Tiger King: Joe Exotic Thought Carole Baskin Hired Wrestlers as Spies

Joe Exotic’s theories about Carole Baskin go even beyond what is seen in the Tiger King documentary, as Ring of Honor star Matt Taven explained in an interview that Exotic thought Baskin hired professional wrestlers as spies.

Speaking with ESPN West Palm, Taven discussed his past visit to the G.W. Zoo, where he learned that Exotic believed Baskin had hired Dalton Castle, Jay Lethal and Taven himself to spy on the facility.

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In the interview, Taven explained that after a show in Texas, they saw billboards for G.W. Zoo and decided to visit. During the visit, Lethal told the staff that he was from Tampa. Since Tampa is where Big Cat Rescue and Carole Baskin are located, they assumed the wrestlers were spies sent by her. Taven explained that “they thought we were some sort of spies instead of some random guys walking in without a family like everybody else to this tiger zoo.” However, after their initial suspicion, Exotic and the staff realized they were only there as regular guests.

Taven noted that he didn’t know much about the zoo at the time, and only heard about the controversies when he listened to a podcast before the documentary was even released.

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Ring of Honor wrestler Matt Taven revealed that Joe Exotic thought Carole Baskin hired himself and other wrestlers as spies.

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