The Riddler: 10 Of The Greatest Cosplay From The Batman Franchise (That Will Leave DC Fans Amazed)

One of Batman‘s most intelligent villains, The Riddler has a unique character and an appropriately singular visual style that countless DC fans love to imitate in their fan-made costumes. Countless cosplayers have put on the silky green clothes, donned the bowler hats and armed themselves with gigantic, extravagant cans in the form of a question mark in order to step in the shoes of Edward Nygma.

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A major enemy of the Dark Knight, the mysterious comic-book riddle-teller has been depicted in movies, TV series, video games and animated shows. The riddling villain’s outfits in those stories are equally impressive as the ones crafted by inspired artists. Here are 10 incredible Riddler cosplays which all Batman and DC fans will savor.

10 San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Steampunk Riddler

An old-school version of the criminal genius was present at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2012, where a DC steampunk cosplayer group offered their very own Riddler. Armed with a wooden staff and an adorable 6-barrel gun, cheeky glasses with green lenses, lightbulbs hanging from his belt and many other awesome little details, this original variation of the deadly Gothamite could’ve been even more notorious than Jack the Ripper if he actually existed back in that age.

9 RKG Cosplay

Yet another totally different and in many ways – old-fashioned portrayal of Edward comes from RKG Cosplay The most stylish and cool-looking gas mask imaginable, colored with emerald green and deep purple is worn by the cosplayer.

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The equally good-looking hat has a massive question mark upfront and the villain’s customized glasses lay on top of it. The black suit and the trademark hook of the cane are also a superb touch to this fully realized original version of The Riddler.

8 YamiNoOtoko

A more fearless, outgoing variation of The Riddler is created by YamiNoOtoko. This Mr. Nygma cosplayer is comfortably leaning on his giant, gleaming and dangerous-looking cane, which is long and broad enough to contain at least several of the deadly high-tech gadgets that the villain is known to have used against his enemies. The way the top part of the giant question mark appears to be detachable almost makes you wonder if it doesn’t have another, more sinister capability.

7 Wondercon 2015 Riddler Cosplay

The slick, straightforward looks of the cosplayer that showed up as The Riddler during the 2015 WonderCon. This somewhat simplistic, almost entirely green outfit screams confidence, which is a very correct understanding of the character. Edward doesn’t require big weapons or powerful armament in order to face Gotham’s mightiest heroes – his mind is more than sufficient for the completion of such a task.

6 Cosplay.vella

Cosplay.vella has a pretty straightforward understanding of The Riddler. Judging by her cosplay, she is obviously a fan of the antagonists’ fierce rivalry with Batman. The menacing part of this character rendition is the colossal cane.

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One accurate hit with that club-like, almost man-sized metallic cane and Bruce Wayne will be as good as retired. The captured Batarang undoubtedly reveals Edward’s most desired target.

5 Jabbar Lasley

The assassin version of Batman’s most mysterious nemesis is presented through Jabbar Lasley’s cosplay. His epic, polished wooden cane looks intimidating and stylish in equal measure. The leather gloves with no fingers provide the wearer with the stone-cold look of a man who is ready for a fistfight. Combine the willpower of a person who feels ready to meet Bruce Wayne in combat with the wits of The Riddler and you have yourself a villain to fear.

4 Maspez

Edward Nygma’s sharp, educated mind grants him astounding technological prowess that enables him to invent highly destructive and useful tools that end up damaging his foes. Cosplayer Maspez is fully aware of that and he has provided his confident, kind of maniacal-looking variation of The Riddler with a gun of appropriately beautiful, yet insane design. The villain’s extravagance is confirmed through the glimmering glasses and the clock parts under his cane’s question mark section.

3 C-Fornasari

C-Fornasari may not be built like your average comic-book or movie Riddler but the expression on his face is spot-on. The cold, calculative cockiness is well complimented by the relaxed posture and the way he is carrying his cane over his shoulder.

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Mr. Nygma is possibly the smartest villain in Gotham, which is why he fears no one. The bold, screaming shades of purple and green colors could also hint at the character’s limitless confidence.

2 Captain Cosplayyy

CaptainCosplayyy gives us The Riddler at his fanciest and most lavish but at the same time, his posture reminds the more knowledgeable DC fans of his personality disorders. Behind the mask of his gorgeous clothing and props (especially this version of the cane, made of massive gold) is a deeply disturbed man, whose mind is constantly in a state of chaos from all the brilliant plans that are born there every second of every day.

1 Pieced Together Cosplay

An antagonist that is mostly reliant on his wits to survive and defeat his enemies, The Riddler is accurately portrayed by Pieced Together Cosplay. The artists offer us a refreshing glimpse at the villain’s thought process. Maybe he is in the middle of crafting his next masterplan or a new riddle for the police and while he is at it we are left staring at the numerous marks on his coat, wondering how many questions do we have to answer in order to solve the secrets of his genius character.

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