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F is For Family was the brainchild of comedian Bill Burr and noted writer Michael Price. Loosely based off of Burr’s and the writers’ own childhood experiences, the Netflix show transported audiences to 1974 Northeastern America. Centering on the dysfunctional Murphy family. A time where political correctness had no relevance and the husband/father was king of his castle. Three seasons strong (with a fourth one coming soon), one of the series’ strongest assets was its characters. Having witnessed their trials and tribulations they feel genuine to viewers. They also feel like people you’d pass along on the street or personally know. This feat was accomplished by the show’s talented actors and writers.

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10  Bob Pogo

Pogo’s Frank (central protagonist) Murphy’s boss at Mohican Airways. Initially, he played an antagonist role. He treated Frank and other lower-level employees like scum. His ignorant remarks and grotesque habits (chainsmoking, binge eating) were also played for laughs. However, as the series progressed he’s presented in a different light, and viewers learned he wasn’t a complete tool. He was voiced by comedian David Koechner who delivered a hilarious performance.

9 Chauncey ‘Rosie’ Roosevelt

Rosie’s an employee at Mohican Airways and Frank’s best friend. A family man himself, he tolerated his dehumanizing job to put food on the table. He’s jovial and optimistic but wary of the status quo especially as a black man during that era.

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In season three, he decided to step up for his community and ran for alderman. His chances looked initially low but by the season finale, they significantly increased when he proved he cared more about his town than the position. He was voiced by veteran actor Kevin Michael Richardson who was nominated for a 2019 Primetime Emmy Award for his performance as Rosie in the episode “The Stinger.”

8 Vic Reynolds

Vic’s the neighborhood casanova and a former radio DJ. He’s the polar opposite of Frank in every shape and form; free-spirited, chill, a bachelor, and wealthy. However, it’s shown Vic didn’t handle stress well and could lash out when provoked. He’s generous with his time and assets and has come to Frank’s rescue more than once. Actor Sam Rockwell played Vic whose improvisations have influenced his character’s wardrobe changes.

7 Bridget Fitzsimmons

The sister of local bully Jimmy Fitzsimmons and Bill Murphy’s ex-girlfriend. Bridget’s not someone to be trifled with. She had little to no patience and didn’t hesitate to strike those who crossed her path (such as replacing her brother’s insulin with nail polish). Her temper only surpassed by her sailor mouth.

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This combined with her psychotic tendencies made Fitzsimmons one of the most intimidating characters seen on the show. She was acted by Debi Derryberry who’s voiced a lineage of famous cartoon kids; Jimmy Neutron (The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius), Wednesday Addams (The Addams Family) and Judy (Jumanji), to name a few.

6 Phillip Bonfiglio

Phillip is Bill’s best friend and neighbor. A sweet-natured boy with a dark underbelly. Phillip’s frail and hypochondriac personality made him a frequent target for bullies like Jimmy Fitzsimmons. His repressed anger has manifested into disturbing behavioral patterns, such as drawing perturbed images of people who’ve hurt him and plucking his hair out. Bonfiglio’s also portrayed by Debi Derryberry.

5 Bill Murphy

Bill was the youngest son and middle-child in his family. He’s partially based on a younger version of Bill Burr. Being the most sensitive of the Murphy kids, Bill has faced scrutiny from people like Jimmy, his brother Kevin and dad Frank. Bill’s also shown to be quick-witted and has a flair for comedy, humoring his family and strangers.

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He’s voiced by singer Haley Reinhart who also sang a version of “O Holy Night” in the Christmas Episode. This was also Reinhart’s first cartoon gig (which she nailed).

4 Kevin Murphy

Kevin’s the oldest son and child of the Murphy household. He and his father constantly butted heads over his poor grades, attitude, and supposed lack of ambition in life. Kevin aspired to be a musician but his dream was dismissed by his dad and other authority figures. Pinned as a delinquent Kevin’s genuinely tried to improve his grades and become a better person. Having suffered a traumatic event as a child he’s carried that baggage with him. Yet, he’s seen to be coming to terms with what happened. Kevin’s voiced by actor Justin Long who said he related to the character’s awkwardness.

3 Maureen Murphy

The youngest child and only daughter in her family. Maureen’s incredibly smart and gift. She received straight As and was adept at mathematics and computers. However, Maureen’s high intelligence could be a recipe for mischief as she knew how to manipulate people like Bill but not get caught.

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Her hobbies and interests were not initially embraced by her parents but they’ve come around. Debi Derryberry voiced Maureen (who hit it out of the ballpark again).

2 Sue Murphy

Among her roles in the family, Sue’s a wife, mother, and mediator. Having put her career and educational goals on pause Sue’s bared some resentment towards her family. Nonetheless, she’s been dedicated to them and had their best interests at heart. After re-entering the workforce and having her invention swindled Sue’s been more than centered to make her mark. However, she’s come to appreciate and adore her family more and come to terms with her shotty parenting. Actress Lauren Dern breathed life into Sue instilling genuine warmth and sincerity.

1 Frank Murphy

Father and husband, Frank’s a devoted but flawed patriarch. Bearing the cross his father passed down with his problematic parenting, Frank has messed up royally with his kids. However, he made progress in rectifying his errors and acknowledging them. His unsolved anger issues made him prone to outbursts and yelling at his family and others. Yet, he’s extremely loyal and cared about his family. He was voiced by series co-creator and comedian Bill Burr whose performance dually evoked humor and sympathy.

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F is For Family has an amazing cast of characters, but these have always stood out from the rest.

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