The Platform: The Netflix Thriller's Biggest Plot Holes, Explained

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Platform, now streaming on Netflix.

The Platform tests the resolve of inmates in a neo-futuristic Spanish tower known as the Pit, with food being dropped down through various levels. As Goreng (Iván Massagué) concocts a plan to ride down from Level 6 and ration off food so the ones at lower levels can eat, though, chaos breaks loose which leads to him getting attacked by prisoners as he descends.

However, on the bottom floor, as the empty table goes back up to the chefs who run the facility and test the greed of mankind, Goreng sends a mysterious young girl back up to them to remind them humanity still believes in hope. But there are a couple of crucial plot holes that unravel Goreng’s big finale.

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Goreng recruits Baharat to go from Level 6 to 250. They bear arms and believe once they can keep the panna cotta pure, they can send it back up to show the elites they’re not greedy pawns. However, as they jump from level to level, they fend off inmates with weapons, aiming to ration off food from Level 50. The problem is, though, it was said earlier there’s no communication or jumping from level to level. This is done only by the elites who gas the inmates and shuffle them around every month.

When Goreng tries to smuggle food earlier to keep after the table goes down, the elites turn the heat up. They have cameras monitoring everything so they’ll know if someone steals. They can also turn the temperature down and make the level an icebox. Goreng’s first level-mate Trimagasi earlier said they can’t interfere with the plan and the table has to go down for inmates to make their decisions of free will. Thus, watching Goreng and Baharat do this is counterintuitive because the film forgets the principle rule the Pit operates on. The elites should have seen the actions of the duo and stopped the insurrection by heating or freezing the levels up.

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When Goreng meets a former Pit admissions officer, Imoguiri, she makes it clear another inmate Miharu is crazy. Goreng bought into the story Miharu was looking for her daughter and the girl he sends up to the chefs at the end is implied to be this girl, as she looks similar to Miharu. But for this to happen, other parts of the narrative have to be broken as Imoguiri revealed earlier no pregnant women could enter the Pit.

On top of that, the girl’s around eight or nine so there’s no way she’d have survived here this long. Miharu wouldn’t even have gotten time to make her and raise her from a kid, especially as Trimagasi said no one is held in the tower for so long. The math just doesn’t add up and seeing as the girl has a fitted kid-sized coverall, it would stand to reason the elites know about her or even placed her in at some level.

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This is unlikely, though, as there are no secret doors on the levels to slip someone in. Imoguiri also tore this possibility down by reminding Goreng no one under 16 can enter the Pit. So, clearly rules were broken by the creative team to add drama to the finale or Goreng imagined the kid as he bled out on the final level after his revolt failed.

Starring Ivan Massagué, Zorion Eguileor, Antonia San Juan, Emilio Buale and Alexandra Masangkay, The Platform is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Netflix's The Platform tests the resolve of human nature in a sadistic tower known as the Pit, but some plot holes threaten to destroy the finale.

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