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One of the most popular manga/anime franchises in recent history is Attack on Titan. Created by Hajime Isayama, the acclaimed series centers on a steampunk fantasy world of warring kingdoms as voracious behemoths are unleashed on walled cities to devour the local populace. To combat the towering monsters rampaging across the countryside, the city trains specialized rangers equipped with technology that allows them to vault at blinding speeds and high altitudes to strike the Titans’ weak point and bring them down.

With plenty of epic battles and shadowy intrigue, the beloved anime series has no shortage of formidable warriors that can either transform into Titans themselves or utilize their extensive combat training to stand toe-to-toe against even the largest Titans introduced over the course of the high-stakes story. However, with so many memorable entering the fray, the biggest question that remains is who exactly is the most powerful of them all?

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Check out the video below for a comprehensive ranking of the ten strongest characters in Attack on Titan, including the manga/anime series’ eponymous behemoths and its highly trained rangers.

While the towering, fifty-foot tall colossi that drive the anime franchise’s premise are certainly seismic powerhouses in their own right, there are plenty of normal characters in the story that are complete badasses and never to be underestimated. From Captain Levi, the elite commander of his own detachment of specialized rangers to franchise protagonist Eren Yeager as both a ranger and Titan, the anime has introduced progressively more deadly characters as the stakes and scope continue to grow. And with many characters concealing secrets of their own, this ranking may change by the end of the main story.

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Created by Hajime Isayama, Attack on Titan is available translated in English by Kodansha.

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The acclaimed anime franchise Attack on Titan has plenty of powerful behemoths and trained warriors. Here are the best.

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