The Joker: 5 Costumes That Made Him Look Cool (& 5 That Were Just Lame)

The Joker is by far one of the most popular DC villains that fans all know and love. He’s had so many representations within film and comics that it’s hard to keep up with every single one. However, with so many different appearances, the fabulous DC villain inevitably falls victim to some terrible costume designs and performance flaws.

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Ranging from some of the oldest to some of the most modern Joker’s, the costumes have changed dramatically between each representation. Some have come out to be fantastically driven costumes, but others portray the DC villain in a pretty lame light.

10 COOL: Dark Knight’s Joker

The Dark Knight is the best representation of the Joker. There’s so much to say about Heath Ledger’s Joker that’s good it could go on for days. The props, the giddy attitude, and the costume swagger really hit home for critics and fans – Joker made the movie phenomenal.

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The tricks and jokes made by this Joker are sadistic and hilarious at the same time. Watching this representation really embodies what Joker truly is made out to be within the comics and absolutely gives a fresh feel to the fabulous DC villain.

9 LAME: Trickster’s Joker

This Joker, as seen in Flashis pretty awful. It’s not clear to audiences what the motivation is for the weirdly purple hair and eye make up. The performance is out of character for the villain and the suit is a totally lame style for the least lame DC villain.

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The make-up has an oddly purple aesthetic to it along with a seemingly yellowish-white face mask that makes audiences want to do anything but watch the on-screen performance.

8 COOL: Batman’s (1989) Joker

Jack Nicholson’s Joker is witty, intelligent, devious, and hilarious all at the same time. This was the best original portrayal of Joker and it really set the tone for all modern representations of the character. The lavish suits with the precise makeup made fans and critics extremely happy and really set the tone for all the Joker’s to come.

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Ultimately, the costume design was unprecedented for any DC character and could be the reason there are so many representations of him today.

7 LAME: Suicide Squad’s Joker

Jared Leto’s version of Joker in Suicide Squad is too overdone. From the absurd tattoos all the way to the completely ridiculous jewelry, this Joker is the perfect example of a portrayal of the character that missed the mark. This Joker is so far from the original that it’s a stretch to even call it a representation of the DC character.

6 COOL: Mime Joker

Jack Nicholson’s mime Joker representation is scary and fun at the same time. Not only does it motivate Joker’s internal thoughts and emotions, but it greatly exemplifies the character’s overall actions. A black and white representation is greatly needed every once in a while in the colorful and flamboyant character.

This suit is cool and fantastically scary all in one and could be the award-winner at a costume party.

5 LAME: Batman’s (1960) Joker

The performance in the 1960 Batman was pretty good, but the overdone eyebrows with the weirdly large face is a little much. Along with this, the hair is a weird curly-looking slick-back gangster style which seems to be unmotivated.

The goofy style takes away from the performance and the weird color scheme doesn’t seem to make any sense.

4 COOL: Batman: Live! Joker

The look on Joker in Batman: Live! is fantastic and really pops. The eyes, the suit, the whacky hair, and the overdone chin and smile all portray Joker in the best way possible. Of course, the make up and the suit are slightly overdone but that’s because it’s meant to be seen on stage from a far distance.

Ultimately, the live show is fantastic and the actors that portray Joker really get the concept of how the character is.

3 LAME: Gotham’s Joker

The TV series Gotham tried to make Jeremiah Valeska’s version of the Joker look scary and realistic, but completely overdid it. It’s a clear representation of the faceless Joker with overly bloody makeup and a variety of different costumes that always seem to change.

2 COOL: Joker (2019)

The most recent Joker is one of the best. Joaquin Phoenix not only portrays the Joker in a fantastic performance on screen, but also has the mannerisms of the original comic book Joker (and even adds to it.) The make up and the costume design was phenomenal and the backstory was told in the best way possible.

Overall, the matted tones of the costume and the vibrant make up all make for a great representation of the DC character.

1 LAME: OnStar’s Joker

This representation of Joker sadly doesn’t embody the character at all. Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s after Jack Nicholson’s Batman, there were a series of commercials and television renditions of Joker made to sell products mainly.

Not only is this a poor representation of Joker but everything about the character is poorly portrayed.

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Through all of his live-action adaptations, the Joker of DC Comics has had some awesome costumes and some that just weren't cool.

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