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The Wasp, aka Jan Van Dyne: she’s a founding Avenger and has stuck on the team more than almost anyone else on the team. She’s led the team, held it together through some of the roughest periods, and she has even become a leading fashion designer in the Marvel Universe. She is one of Marvel’s oldest characters and has dealt with Hank Pym, one of the most mercurial superheroes of all time.

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Bumblebee is a longtime Teen Titan who designed her own costume allowing her to shrink, fly, and shoot bioelectric blasts. She has been with the Teen Titans off and on since, and she more recently joined the Doom Patrol and, after Flashpoint, joined up with Nightwing’s reformed Titans team. But can she beat Wasp of the Avengers?

10 BUMBLEBEE: She Designed Her Own Costume

One major difference between Bumblebee and the Wasp (specifically Jan, not Nadia) is that Bumblebee designed her own costume, whereas Jan was given hers originally by Ant-Man, aka Hank Pym. This shows an intelligence and ingenuity inherent in Karen that Jan doesn’t quite have. Karen knows her suit inside and out and how it all works down the fine details. This could give her a keen edge in a fight between the two shrinking superheroes.

9 WASP: Founding Avenger

On the other hand, Wasp was a founding Avenger and has been with the team through some of its most trying times against Loki, Ultron, Kang the Conqueror and during Civil War, Secret Wars, and Secret Invasion. She’s taken on foes of all shapes and sizes in her tenure as one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and she would certainly be able to take on a foe with powers similar to her own.

8 BUMBLEBEE: S.T.A.R. Labs Scientist

In addition to designing her own suit, Karen Beecher also worked with S.T.A.R. Labs for a time. She designed nonlethal weapons and was quite good at her job.

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This once again speaks to Bumblebee’s intelligence and creativity, and it also means that she may have or design-on-the-fly additional weapons to use in her battle against the Wasp. Beyond that, she may pick up on things inherent in the environment that she would be able to use to her advantage in the battle.

7 WASP: Confident Leader

The Wasp also led the Avengers at several points in the team’s history, and, while she would be alone in this particular showdown, it does mean that she’s had to rely on her own wits and strategy in many dangerous situations in the past. It also shows an adaptability in the Wasp’s thinking that only heroes who’ve held a leadership position can claim. The Wasp can change her tactics to fit a changing situation.

6 BUMBLEBEE: Armored Exoskeleton

While the wasp’s costumes have always stuck to the skin-tight spandex model, Bumblebee’s costume is an actual armored exoskeleton. This gives Karen the durability angle. She would be resistant to Wasp’s bioelectric stings and physical attacks, and this alone may just be enough to give Bumblebee the advantage she’d need to win this battle between tiny titans.

5 WASP: She Can Also Grow

Of course, it’s also worth mentioning that Wasp has shown the ability to do more than just shrink and fly around. Janet Van Dyne can also grow to tremendous sizes. It could be argued that doing so would actually put her to a greater disadvantage, as she would have a harder time laying a blow on Bumblebee. However, growing would also give Wasp the opportunity to alter the environment around them and gives her the chance of landing a decisive strike on Karen.

4 BUMBLEBEE: Sonic Manipulation

Bumblebee also has a distinct superpower that she can use to her advantage. Karen can use her rapidly flapping wings to create sonic attacks by manipulating sound waves.

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While both she and the Wasp can generate bioelectric attacks through their suits, a sonic attack could be debilitating in a different manner and strikes at Wasp through a different method. It’s also far more radial and harder to avoid than one of the heroes’ bioelectric blasts.

3 WASP: Experienced Super Hero


Time is a funny thing in superhero comic books, and it’s often quite hard to track to any definitive degree. However, given that she was a founding member of the Avengers, and Bumblebee didn’t join the Teen Titans until 1976, one could make a convincing argument that, in-universe, the Wasp has been a superhero a good deal longer than Bumblebee. This means that the Wasp has had more experience as a hero and could use that to gain the advantage over Bumblebee and potentially win the day.

2 BUMBLEBEE: Trickster Hero

An interesting fact about Bumblebee is that she actually fought the Teen Titans before joining them. She wanted to make her partner, Herald, look better in front of the Titans, so she attacked the team and allowed Herald to bring her down. She later came clean, and the Teen Titans were impressed enough with Bumblebee and her abilities that they brought her onto the team. This shows a deceptiveness that could potentially be useful in her duel with Janet and may just be what it takes to win.

1 WASP: She Took Down The X-Men On Her Own

This is a fairly controversial part of Wasp and X-Men history, but it remains true that the Wasp took down an entire team of X-Men during the original Secret Wars story by Jim Shooter and Mike Zeck. The Avengers were apprehensive of the X-Men, and this distrust was amplified when it seemed that the X-Men were siding with Magneto. Jan tried to go and tell the Avengers, but the X-Men tried to stop her. Colossus, Cyclops, Rogue, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Storm tried to stop her from escaping. Instead, Wasp was able to use her bioelectric blasts and maneuverability to incapacitate the entire team and escape. That’s no mean feat, and it shows that Wasp is not a hero to be trifled with.

With that, it can be said with confidence that Wasp would be the victor of this showdown. With her skill, experience, and wit, she would be able to outmaneuver and overcome Bumblebee, even with her sonic blasts and hardened exoskeleton. The Wasp may just be the most powerful bug of either universe.

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Bumblee, a Teen Titan. Wasp, a founding Avenger. If these two bugs were pitted against each other, who'd win?

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