The Sinister Six: 5 Reasons Why They're Spider-Man's Greatest Threat (& 5 Why They're Overrated)

When it comes to the upper echelon of superheroes, Spider-Man ranks among the very best. In many ways, he is similar to DC’s Batman in that he uses his intelligence to outmaneuver and out think his enemies. Though unlike Batman, Spider-Man has the advantage of having real superpowers.

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Spider-Man’s strengths have on numerous occasions forced his enemies to form a team called the Sinister Six in order to take him down. Though the Six have had their unforgettable moments of infamy, Spider-Man almost always finds a way to prevail. And ironically, Marvel Comics’ resident webslinger is often not their biggest problem. Here are 5 reasons why the Sinister Six are Spider-Man’s greatest foe and 5 more why they’re actually overrated.

10 THEY’RE THE GREATEST: Strength In Numbers

Why villains don’t think to team up more is one of the greatest mysteries in comic books – especially since it gives them a clear advantage over a single superhero every time.

Skill is always a preferred trait but overwhelming numbers usually carry the day if given the proper time to implement the situation to their advantage. The Sinister Six have not only the benefit of numbers but they also are all-powerful villains in their own right, causing Spider-Man’s problems to multiply six-fold when they join forces.

9 THEY’RE OVERRATED: Too Much Infighting

When a group of alphas team up, there are bound to be conflicts but when it comes to the Sinister Six, these conflicts always find a way of being their Achilles’ Heel. This infighting often occurs because of the direction in which the individual members wish to face their rival Spider-Man.

There were times, though, when infighting among these reluctant allies goes much deeper than just disagreements. No matter how much they want to kill Spider-Man, they cannot bring themselves to allow someone else to take the credit for his demise.

8 THEY’RE THE GREATEST: They’re Led By Doctor Octopus

Often times, even the strongest of teams can be easily defeated if it lacks strong leadership. Having strong leadership skills can take an ordinary villain and make him into a world-dominating supervillain in an instant.

Doctor Octopus possesses not only the intelligence to take over the world, but has the leadership capacity to assemble and control the normally raucous group of Sinister Six members. Under his command, he can turn the disheveled band of villains to a juggernaut that threatens all the world’s powers. Also, did we mention that Doc Ock has sweet metal tentacles strapped to his back?

7 THEY’RE OVERRATED: Their Conflicting Agendas

It is to be expected that normally solitary villains, when teamed up, would have conflicting agendas on how to defeat Spider-Man. After all, each one of these villains possesses their own strengths that they wish to use to overpower their sole rival.

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Sadly, these conflicting point-of-views differ to such an extent that the Sinister Six cannot properly function. Not having a clear mission statement makes working together almost impossible – especially when their conflicting agendas range from world domination to petty theft.


Having a criminal mastermind as a leader can lead to some pretty convoluted schemes being constructed. Taking over a neighborhood or city is just the beginning of Doctor Octopus’s ultimate plan. If ever successful, his plans would lead to the Sinister Six ruling the entire world.

Of course, even for Doctor Octopus, this is a pretty lofty goal but on more than a few occasions, he almost manages to pull off the unthinkable. If not for Spider-Man’s continued persistence, the Sinister Six would control every inch of the planet.

5 THEY’RE OVERRATED: They’re A Revolving Door Of Villains

One thing that always defines the greatest of bands or even superhero organizations is their ability to keep the initial group intact. After all, constantly having a revolving door of members leads to instability at the very foundation.

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On certain occasions, the Sinister Six can have up to twelve members at a time, which normally would be a great thing if not for all twelve villains believing that they are in charge of the others. This is more than enough to spark instability among their ranks to bring them all down. That, and who could take a Sinister Six line-up seriously when Boomerang’s in the team?

4 THEY’RE THE GREATEST: Their Temporary Replacements Are Strong

While it is never good to have a revolving door of members, it does help when the temporary replacement is actually stronger than the original member he or she replaces. Venom and Carnage are definitely two upgrades that have occasionally joined the ranks of the Sinister Six in order to take down their common enemy Spider-Man.

But even with these upgrades to the group, the Sinister Six always manages to find some way to fall short of accomplishing their ultimate goal.

3 THEY’RE OVERRATED: Their Conflicting Personalities

It isn’t always differences of opinions or a lack of a proper central command that results in the failure of the Sinister Six to take out their primary foe Spider-Man. Sometimes, there’s just many personalities trying to run the show.

Of course, this shouldn’t be all that surprising since the Sinister Six doesn’t come together in the name of teamwork and friendship. Instead, they come together reluctantly and usually after they all failed individually. This team up almost always leads to their capture or imprisonment.

2 THEY’RE THE GREATEST: They Have A Common Foe

While the Sinister Six might struggle with coming up with a consistent plan on how to dispose of Spider-Man, they still deserve credit for their ability to come together to take on a common foe in the first place. After all, it isn’t always easy for supervillains to admit they need help or are unable to defeat Spider-Man on their own.

Sadly, being humble doesn’t come naturally to any of these villains. If it did, these team-ups would eventually prove too powerful for even Spider-Man to take down.

1 THEY’RE OVERRATED: They Refuse To Gain The Advantage

The whole point of coming together and creating the Sinister Six is to use each individual villain’s strength to take down Spider-Man in a unified effort. But more often than not, when the battle commences, these villains begin to once again rely on themselves more than each other. They end up prioritizing their egos rather than the team’s needs.

This is always a recipe for disaster as each member tries to take on Spider-Man by themselves, resulting in Spider-Man making quick work of them before ultimately foiling their plans for good.

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The Sinister Six are Spider-Man's premier villain team and while they've had their moments, they're actually kind of overrated

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