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WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for “Pay the Piper,” the latest episode of The Flash.

Here comes Godspeed — for real, this time.

In “Pay the Piper,” the latest episode of The Flash, Barry Allen went head-to-head with Godspeed once again. Although this version of the speedster could talk, Team Flash soon discovered he was merely another shade of the real villain. However, this one revealed just what Godspeed wants.

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As the episode wound down, Cisco expressed his relief that the Godspeed threat was over. “I am super relieved to finally get rid of Godspeed,” he sighed. “And this one talks, so now we know we got the real August Heart behind bars!”

“That’s not the real Godspeed,” Barry admitted. “Once he was placed in a meta-dampening cell, I questioned him as the Flash, and all he could say was, ‘The one who sent me wants infinite velocity.'”

Cisco frowned.”When you were fighting Godspeed, he said, ‘We deserve your speed,'” he recalled.

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“Who’s ‘we?'” Harrison “Nash” Wells asked.

“Does ‘we’ include the one who sent him?” Cisco mused.

“He couldn’t tell me,” Barry replied, with Nash adding, “Because he stopped talking.” Barry confirmed this with a nod.

“And started chirping like a broken modem, just like the rest of them,” Cisco concluded.

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Team Flash has been dealing with these false Godspeeds all season, starting in the Season 6 premiere. Prior to this episode, they managed to capture four of these clones and locked them away in Iron Heights. However, every other clone hasn’t been able to talk; they simply opened their mouths and emitted an unintelligible high-pitched shriek. These clones were ultimately killed by the latest Godspeed. Between this and his ability to talk, Team Flash believed they had finally caught the real deal — only to be proven wrong yet again.

Nevertheless, this latest clone may have proven that the real Godspeed is on the way. After all, someone sent him — he said as much himself. What’s more, he revealed the person behind his latest wants “infinite velocity,” which indicates this is a speedster. Both the existence of these clones and their ultimate goal echo Godspeed as he appeared in the comics. All this points to Godspeed becoming a much larger threat at some point down the line, and likely in Season 7.

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Notably, The Flash Season 6 was cut short due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Now, the season will round out at 19 episodes in next week’s episode, with the cut episodes getting wrapped into Season 7. As such, the show just doesn’t have enough time to resolve this Godspeed subplot. However, showrunner Eric Wallace promised CBR that newer villains like Godspeed will appear next year: “Will we see more villains from the current run, from Joshua [Williamson] and all the great guys and women who are putting that together? Oh, yes! Not necessarily in this season, but moving forward into Season 7.”

Godspeed first made his full debut in The Flash #3 by Joshua Williamson and Carmine Di Giandomenico. In the comics, the speedster is actually August Heart, a colleague of Barry Allen’s from the Central City Police Department. The two bonded over their tragic pasts; namely, the murder of Barry’s mother by the Reverse-Flash and of August’s brother by the mysterious organization Black Hole. After a Speed Force storm struck the police department lab, August developed a connection to the Speed Force and many of the same abilities as the Flash.

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But that’s not all. In addition to his Flash-like abilities, he has two unique powers: he can absorb and remove the Speed Force from other speedsters, and he can create convincing clones of himself. The Godspeed that appeared in “Pay the Piper” displayed both of these abilities. Further, the Godspeed that appeared in the comics had a tendency to take the Speed Force from those he deemed unworthy. As a result, he was faster than even Flash, and he became addicted to this power.

Of course, a version of Godspeed previously appeared in the aptly-titled The Flash Season 5 episode “Godspeed.” However, he was a one-off villain who appeared in Nora West-Allen’s timeline; more specifically, he was active in the year 2049. With some help from Reverse-Flash, Nora was able to defeat and imprison him.

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While the most recent Godspeed could indeed be the same character, that doesn’t have to be the case. “Crisis on Infinite Earths” impacted the Arrowverse in a huge way and made some massive changes to the world as Team Flash knew it. Some dead villains are alive again; others have changed identities completely. This could certainly be the case for Godspeed as well.

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The latest episode of The Flash dropped a massive clue about Season 7's villain.

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