far they have proven unsuccessful. Perhaps this is all in connection to Raijin. If the villain has the ability to control the Speed Force, then maybe it isn’t exactly dead. On top of that, if Raijin is truly a conduit for the Speed Force, then that would explain why he’s trying to steal the Flash’s speed through his Godspeed doubles. Better yet, if Flash were to face the villain, it could even give him the opportunity to save the Speed Force, and get his full abilities back.

Airing Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, The Flash stars Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Tom Cavanagh, Jesse L. Martin, Danielle Nicolet and Hartley Sawyer.

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The latest episode of The Flash may have laid the groundwork to introduce Raijin, the self-proclaimed God of Lightning.

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