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The Season 1 finale of Netflix’s hit show The Umbrella Academy saw the series’ Hargreeves family coming together to stop their sister, Vanya/White Violin, from destroying the world. However, one sibling takes this mission even more personally than the others: Luther/Space Boy.

Season 1 introduces Luther as Number One, the leader of the group and the only one to stick around after Ben dies and the show’s title team disbands. After a mission gone wrong leaves him with the body of an ape, his father, Reginald Hargreeves, sends Luther to the moon. There, he loyally stays and keeps watch over the world until his father’s death.

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Upon returning to Earth, Luther immediately takes charge by investigating Reginald’s sudden death with his reluctant siblings. This reunion reignites his old rivalry with Number Two, Diego, and his feelings for Number Three, Allison. His world is turned upside down, however, when he discovers that his mission on the moon was fake. In reality, his father only sent him there to give him something else to focus on besides his new physique. Distraught, Luther turns to drinking.

Luther rejoins the team when Allison goes to find Vanya by herself. In the heat of an argument, Vanya slashes Allison’s throat and nearly kills her, but her brothers manage to save her. When Vanya comes back to repent, Luther takes it upon himself to knock her out and lock her inside a soundproof room where she can’t hurt anyone else. Despite his siblings’ protests, he insists they keep Vanya locked up until they decide how to proceed. Giving in to her resentment, Vanya uses her newfound powers to break out and kills their father’s chimpanzee assistant, Pogo, and their robot mother, Grace.

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The team regroups and goes after Vanya once again, but not before Luther confesses his true feelings to Allison. At the Icarus Theater, the siblings try a surprise attack but they are no match for Vanya, who almost kills Luther and the rest of her brothers. Luckily, Allison stops Vanya without killing her, though the team ultimately fails to prevent the apocalypse. As a last resort, Number Five uses his power to time travel out of there with his siblings, including the still unconscious Vanya.

So what will happen to Luther in Season 2? It’s difficult to say, but Luther still has several issues to deal with. The realization that his moon mission was a sham shatters Luther’s self-confidence and leaves him questioning his role as leader of the Umbrella Academy. His self-destructive reaction to this news also throws a wrench into his relationship with Allison, as he gets drunk and sleeps with someone else. Even though he did get to tell Allison how he feels, they have a lot to work out between that and their opposing views on Vanya.

Most importantly, Luther’s probably going to have to deal with the fallout of how he treated Vanya. In his defense, Vanya did almost kill the woman he loves, and she proved herself dangerous when she killed Pogo and Grace. Nevertheless, Luther’s decision to lock her in the soundproof room is the event that appears to send Vanya into full villain mode. Because of this, he takes the brunt of the blame for the way things played out in the Season 1 finale.

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Since the end of the screen adaptation diverges significantly from the original ending in the comics, it’s hard to say with certainty where, or when, Season 2 will go. Perhaps he’ll be able to patch things up with Allison or even regain his confidence and become a better leader. But if the Academy is going to have any chance at “fixing” Vanya and preventing the apocalypse as they intend, Luther is going to have to realize the error of his ways. Out of all the siblings, Luther was the harshest in his tactics and was even willing to kill Vanya to stop her. But in order to save Vanya, he’ll have to atone for his mistakes and mend his relationship with her. That is, unless she has amnesia like she does in The Umbrella Academy: Dallas comics.

Luther goes through the ringer in Season 1, but Season 2 might just see him growing into the leader he always wanted to be.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 has yet to receive a release date. Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, David Castañeda, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Robert Sheehan, Aidan Gallagher and Justin Min are all expected to reprise their roles, and Steve Blackman will continue to act as showrunner and executive producer, with Sylvain White serving as a new director. Season 1 of The Umbrella Academy is currently available on Netflix.

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Since The Umbrella Academy Season 2 is on its way, it's time to revisit where Season 1 left off with Luther, also known as Space Boy.

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