The Freak Brothers: Harrelson, Goodman Lead New Animated Series

The Freak Brothers have arrived in a new animated series.

The series, which is currently being shopped to networks, has enlisted Woody Harrelson, John Goodman, Tiffany Haddish and Pete Davidson in the lead roles. Eight 22-minute episodes are currently in the works, with the pilot nearing completion. Ahead of the show’s fall premiere, the show’s official YouTube account dropped a mini-episode titled “Kentucky Fried Freaks,” which also guest stars John Di Domenico as Donald Trump.

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According to the official series synopsis,

In 1969, life in San Francisco consists of free love, communal living and political protest. Freewheelin’ Franklin Freek (Harrelson), Fat Freddy Freekowtski (Goodman), Phineas T. Phreakers (Davidson) and their mischievous, foul-mouthed cat, Kitty (Haddish) spend their days dodging many things — the draft, the narcs and steady employment — all while searching for an altered state of bliss.

But after partakking of a genetically mutated strain of marijuana, the Freaks wake up 50 years later to discover a much different society. Quickly feeling like fish out of water in a high-tech world of fourth-wave feminism, extreme gentrification and intense political correctness, the Freaks learn how to navigate life in 2020 — where, surprisingly, their precious cannabis is now legal.

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The show adapts Gilbert Shelton’s The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, a cult classic comic that launched in 1971. The comic typically followed the three “brothers” and their cat on their quest for recreational drugs.

Alan Cohen and Alan Freedland will serve as showrunners on the animated series. Dave Krinsky, John Althschuler, Daniel Lehrer and Jeremy Lehre penned the episodes, with Mark Canton, Courtney Solomon, Jeffrey S. Udall, Gilbert Shelton, Manfred Mroczkowski, Adam Devine and Blake Anderson acting as executive producers. Devine and Anderson will also lend their voices to the project.

The Freak Brothers stars Woody Harrelson, John Goodman, Tiffany Haddish and Pete Davidson. A release date has not yet been announced.

via Deadline

The Freak Brothers has enlisted Woody Harrelson, John Goodman, Tiffany Haddish and Pete Davidson for a new, eight-episode animated series.

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