Tiger King: The Best True-Crime Documentaries to Stream After the Netflix Series

The latest true-crime documentary the internet can’t stop talking about is the new Netflix series Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. Believe the hype, because despite whether or not you are interested in the world of exotic cat ownership, the antics taking place on the screen are wild enough to captivate even the most skeptical of audiences.

It’s no secret that viewers are obsessed with as much true crime content they can get their hands on, and within the last few years, there has been a surge of Cand podcasts available. If you’re looking for something to fulfill your thirst for all things true-crime once you blow through the 7 episodes of Tiger King, here are a few suggestions.

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You may remember the endless social media coverage of this 2017 documentary. The entire internet erupted because the story was just so unbelievable. In Abducted in Plain Sight, a young girl is abducted by a family friend multiple times, while her parents are essentially ignorant to the entire situation. But, the craziness doesn’t stop there: aliens, fake CIA agents, and surprising sexual relationships flood this film with many more questions than answers. This one will leave you yelling at the screen in disbelief.

This 2008 documentary film is quite the tear-jerker, so be sure to have tissues handy. Dr. Andrew Bagby is 28 years old when he is found dead in a public park, having been shot by his ex-girlfriend. She escapes to Canada and avoids immediate repercussions by US law enforcement, before revealing she is pregnant with his child. Filmmaker and friend of Bagby Kurt Kuenne makes this documentary as a way for Bagby’s son to remember his father. The events in this documentary take an unbelievable turn, so prepare yourself.

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Filmmakers Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills decide to investigate the actual crimes that inspired well-known urban legends in this 2014 documentary. The filmmakers explore the origins of urban legends that plague the nightmares of children, such as poison candy on Halloween and the baby sitter who receives a call from inside the house. Another notable documentary by the same filmmaking team is Cropsey (2009), where the similarities between a known kidnapper and a New York-based urban legend are examined.

This 6-episode 2015 miniseries examines New York real-estate billionaire Robert Durst, who seems to leave a trail of dead bodies wherever he goes. The series begins with the unsolved disappearance of his wife Kathleen in 1982 and continues through his denial of the crime and subsequent suspected murders. What makes this documentary series unique is filmmakers Andrew Jarecki, Marc Smerling and Zachary Stuart-Pontier actually interview Robert Durst himself. The entire series is wild, but the ending is absolutely unbelievable. You’ll likely binge all 6 episodes in one sitting.

You may be familiar with the events covered in this documentary due to the popularity of its Hulu dramatization The Act (2019). However, life is always stranger than fiction, and this is no exception. Mommy Dead and Dearest is quite intense, covering the murder of Dee Dee Blanchard, of which her daughter Gypsy Rose and her boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn are accused. This HBO documentary recounts the events leading up to the murder, including Gypsy’s lifetime confined to a wheelchair and endless medical procedures to cure her myriad of ailments. The only thing is none of her alleged medical problems are real and were manufactured entirely by Blanchard to inspire sympathy and receive donations. The concept of right and wrong and true culpability are examined, making for an interesting conversation.

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This 2016 HBO documentary is truly unsettling, following the trial of two young girls who attempted to murder their friend to appease fictional internet legend Slenderman. The documentary delves deeper into the concept of internet mysteries, particularly Creepypasta stories where the character Slenderman originated, while also taking a look at the backgrounds of the would-be killers. Beware the Slenderman is absolutely fascinating and will appeal to almost all fans of true-crime documentaries. However, this particular documentary is quite disturbing as it involves gruesome violence towards children, so watch at your own discretion.

Filmmaker Benjamin Statler directs this 2015 documentary that takes a closer look at the events leading up to the death of Nirvana front-man Kurt Cobain. The inconsistencies are examined by real-life private investigator Tom Grant through a series of interviews, which are combined with dramatizations of the events being discussed. Certain facts revealed are pretty astonishing and definitely call into question how Cobain’s death was portrayed in the media. Of course, such discussions need be taken with a grain of salt. However, Soaked in Bleach asks interesting questions and even provides some unexpected answers.

Don’t let the facetious title fool you: this 2019 documentary is seriously disturbing. Following the crimes of Luka Magnotta, this 3-episode series interviews the internet sleuths who dedicated their waking lives to capturing a mysterious man on the internet who uploaded videos of himself murdering animals, particularly cats. If you know anything about the murder Luka Magnotta has committed, you’ll already have some familiarity with the gruesome details of his crimes. This documentary isn’t just wild because of the true-crime aspects. It’s also extremely interesting to have a look at the ability of internet crime fighters from the comfort of their own home.

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If you enjoyed the viral hit Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, you may want to watch these other true crime documentaries.

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