Thor Love & Thunder: 10 Facts You Need To Know About Beta Ray Bill

With Thor: Love and Thunderdirector Taika Waititi’s much-anticipated followup to the masterfully bonkers Thor: Ragnarok coming in a couple of years, fans everywhere have been speculating on just who might show up in the film. A ton of frantic ones are hoping for one character in particular: Beta Ray Bill.


Bill is the champion of the Korbinites, a race of aliens who were brought to near extinction following the destruction of their galaxy. During a clash with Thor, he proves himself worthy of lifting the mystical Mjolnir. Odin gifts him with a newly crafted hammer, Stormbreaker, and Bill becomes a staunch ally of the gods of Asgard. So in preparation for him possibly becoming the newest member of the MCU, let’s get to know him a bit!

10 He Was Designed To Be As Villainous Looking As Possible

Walt Simonson, responsible for one of the most iconic runs on Thor this side of Lee and Kirby, wanted Beta Ray Bill to look absolutely monstrous. His first appearance on the cover of Thor #337 exemplifies this: He’s depicted with an angry snarl on his face, wearing Thor’s costume, and literally destroying the book’s logo with Mjolnir.

Simonson intended to make it unclear to readers at first whether Bill was a villain or hero up until the surprise reveal that he was worthy of wielding Mjolnir.

9 He Was Almost In Thor: Ragnarok

With all the far-out cosmic mishegoss going on in Thor: Ragnarok, a character like Beta Ray Bill would have been right at home. Apparently, the people at Marvel Studios thought so too, and he was actually included as a character in early drafts of the film.

As the script was revised and changed, Beta Ray Bill was cut from later drafts. Ultra-producer Kevin Feige would later explain the reason for Bill’s absence from the film, clarifying that while he was originally supposed to appear in a cameo, the short amount of screen-time he would receive would not do him justice.

8 He’s Genetically Altered

Bill’s people, the Korbinites, do not share his fearsome appearance. Unlike him, they are relatively human, albeit hairless, bright orange in color, and without a nose. Bill was the result of an experimental process to create a champion for his people and was the only test subject to survive.


Cybernetically and genetically altered, with his soul and consciousness transferred to that of an equine beast, Bill is the most powerful of the Korbinites, with an extended lifespan and enhanced strength that allows him to battle Thor to a standstill.

7 His Sidekick Is A Sentient Ship

The Korbinite ship which Beta Ray Bill used to travel ahead of his people’s surviving fleet was the Skuttlebutt, a sentient spacecraft built using the same technology used to genetically augment Bill himself. Their shared origins created a strong bond between the two, with Bill affectionately referring to the craft as “Ol’ Gal.”

The ship is capable of exceeding light-speed and has an AI system that allows it (or “her”) to operate independently of Bill. Thanks to this feature, she can often come to the rescue when he or his allies are in tight spots.

6 He Was An Annihilator

The Annihilators were a group of powerful extraterrestrial beings of different backgrounds who joined forces after the Guardians of the Galaxy disband. Their roster was a whos-who of powerful galactic heroes (and antiheroes) including the Silver Surfer, Gladiator, Ronan the Accuser, Quasar, and Beta Ray Bill.

Their goal was to put an end to potential galaxy ending threats before they could grow out of control. The Annihilator’s exploits included defeating Blastaar, Immortus, and the Dire Wraiths, along with ending a brewing civil war between rival factions of the Church of Universal Truth.

5 He Had a Human Secret-Identity For A Little

Following a battle with the cosmic chaos goddess Asteroth, a mortally wounded Bill finds his soul bonded to that of homeless veteran Simon Walters by a mysterious cloaked figure. Though disoriented by his new body, Bill aids Spider-Man in taking down D-list villain the Boar.

Like how Thor could originally toggle between his godly form and that of Donald Blake, Bill could transform from his powerful Korbinite appearance and that of Walters.

4 He Hunted Galactus

Numerous heroes and villains across the Marvel Universe have a bone to pick with Galactus, Devourer of Worlds. After Galactus destroys a plant settled by the surviving Korbinites, Bill decides to kill the world-ender himself.


Bill gets a little too invested in his quest, with things going a little Moby Dick when he reveals his full plan to the Silver Surfer: He plans to preemptively destroy planets that Galactus intends to consume, in order to starve him. He eventually comes to his senses when he finds he is no longer worthy of wielding Stormbreaker, and he ends up saving Galactus from an attack by another powerful cosmic entity.

3 His Best Friend Is Lockjaw

In the recent Death of the Inhumansthe Inhuman Royal Family is on the run from the Kree Armada, which has captured Black Bolt and apparently killed Lockjaw, their pet. With no one else to turn to, they approach Beta Ray Bill, who agrees to help after hearing about the fate of Lockjaw.

It is revealed that Bill and Lockjaw have been friends for years and have had numerous previously untold adventures together. This strange and (actually pretty awesome) pairing would reunite for the later Annihilation – Scourge event.

2 He’s Got Thor’s Back

Since they first battled, Beta Ray Bill has always considered Thor to be not only worthy of his respect and loyalty, but almost like a brother. When Thor becomes unworthy of wielding Mjolnir, he falls into a depressive spiral, and the only one able to help him is good Ol’ Beta Ray Bill.

He gives Thor a powerfully motivational speech, reminding him that even if he can’t wield his hammer, that he has proven himself “worthy” countless times and remains a hero despite everything that has happened to him.

1 He Was In A Relationship With Sif

During the many times he fought alongside the gods of Asgard, he formed a bond with the goddess Sif. It began during an invasion of Midgard led by Surtur, the fire king of the realm of Muspelheim. The two were given the duty of facing Surtur’s army while Thor, Odin, and Loki faced Surtur himself in his realm.

Unfortunately for Bill, their blooming feelings for one another were derailed after Sif and Thor began to reconcile following the dramatic ending of their last relationship.


Beta Ray Bill is heavily rumored to appear in Marvel's Thor Love & Thunder. Here's all the facts & trivia MCU fans should know before he might appear.

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