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Season 1 of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy introduced a cast of interesting characters to the superhero genre. The series follows seven people born from mysterious circumstances who are adopted and grow up as a superhero team. Their troubled upbringing causes them all problems later in life when their father’s passing brings them back together.

While each member of the team has their own issues, the most misunderstood is Klaus. Formerly known as Number Four, Klaus is the most fun-loving who’s often dismissed by his siblings. Season 1 of the Netflix series leaves him at an interesting moment and sets up more potential adventures for the upcoming second outing.

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Each member of the team has unique abilities, and Klaus has the ability to communicate with the dead. With no one else able to witness this, it has created a disconnect between him and the rest of the family. His powers cause a lot of trauma as he’s forced to constantly confront death which includes their brother, Ben, who died alongside all of them.

Initially introduced as a drug addict, it’s revealed during the first season that drugs and alcohol are the only things that suppress Klaus’ powers. His addictions and tendency to use sarcasm lead the rest of the family to dismiss a lot of his thoughts and feelings. Ironically, he appears to have a much clearer understanding of his upbringing as the rest of his siblings are forced to confront dark truths and discover troubling secrets throughout the season.

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In the middle of the season, he fights in the Vietnam War due to a time jump. While there, he falls in love with a soldier only to watch him die in his arms. This event acts as a catalyst for him to deal with his powers and he ends up putting them to use. In the season finale, he’s able to conjure up his deceased brother so that he can fight alongside the team and others can see him. The season ends with the group traveling back in time to prevent the apocalypse.

If the comic the show is based on is any indication, the possibilities for Klaus are wide open for Season 2. The fact everyone can now see the dead people he’s in constant communication with will be a huge step in the rest of his siblings beginning to understand him. With better communication between them, they might listen to what he has to say about their upbringing. Hopefully, he won’t be as distanced from his siblings moving forward and they can help him cope with his own demons.

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The season finale also opened the door of possibilities by giving Klaus a new power in the form of projecting the dead. In the comics, he has a plethora of abilities such as communicating through airwaves, telekinesis and possessing people. With so much potential, the show may introduce some more abilities of his in the upcoming seasons. It would also add to his character arc if this coincided with his progress in learning to live with constantly being around death. If Klaus is able to gain extra abilities and a clear mind, he could usurp Luther’s leadership which was already shaky in the first season.

In the comics, he also conceived a child while in Vietnam who he had to give up. With the team having to time travel because of Vanya’s turn to the dark side going into next season, it’s very possible consequences of his time in Vietnam may come into play. Though confronting a dark moment may cause a step back in Klaus’ progression as a character.

Available on Netflix, Umbrella Academy stars Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, David Castaneda, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Robert Sheehan, and Aidan Gallagher. It was created by Steve Blackman and developed by Jeremy Slater.

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Regarded as the most misunderstood of the Umbrella Academy, Klaus went through a lot in the first season of the Netflix series.

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