The Perfect Plan – Leave a Gun Near Reed Richards And He's Bound To Use It

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Today, we look at the elaborate plan a Fantastic Four villain used against the team that somehow involved Reed Richards having to pick up a gun from the street and use it!

In the early days of the Fantastic Four, an approach that Jack Kirby and Stan Lee would often use would be to have a villain come up with a master plan that would involve some elaborate twists that the villain couldn’t possibly realistically predict. I actually recently featured another one of those plans in another I Love Ya But You’re Strange (when Doctor Doom had one of those elaborate plans that only works because everyone did very specific things, even when Doom couldn’t realistically have predicted that they would have done each one of those specific things).

This time around, in Fantastic Four #34 (by Jack Kirby, Stan Lee and Chic Stone), the villain’s plan is actually a very clever one…right up until the point where Reed Richards has to pick up a gun that is just lying on the street and fire it at his friends!

The issue opens up with a very cute gag where the Yancy Street Gang send the Thing a Beatles wig, which he puts on…

Beatles wigs were a big thing in pop culture at the time. I doubt they were actually a big thing in real life, but they were definitely something that was big in pop culture (TV shows, etc.).

A rich man named Gideon has decided to destroy the Fantastic Four and the first part of his plan was to trick the Thing into believing that Mister Fantastic was a Skrull…

Then he convinces Invisible Woman that Human Torch is a Doom robot (and Johnny assumes that Sue is under the control of the Puppet Master)…

We see that Gideon is doing all of this for one of the lamer reasons around, that his kid loves the Fantastic Four and he wants to destroy them because he is jealous of the attention his kid is paying the FF…

The four members battle each other in the street and things are desperate. This was all according to the plan, so one of Gideon’s minions places a weapon on the ground near Reed, as Gideon assumes that Reed will be so frantic that he won’t think twice about just picking up a gun off of the street and using it – and HE’S TOTALLY CORRECT!

However, his next part of the plan involved the Fantastic Four setting off a time travel machine, but his own kid trips it, instead, but the Thing grabs him just in time and the Fantastic Four shut down the power to the time machine, so Thing and the kid return to the present.

Gideon realizes he is a total jerk and he apologizes to everyone and decides to become a philanthropist instead of using his money to be a jerk…

What an oddball story.

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