Todd McFarlane Finds More Vintage Spider-Man Art While Spring Cleaning

Comic book legend Todd McFarlane has once again dug up some old original art from his famous tenure drawing Marvel’s iconic Spider-Man in the 90s.

As with the Venom art he previously unearthed, McFarlane had apparently been doing some spring cleaning when he came across some original artwork for Spider-Man #2 (1990). The art, which he posted in a few images on Twitter, is page 8 of the issue, as shown by the number in the full shot of the page.

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McFarlane wrote in his tweet, “Happy Monday folks! Doing a little more cleaning and found some ORIGINAL ART from @marvel Spider-Man issue 2 page 8…the TORMENT series. How many of you own this issue??

Todd McFarlane is well known among Spider-Man fans for his contributions to the character in the 90s. He coined the term “spaghetti webbing” to describe his signature style of drawing the wall crawler’s famous webs, which has since become the most common way for Marvel’s artists to draw them. He is also held in high regard for helping create the famous spider-villain Venom, whose popularity launched a successful solo movie with a sequel on the way.

McFarlane would famously leave Marvel to become one of the founders of publisher Image Comics, and through it create his character Spawn.

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While cleaning his house, Todd McFarlane unearthed some more of his old artwork from his tenure at Marvel, this time featuring Spider-Man.

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