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The Kindred — a mysterious magical villain — has been slowly building up steam towards a planned attack against Spider-Man and his loved ones. They seem to have crawled out of hell, know everything about Spider-Man and want nothing more than to make him suffer.

The question is, who’s hiding behind the Kindred mask? Here’s a rundown of some possible suspects.

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Ned Leeds was a reporter for the Daily Bugle who befriended Peter Parker and had a romantic relationship with Betty Brant. Leeds was eventually killed while on assignment with Peter in Spider-Man Vs. Wolverine, but he was later cloned by Ben Reilly when he was the Jackal. However, most of the clones ended up dying . Only a handful survived, including Ned — until he seemingly sacrificed himself to save May Parker’s life in The Amazing Spider-Man #15.

It’s possible Ned used his apparent death as a way to tease Spider-Man about the Kindred and his connection to it. As he died in Spider-Man’s arms, Ned tried to tell the hero to warn Betty about some unknown threat. As a clone, Ned could have even found a way to make multiple copies of himself, meaning this isn’t the only Ned out there.

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Kindred knows who Spider-Man is and seemingly has a deep connection with him, which suggests they’re someone like Gwen Stacy, his long-dead lost love. Seeing Spider-Man move on and even befriend other versions of Gwen could have driven her mad in the afterlife, leading Gwen to become a monster. Kindred was, in their own words, terrified of the Green Goblin when they were human. Kindred took inspiration from the villain after being killed, sent to hell, and ascending as a demon — which would make sense, considering how she died.

It would also explain why Kindred seemed to watch over Mary-Jane during the “Hunted” storyline, which suggests the villain has affection for her. The pair were formerly friends, which could carry over to Gwen’s new form. Kindred even mocks Norman during Absolute Carnage, though Norman seems pleased Kindred is a villain — which would be salt in a major wound for Spider-Man.

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Harry’s death as the Green Goblin would have allowed him to go to the afterlife and become the demon Kindred. His long experience with Peter, both in and out of costume, would give him the kind of knowledge Kindred has been using to torment people and target Spider-Man — although his past relationship with Mary-Jane might be why Kindred spared her.

His hatred and fear for his father could have easily been the catalyst for that metamorphosis and Norman’s pride at this transformation would be all the more twisted as a result. Most notably, it was Mephisto who restored Harry to life following the events of One More Day — which means the demon lord might have been playing a long game this whole time by unleashing the demonic Kindred onto the world after under the cover of restoring Harry.

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There’s a chance Emily Lyman — Norman Osborn’s wife and Harry’s mother — could be Kindred. She claims to have faked her death shortly after Harry’s in an attempt to escape Norman, but this may have been a cover for a more recent return. After spending time in the afterlife, she could have broken back into the mortal plane to take revenge on the man who’d caused her family so much strife over the years: Spider-Man.

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In other worlds, May Parker is the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary-Jane Watson and becomes a hero in her own right, but that isn’t the fate of the 616-May Parker. May is born in The Amazing Spider-Man #418, but unfortunately, she’s stillborn. While Peter and Mary-Jane grieve for their lost child, the baby is apparently killed by agents of Norman Osborn.

It’s possible May survived in some form, potentially even in hell, growing to resent her father for not having the capability to save her. This — coupled with hatred for Norman Osborn — create the perfect circumstances for a demonic May. It would also explain why Norman is so proud of Kindred becoming a villain like him and would go a long way towards explaining why she’s protective of Mary-Jane. May might be the most twisted option for Kindred, which is what makes it so devilishly compelling to consider.

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The mysterious Kindred is moving in secret to target Spider-Man and his loved ones. Here are possible suspects who could be behind the mask.

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