The Sinister Six: 5 Villains You’ll Never Believe Were Part of the Team (& 5 Who Haven’t Joined Them Yet)

For years, the Sinister Six has been one of the deadliest teams of villains Spider-Man has ever faced. Likewise, considering how the team is generally comprised of some of the deadliest individual villains Spider-Man has ever faced, it only makes sense that they would be such a challenging obstacle for the hero.

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However, the team has also had a fairly inconsistent roster, with a few characters being regular additions, and others only serving with the team once. Likewise, some surprising characters have been members of the distinguished team of villains, while others one would think would have contributed have yet to.

10 Haven’t Joined Yet: Carnage

While Venom may have served on the Sinister Six a few times over the years, Carnage has yet to do so within the comics as well. Granted, this is understandable, especially given just how crazy Carnage can truly be.

Thanks to his violent, murderous rages, Carnage doesn’t exactly make for the best team player, though he has teamed up with others in the past. However, some characters simply just work better alone, and Carnage has seemed to be doing just fine without the assistance of other Spider-Man villains.

9 Part of the Team: Hobgoblin

While most people know that Norman Osborne’s Green goblin was once part of the team, not many realize that Hobgoblin was also a member. In fact, Hobgoblin has been a more recurring member of the Sinister Six than Green Goblin himself.

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Thanks to various forms of media, Hobgoblin is often swapped for Green Goblin on the team, or left out of the group entirely, despite having a major role on the team. Though he isn’t as consistent as other members have been in the past, Hobgoblin is still a more common member of the Sinister Six.

8 Haven’t Joined Yet: Mr. Negative

Though he played a big role on the Six within the Spider-Man PS4 video game. Mr. Negative hasn’t actually been a member in the comics. There have been times where his character was imagined as part of the team, but he has yet to truly work for them as an official member.

However, in both the comics and the video game, Mr. Negative has proven to be quite the formidable foe. Considering everything he is capable of, perhaps the Six should consider him when the reform once again.

7 Part of the Team: Gog

Though few have likely heard of Gog in the first place, he has still served as a member of the Sinister Six. Surprisingly, Gog was actually brought up by Kraven the Hunter, really only hating Spider-Man because Kraven did so as well.

Likewise, the character’s alien abilities actually made him one of the more powerful members of the Six, even though he was really only around for one iteration of the team. Of course, this version of the Six was still defeated, and Gog was actually shrunk down after that. Fortunately for Peter, the character hasn’t been a part of the team since, though he has appeared every so often to cause the occasional trouble for Spider-Man.

6 Haven’t Joined Yet: Morbius

Like Mr. Negative, Morbius, The Living Vampire, has been depicted as a member in the past, but not actually served officially. Of course, his character isn’t exactly a villain in every instance, meaning that his role on the team would contradict some of his personality traits.

With that in mind, creatives could easily find some way to include Morbius on the team, but he isn’t exactly as smart or hateful as some other members are, at least when it comes to Spider-Man. While the character has still made for an interesting antagonist over the years, it also makes sense that he hasn’t been a part of the distinguished team of villains.

5 Part of the Team: Beetle

While Beetle is a bit of an underrated Spider-Man villain overall, he still isn’t exactly Sinister Six material, making it surprising that he has actually been a part of the team. Like in the past, Beetle proved to be pretty easy to put down, even with other members backing him up.

Of course, Spider-Man still has to win in the end, but Beetle and the rest of the “Sinister Seven” lineup should have put up a bit more of a fight, especially with an additional member. Though the team was built of some weaker Spider-Man villains overall, they are hardly the most memorable version of the team to date.

4 Haven’t Joined Yet: Black Cat

As an on-and-off villain for the Web-Head, Felicia Hardy has actually yet to serve as a member of the Six. Though she has teamed up/helped some of the individual members in the past, she has yet to actually join forces with the team.

Of course, her relationship with Spider-Man is much more positive than his relationship with other villains on the Six, so it makes sense that Felicia would likely keep her distance from the team. However, there have still been quite a few moments where one could have seen her join. Thankfully, the character has chosen to keep things a bit more positive, and refrained from joining the Six for the time being.

3 Part of the Team: Scorpia

Serving as part of the same team as Beetle, Scorpia is also another surprising member of the Sinister Six. Like Mac Gargan, Scorpion’s tail allows her to do all sorts of things, actually making her a surprisingly valuable addition to the Sinister Seven as well.

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However, the character has never really been as popular as other villains, making it hard to see why Mac Gargan’s Scorpion hasn’t been a part of the team more often. Though Scorpia has proven to be quite a deadly villain of Spider-Man’s, it is a bit surprising that she was big enough to be part of the team.

2 Haven’t Joined Yet: Jackal

Considering how big a role Jackal has played in Peter Parker’s life, it is a bit surprising that Jackal hasn’t been a member of the Sinister Six yet. Given the character’s brilliance, appearance, and pension for the color green, he seems like a perfect choice for a candidate.

Likewise, with everything that has happened between him and Spidey over the years, Jackal certainly has plenty of reasons to hate Peter Parker. Perhaps, one day, he will come to join the team. For now though, Jackal remains a surprising villain who has been left off.

1 Part of the Team: Boomerang

Similarly to DC’s Captain Boomerang, Boomerang is often treated like a joke throughout many Spider-Man comics. Despite the fact that Spidey makes jokes out of almost all of his villains, Boomerang is a bit underwhelming in general, giving the character a bit of charm, but also ensuring that he is not a top-tier villain.

While plenty of fans still rally behind Boomerang, it is surprising that a character of his caliber was added to the Sinister Six. For the most part, Spider-Man has made swift work of the villain, making one question why the others let him on the team to begin with.

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For years, the Sinister Six has been one of the deadliest teams of villains Spider-Man has ever faced — but not everyone's aware of who it includes.

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