The Incredibles: 5 Marvel Villains Elastigirl Could Defeat (& 5 She Couldn't)

Helen Parr has been out of the superhero game for some time but she is ready to make her comeback as Elastigirl. Using her super-elasticity and experience fighting crime, villains should beware of what this mother of three has to offer. Especially if she finds herself in the Marvel Universe.

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There are worse places Helen and her family could end up. For one thing, Violet and Dash would have more friends their age who also have powers, and Helen could make friends with various supermoms. At the same time, she would also have to deal with the plethora of villains, especially if she moves to New York. If that’s the case, here are five villains she would beat and five that would get the best of her.

10 Win: Green Goblin

If Elastigirl can take down the Green Goblin, one of Spider-Man’s greatest foes, she’ll make herself known as a force to be reckoned with. Following Goblin will be tricky but she’s sure to keep up just by swinging around the city like Spidey or by giving chase on the Elasticycle.

The pumpkin bombs can pack a punch but Helen is limber enough to evade them. Or better yet, she could use the bombs to her advantage and use her body as a trampoline to bounce them back. By the end of the day, Norman’s going to be beaten by another red-suited hero.

9 Lose: The Spot

With a name like The Spot, Helen should be able to take him down no problem. Spider-Man thought the same thing and he still had trouble fighting him. Much like Voyd, the Spot’s spots act as portals he can conjure around him making it incredibly difficult for Helen to land a punch. Especially when he can create spots on his body leaving Helen at risk of punching herself.

Even worse, it’ll be difficult for her to avoid his attacks if he can make portals anywhere. By the end of this, the tables will turn and the Spot will be rubbing her out.

8 Win: Kingpin

Wilson Fisk may think he’s untouchable but he is sorely mistaken. If anyone can get the dirt on Kingpin it would be Elastigirl. Taking down his goons and disrupting his gangs should be a cakewalk for her and she’ll grab his attention soon enough.

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Threatening her family won’t do any good since every one of them has superpowers and the public adores her so he can’t make her out to be some sort of menace. He’s a tough fighter and packs a hell of a punch but Elastigirl can sidestep him with ease and have him down for the count before the cops arrive.

7 Lose: Kraven the Hunter

As a hunter, Kraven knows how dangerous a mother can be when her young are threatened. While he could use them as bait, he is an honorable man that would give her a fighting chance. Even so, he is a skilled hunter, tracker, and combatant enhanced by Calypso’s magic.

Her powers do make her a formidable opponent but she could be tricked into walking into a trap. Obviously cages and nets aren’t going to be enough but he could take her down with ranged attacks or use his stealth to ambush her. If he can take down Venom, Helen doesn’t stand a chance against Kraven.

6 Win: Arcade

Arcade is a peculiar mercenary that captures his targets and places them in one of the deadliest theme parks ever made, Murder World. Rather than kill them outright, Arcade gives his victims a chance to escape with their lives and Helen has a good shot at making out of his twisted fun-house.

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Even if he studies her powers and moves, he’ll overlook the special modifications Edna Mode made to Helen’s suit. Helen has enough experience as a super to survive any environment he places her in and can maneuver around any sort of traps he has in store. Leaving her the winner of this messed up game.

5 Lose: Silver Sable

Silver Sable is a busy woman serving as ruler of Symkaria and the leader of her own mercenary group. Yet she would be able to take the time to take Elastigirl down a notch. Her armed forces are far more competent than the average henchman and can overwhelm Elastigirl with their military precision.

Silver Sable herself is capable of going hand to hand with the likes of Spider-Man so she could hold her own against Helen. Most importantly, she won’t hold back the mother of three whereas Helen would show restraint. Resulting in her earning the win in the end.

4 Win: The Lizard

While many Marvel villains have injected themselves with reptilian DNA, none of that can hold a candle to the original Lizard. A predatory opponent, Helen will need to be careful. She should have no problem avoiding his claws and tail but it’ll take more than a few punches to take him out.

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As long as she has a rudimentary knowledge of reptiles she should figure out that he doesn’t like the cold. If she can get Frozone to help out then she’ll be golden but if not she could always lure him into a freezer section of a grocery store or a meat locker.

3 Lose: Nightshade

Nightshade isn’t a big name Marvel villain but she should be considering she is known as “Queen of the Werewolves”. An expert in genetics, robotics, and biochemistry, she is most known for her werewolf serum and robot lookalikes.

Nightshade possesses a pair of acidic gloves strong enough to eat through Vibranium so it should be able to dissolve Helen’s super-suit. If she can catch Helen off-guard with her robots and inject her with the werewolf formula, Nightshade will be able to control just like her other lycanthropes. No amount of silver that can help her in this situation.

2 Win: The Constrictor

A low-level villain of Captain America, the Constrictor is a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent turned assassin. Working for various criminal organizations, he’s bound to run into Helen at one point or another.

Should he actually manage to wrap Elastigirl in his signature wrist-mounted coils, that won’t stop her from stretching out or attacking him while she is bound. Not that she would stay still long enough for him to get a hold of her. If she plays it smart she could wait until he depletes his power pack before going in for the finishing blow.

1 Lose: Moonstone

Nothing can prepare Elastigirl for the likes of Moonstone. She’s got it all: Super speed, super strength, super stamina, flight, intangibility, photokinesis, and much more. That would make this a hard fight to win but what will seal Helen’s fate is her hypnosis.

As a trained therapist with perfect pitch and modulation in her voice, Moonstone can subtly influence Helen and throw her off her game. If Moonstone can give General Ross a nervous breakdown, she can get to Helen.

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From Green Goblin to Moonstone here are 5 Marvel villains that The Incredibles' Elastigirl could defeat (and 5 she couldn't').

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